500! 500! 500! We got it!

Minutes of the Meeting Wednesday March 5, 2008.

Members present: Amber Lamkin, Andrea De Nio, Tyler Darnell, Mariah Strait, Britt Weiss, Mike Larabee, Dakota Berg, Angelina Mosher, Chad Barnaby, Ariel Burrington, Briana Fogle, Stephanie Crain, Jamie Busman, Rebecca Houseman, Jennifer Wingett, Dani Patton, Heather Rice, Josh Dykema, Myranda Smith-Peake, Corey Swanson, Mr. Wood.

Keep up the good work! We are rolling.

OK – Accomplishments today.

#1 – 500 – We hit 500 with that last full petition. Nice work. I know it’s tuff but you can do it.

#2 – March 4 Primaries – We talked about the significance of the March 4 primaries. Hillary Clinton won three primaries. She stopped Barack Obama’s momentum and has begun some of her own. How does this relate to us…well, it looks like this thing will be going for some time. And it looks like Superdelegates will be the deciding factor. So you could say – the Super Duper Club won last night!

#3 – Write Letters – We need to write letters. Places that people suggested were – Muskegon Chronicle, Michigan Democratic Party, Democratic National Committee, all of Michigan’s superdelegates, Channel One. Addresses will be posted soon.

#4 – T-shirts – Looking good. Dakota is out there working (when of course he isn’t following the Klein girls all over the place) We have one more chance at black shirt – Dakota and Amber and Dani will check Mr. Stansel’s connections. As it stands now – a neon colored shirt with our designs would cost about $18. That is if we purchased the shirts through the shirt shop and got 36 minimum. Ideas on payment for the shirts were suggested. We could do pop can drives to defer the cost. We might be able to buy the shirts separate and have them made up.

#5 – Girls Scouts Kidspeak – Britt Weiss has a great opportunity for us to present in Lansing at the State Capitol on Thursday March 13 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Kidspeak is an opportunity for young people to express themselves on the issues that concern them most to elected officials and community leaders as well as to the public through the media. We will send at least four people, maybe eight (Amber is also a Girl Scout) to represent the Super Duper Club.

#6 – Vote – Each member voted for the three people who they would send to represent us in Lansing. Britt is seeing if others can come and support us but not speak. We will post the students who will be attending next week. Thanks Brittney.

#7 – Channel One’s Super delegate – We watched the Channel One Interview with the 21 year old super delegate from Wisconsin, who has absolutely no idea that his position is subverting the premise of democracy. We all groaned.

#8 – OUR NEW SIGNATURE TOTAL OF 700 – We would love to be able to take 700 signed petitions to Lansing next Thursday. We decided as a group to set a goal of 700. That means we still need 200 more. That means you need to get out there and work! Make sure to call in all your petitions by next Tuesday so that we can tally them up by Wednesday and copy them for the trip to Lansing.


Wednesday March 12 – Next meeting of the Super Duper Club.

Thursday March 13Kidspeak in Lansing at the State Capitol.

Saturday March 29 – Democratic Party – holds meetings to select delegates to the National Convention in Denver. These are held at precinct locations – there will be one locally. Representatives of the Super Duper Club should plan to attend.

Spring Break – maybe a picket in Lansing?

August 25 to 28Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.

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  1. S. Maginity 2nd

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s exciting! now maybe we will get there attention and make a difference. Thank you to all the members above! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there but I’m glad we have young Oakridge students getting involved. Thanks

  2. Mariah S.

    I have got a lot of people living around me that know and trust me so i am positive that they will set some time aside to listen to what i have to say. No offense to the people around me either but they like to gossip a lot so i think the super delegate thing will get around pretty fast. That’s exciting to me!

  3. D.Patton

    I sent a letter to Channel One tonight, and I’m working on one for the Chronicle right now.

  4. It is tough! I’m glad we were able to make it to 500, though…nice job, everyone. It’s nice to see our students so dedicated to making a difference!

  5. britt weiss 2hd.

    I felt really good about the meeting yesterday. I feel as if we have made great accomplishments. Also, we have done great with the petitions! My mom is getting very stiff because she found out we have the MME and ACT next week during kid speak. I told her we have a chance to make it up, but she is not very happy. I am hoping that she wont say last minute I can not go.

  6. Austin Stordahl

    I got 12 people to sign the petition. Including Sarah Sherwood.
    I want to go and picket in lansing with you!

    Way to go Austin!

  7. Mr. Wood…Dani’s letter is amazing. I can’t wait until you read it! 🙂

  8. Tyler Darnell 4th

    I am not exactly sure on what to write about in my letter for Kid Speak Mr. Wood. Mostly because I do not know whom I am addressing please e-mail me and help me to figure this out.

    Thanks Tyler – take a look at Dani’s letter. I’ve posted it on the Super Duper page. Do the same letter and address to two separate groups. 1 – Mark Brewer Michigan Democratic Party / 2 – To Whom it may concern (Kidspeak) Write the same letter and consider them representatives – and political people. Does that help?