Thursdays Super Duper Kidspeak at the Capitol

OK guys we got lots to do before Thursday. You all are going to have to pull some stuff together while I’m down here walking across bridges in the 68 degree sunshine.

#1 – We need to call in our petitions. Talk to your friends and get em in. We can send them back out – but we need all that we have now so we can take them up there with us. We will deliver signed petitions to Governor Granholm, Mark Brewer Chairman of the Democratic Party, and at our Kidspeak engagement.

#2 – Those who are going -Angelina, Corey, Chad, Amber, Dani, Brittany – (that is if Chad and Amber can go) you must have a signed permission slip into the school before we go on Thursday. Since we will leave from the school – make sure to get the slip from me on Wednesday.

#3 – We need a second driver -if we are going to take six instead of four. We probably could use two drivers anyhow.

#4 – Letters, Letters, Letters – Anybody who wants to – and each of you who are going – we need letters in order to state our case to the representatives and other kids who are there presenting. The people who we need to target are #1 Attending political representatives, #2 Mark Brewer – chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, and #3 Governor Jennifer Granholm. The letter can be the same – just address it to three separate individuals. You know what to say, you know the facts, you know how you feel – just be honest – tell them like it is! Send me the letter on the blog and I’ll PDF it and post it to the site so others can read it. Dani’s is already up there – take a look!

#5 – We don’t know if we get our 5:00 microphone time – Because we weren’t cleared to go until the last minute – we have not beaten the deadline to present to the committee. That doesn’t mean we will not be able to. I’ve left a couple of messages with the organization…they will be in tomorrow. We will still go up by 11:00 with the intention of presenting and do the best we can to get a place on the stage. Just have your letters and your permission slips ready to go. Plus, we will schedule an appointment with Mark Brewer of the Dem Party.

#6 – Intro Letter – We need a solid letter for all Super Dupers to sign that introduces the petitions – one that would go hand in hand with the petitions – we the undersigned…blah, blah, blah. Somebody please take charge of that – we’ll get it signed by all dupers on Wednesday.

#7 – Don’t Stop Now – You all have done a great job with this issue. You have awaken many people to the injustices of super delegates. You’ve got a lot of your peers passionately involved.  Don’t slow down now…I’ve spent the last four days in Selma and Montgomery and Birmingham listening to folks who put everything on the line to hold their government accountable to the promises of democracy. It took work! It took dedication to their cause! It took the vision for them to see the the basic difference between what was right and what was wrong. And they stuck together. Change in this nation does not come easy. You must be relentless. Make sure you are ready to go come Thursday. That means Tuesday and Wednesday…talk, plan, organize, and prepare. We can do this thing – we really can. It is really up to you…in fact it is up to you the rest of your life.  Shape a good one.  Shape a just planet.  Get involved. Change the world!

#8 – Any Questions, Any Letters, Any thoughts – just post away.

#9 – Somebody please have Dakota ready to go on the shirts on Wedensday.

#10 – See you all on Wednesday

PS  – Selma Weather Report. Oakridge Weather Report
You think four days in Selma – talking civil rights – visiting with folks who put every thing on the line for justice, – walking “the bridge” in the 68 degree sunshine- might be nice next year.  Keep it in mind – we’ll be heading down in March.

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