Super Dupers Hit the State Capitol

WZZM and the Super Duper Club – take a look at our first television interview.

Tune into the photo slideshow of our voyage to Lansing!

You all in the Super Duper Club would have been proud of the Lansing contingent. Corey, Dani, Angelina, Amber, Brittany, Myranda, Chad, & Dakota represented the Super Duper Club with class Thursday at the State Capitol. They listened to Congressional Representatives, they spoke before committees, they gathered more signatures, they carried our petitions to the Democratic Party Headquarters and stated the case for the end to super delegates. For all of you who have spread the word, awaken the public, gathered petitions, and fought for our cause – we thank you. Yesterday was about ALL of us. We only carried the message that you all have helped to shape. And we remind you “We have more work to do!” Keep gathering names – we currently stand at 730 – we are shooting for 1000!

Don’t forget – Wednesday’s meeting of the Super Duper Club! If you haven’t been before and want to start now, great! Come on by there’s lots to do in achieving our goal of ENDING THE PRACTICE OF SUPER DELEGATES IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

To those who traveled to Lansing – you guys stole the show. Nice work. At the Capitol and at the Democratic HQ – this is how you change the world – one person at a time. I think you saw that with the reaction of the folks at the hearings to your speeches and petitions. People, sitting and listening, were moved by your knowledge, your presentations, and your message. And then when all of you fanned about the room and visited with students and adults present, and shared your own personal thoughts on the issue and gathered petition signatures, I do believe many people walked away with renewed hope in your generation. Many, I believe, see the Super delegate issue now in a whole new light. I was so very proud to be your teacher and your comrade on this crusade.

OK, enough of all the glad handing – we’ve got lots more work to do. Super delegates are still lurking out there in the dark shadows waiting to steal democracy from us all. So – it’s back to work. This must be a follow-up weekend. I need you to post to me the following as soon as you are able:

1 – All of those letters. Angelina including your petition intro. I will PDF them and get them up on our site. You need to tweak your letters and get them out to the paper, the gov, the delegates, and Howard Dean.

2 – Photos and movies – get them to me please. I will make copies.

3 – Business cards (relevant ones) – take the ones that you remember and post name address, email, phone, and a line about each individual. And if you had a good chat drop them an email.

4 – Thank you – Drop a quick thank you in the mail to anyone you deem appropriate – for listening to us.

People were on our side yesterday…make sure they know we appreciated the support, including Mr. Mieras – for backing us on our sojourn, and Gladys Mosher for being so much fun. And don’t forget our camera guy from Detroit. Please get around and thank all of these people – either online, over the cell, or in person.

Hey guys you really need to check out Bruce Griffin’s photography. Besides being a fan of the Super Duper Club, and a good guy, he is extremely talented. Here’s his website – it might be nice if you dropped him a line. He sent us some nice photos and joined us on the walk to the Party HQ.

…finally, wish Angelina “good luck” on her New York City – United Nations voyage next week – just another chapter on her changing the world – world tour. Angelina, don’t forget to awaken all those Yankees in NYC to the issue of Super delegates! AND HAVE FUN!!!!!

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  1. Tabatha S

    I just watched you one the WZZM website. You guys really spoke well. Dani, I like that being on T.V. hasn’t gone to your head. (yet). You really spoke about what you believe in. Everyone I have come in contact with today is telling me how they either agree and admire your attempts at justice, or they admire the fact that you have the guts to get out there and speak about what you really believe in. I for one do see a point in what you say. I don’t think that any one persons vote should count for more than anthers. However I truly would like to have someone thats educated making all the shots. I would totally agree with your point if Americans actually took the time to learn the issues and about were the candidates stand on them, instead of this nonsense of “I’m not voting for Obama because he will get assassinated in the first year.” I don’t believe that Americans will step up and do what they need to do. (The Doritos taste too good) You all looked great on the camera. Dani I liked that you said that ” they have to listen,” your so demanding. Way to keep your personality.

    Keep doing good.
    Keep inspiring others to take a stand!

  2. Chad Barnaby 4th

    and the super dupers stole the show!

