February 27, Meeting Minutes


Meeting members tonight (21)  – Alysa Uhlenbrauck, Savannah Weaver, B Weiss, B Fogle, M Smith-Peake, A Denio, D Sherman, D Patton, J Wingett, C Swanson, J Dykema, H Rice, J Armstrong, G Eely, D Berg, S Crain, C Barnaby, B Hall, R Bunker, A Lamkin, B Wood

There’s a lot of stuff below – keep us updated on your success with contacts. As you bring in petitions I will post our numbers.


March 4 WE NEED 500 – a big day in the nomination process. If Hillary tightens it up on March 4, Super Delegates will continue to be the deciding factor for either to win. If she loses on that day – there’s a chance she’ll throw in the towel. If that happens – our job will get a whole lot more difficult – people will go back to Doritos and Judge Judy.

March 13 WE NEED 1000 – Brittany has a great opportunity for us to go to Lansing and represent the Super Duper Club before Congress for Kidspeak at the Capitol. Stay tuned for details.

March 29 – Michigan Democratic Party meets in precincts around the state to determine who are chosen as delegates for the National convention. I applied – I have no chance but I think it would interesting to test the process…and we should be able to get a lot of signatures. We certainly should make the issue known there.

Major Accomplishments this Wednesday

  1. Chad Barnaby got 90 petition signatures today – YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! – way to go Chad! Keep it up.
  2. Dakota (the Klein girls’ man) and Chad have been shopping the shirt. Still working on a price. We may have to move off of black – any ideas on colors.
  3. We got 14 clipboards and petitions out there! and we are moving. GREAT!


  • Thurs Feb 28 – first lunch – Myranda, Heather, Savannah
  • Thur Feb 28 – second lunch – Corey, Dani, Jen
  • Fri Feb 29 – first lunch – Myranda, Heather, Savannah
  • Fri Feb 29 – second lunch – Corey, Dani, Jen
  • Mon March 3 – first lunch – Bri, Heather, Savannah
  • Mon March 3 – second lunch – Rachel, Brittany
  • Tue March 4 – first lunch – Savannah, Myranda
  • Tue March 4- second lunch – Becca, Stephanie
  • Wed March 5 – first lunch – Savannah, Heather
  • Wed March 5 – second lunch – Drew, Amber, Andrea
  • Thur March 6 – first lunch – ???????????????
  • Thur March 6 – second lunch – ???????????????
  • Fri March 7 – first lunch – ???????????????
  • Fri March 7 – second lunch – ???????????????

We need Thursday and Friday sign ups – Myranda will you take charge of the Lunch room petition drive? If you are working lunch – see if you can get out a few minutes early – stop by Mr. Wood’s pick up the sign and petition forms (unless you use your own) Hand out flyers only if people want them. Go to tables and have a conversation.

OUR TARGETED AREAS FOR PETITION DRIVES – check in with me when you’ve made a connection at the following places. If you need more petitions – just ask…we’ll ge them.

  • Bowling Alleys – Dakota & Geoff, Heather & Josh
  • MCC – Corey & Angelina & Aaron Brown (guys try to enlist some of your teachers)
  • Churches – Everybody (don’t forget the club name change – What Would Jesus Sign)
  • Coffee House on Seaway – Friday March 7 – Open Mic Night – ??????????????
  • Middle School / Elementary School – Anybody
  • Door to Door – Everybody
  • The Mall – Everybody
  • Dakota’s Dentist – Dakota
  • VFW on Apple Ave – Corey & Andrea d
  • If any parents want to be involved bring em along – Josh?
  • Bells in Kalamazoo – Mr. Wood
  • OAKRIDGE CARNIVAL – lots of petitions

Local Schools – Talk to friends and see if they want to carry this into their school. They need to be responsible…but if you trust them to do it right we will get them flyers, petitions, and clipboards. Here’s what we got below:

  • Reeths Puffer – Geoff & Bri
  • OV – Jen & Chad
  • Whitehall – Alysa
  • Fruitport – Andrea
  • WMC – Myranda
  • Ravenna – Amber
  • MTA – Josh
  • Mona Shores – Jen
  • Baker College – Dani

Stuff that we are currently short of:

  • We need more flyers printed – Thur AM
  • We need more clipboards – Mr. Wood will go to Staple
  • We need more petitions printed – Thur AM
  • picket signs – to Lansing

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0 Responses to February 27, Meeting Minutes

  1. Stephanie Crain

    I think that we should have neon color t shirts. Like bright yellow, green, blue, and pink… draws peoples attention!!

    Black lettering I think this is a very good idea! Have you run by the art department?

  2. Heather R

    If you want to or need people for first lunch I will sign up for Friday only. Because Band is going to Festival at Grand Valley Next Thursday. I will talk to Myranda

    Dont forget W. W. J. D. What Would Jesus Drink!!

    I agree with Stephanie on the shirts too. Black shirts are too overdone. BRIGHT Shirts will catch people’s attention.

  3. Heather R

    Mr. Wood I was wanting to know what your e-mail address so I can e-mail you a letter to the editor I am working on.


  4. M, Smith-Peake, 1st hour

    I can do either one of those days or both if you need me. Just let me know and I can do it. As for my contact, I have given her a clipboard with petitions and flyers on it to circulate at her school and any other place she goes. I have briefed her on our formalities and guidelines. I can get it back before Tuesday. If anyone needs help with anything let me know, I’ll be glad to help out in any way possible. Mr. Wood, anytime we have some free time in class I can help with signs for Lansing if you want me to.

  5. M, Smith-Peake, 1st hour

    Oh, I’m not so sure I agree with you guys on the whole neon T-shirts thing. I like our designs how they are. If the black is to expensive then we should go with a neon color, but I think we should stick with the black for now. Besides, the black T-shirts would have neon on them too and neon on black will also stand out a lot.

  6. Heather R

    Mr. Wood.
    Josh and I went to Northway last night to get signatures and they stopped us right away. One of the guys in charge we like what are those and we told him and he said we were not able to do it because they don’t push political things there. I am so disappointed because we could have gotten over 100 people to sign there. It was a full house.

    Thanks for trying guys!