February 20 – Super Duper Club was super duper!

We came. We conquered. We continue. Members at the meeting were as follows: Brittany Weiss, Chad Barnaby, Dakota Berg, Amber Lamkin, Andrea Denio, Angelina Mosher, Dani Patton, Rebecca Houseman, Corey Swanson, Jen Winget, Aaron Brown, Tyler Darnell, Stephanie Craine, Jamie Busman, Mr. Wood

OK lasts nights super duper accomplishments.

#1 – Name – there was a minor floor flight over the actual club name. Some thought it was a bit immature. Others liked the fun in it. We comprimised. The official name of our club is – THE SUPER DUPER CLUB – Students Against Super Delegates. You may introduce it as you wish.

#2 – We got a Mission Statement – “We the People” believe that it is the right of the people to determine their nominee for president. No one person’s vote should count more than any other one person’s vote. We call for an end to the use of super delegates in the Democratic Party.

#3 – We have a petition form which Mr. Wood is working on, and which will take one more day to complete. That form will be posted Friday on-line in PDF format. In order to use it, we must enlarge it to an 8X14 size. That’s what official petitions to the government size out at. You will be provided clipboards and petition forms for gathering purposes.

#4 – Amber Lamkin wrote up an intro for the petition form which you will find on the petition form.

#5 – Dakota (the boyfriend of the Klein girls) and Chad presented T-shirt ideas. They were enthusiastically accepted. They will be posted here as soon as we figure out how to open his documents. Currently the print ups of the shirt are on the front board in Mr. Wood’s class – drop by and take a look. Also, Dakota is looking into colors and costs.

#6 – Aaron Brown (our representative from MCC) came by and will spread the word there. He is going to try to bring other OHS grads next week and involve his political science prof.

#7 -The flyer is currently still in process. And we do need one to go to the public. Because the public needs to be awaken – the flyer will help. Rebecca and Dani, Crainiac and Darnell are on it.

#8 – Sam Duff emailed. She wants petitions. That’s cool. We’ve already crossed state lines.

#9 – Andrea Denio has set up a Super Duper My Space.

#10 – We decided to meet next Wednesday after school. Bring your friends…we will be handing out petition forms and organizing petition drives at OHS and elsewhere.

#11 – Somebody e-mail me with the names of everybody at our meeting so that I can post the minutes with those involved.

#12 – Talk to your friends. Bring em along. Get involved. Bowling season is over! The most important thing we can have in this club is people.


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