  3. Heather Rice

    This is great thing you guys got to do. I am glad it all worked out. Way to take the show.

    Way to go everyone!!

    You too Heather! It is all of us!

  4. Kaylee Grenell

    Congrats to everyone!

    How can I get some petitions for people to sign?

    Kaylee stop by the classroom today and ask Mrs Barry or see one of the super dupers who went to Lansing…they got lots. Good luck! Thanks!

  5. Amber Lamkin

    Yesterday was so FUN!
    We stole the spot light in that room yesterday and moved the whole room to see it from our side! That is awesome! Can’t wait to see the story they do on kids speak. This thing is going to go far. We are going to go far. I am so proud of all of us.

  6. Amber Lamkin

    Our pictures turned out good. We all look like little officials.

  7. Corey Swanson

    I am so very proud of all of us. We have begun to attain a momentum that sways even the most stalwart supporters of Super Delegates. Through all of our hard work, and our impassioned pleas, organization, and knowledge, we have garnered the confidence and the support it will take to move this thing to the next level.

    Bravo, Corey, Bravo. Five things for the weekend… 1 don’t forget to get me a copy of your speech so I can PDF it. 2-check the updated folder of our photos – our photographer friend from Detroit sent some already (they’re good) 3-WZZM is running a follow-up tonite (Friday night) with photos from Lansing. 4-a kid from Grand Haven High School saw our WZZM piece and wants to join our Super Duper club and possibly start one at Grand Haven High School. He gave me the name and number of his government teacher. 5-Heather Havermans is doing a piece in England at her college that the UK Independent (American) is interested in. Things look good baby – better than a sarcofagus! Please remind Angelina to send me her speeches before she heads off to save the world again.

  8. Briana Fogle

    Hey everyone.
    Just dropping by to say hello!
    Seen you all on WZZM it was amazing.
    Keep on pursuing in this. You are doing great.

    Hey Mr. Wood,
    I am already going to Reeths Puffer. I started on Wed. It is great!! People are amazing. Teachers are helpful. Its a very very big school. lol. I will admit I got lost the first day. =) Anyways, speaking of teachers, I have Mr. Tates father as a teacher. He wanted to know if you lived in Grand Haven, because a Robert Wood was in the paper out there. I guess he was just curious.
    Well I miss you all. And I will keep in touch.

    Bye. =]

    Briana you got lost inside my room, of course you’re going to get lost at Reeths Puffer. You are still in the Super Duper club if you want to be – you can be our Reeths Puffer chairman. Keep in touch…we miss you too.

  9. Corey Swanson

    Branching out to schools in other areas would be absolutely fabulous… I can’t think of this going any better than it is… we’ve begun something that is quickly becoming much larger than we are… I say, get that one kid from GH high over to our school weds, so we can initiate him and give him the basis he needs to start his own SDC headquarters in grand haven… I believe an interview with good morning America is becoming closer and closer to reality… Bravo everyone… Super Duper’s UNITE!!!!!

  10. Angelina Mosher

    Echoing the sentiments of Corey Swanson I would just like to say that… we should have a fight song 🙂

  11. Angelina Mosher

    I would just like to say for everyone who has been working so hard that your efforts are most certainly not going unnoticed. As I had mentioned many times before, I am apart of something where I don’t care to put in time and effort because I know that everyone else in this group is working equally as hard or even harder.

    For everyone who went to Lansing, words can’t express how impressed I was with my peers and classmates. It gives me hope that maybe Oakridge isn’t brain dead.

    Thankyou so much for wishing me good luck on my trip. I will try my best to visit the blog frequently and post pictures. And I most certainly will not forget my mission: GET PETITIONS!!!! (along with trying to bring about world peace through diplomocy with the rest of the world)

    Everyone in New York City will know who the Super Duper’s are….

    I’ll miss you guys and keep working hard. The fruits of are labor are bound to be abundant…

  12. Mr. Langlois

    To all you Super Dupers–

    I have finally had a chance to check out your blog. I just wanted to add my compliments to the growing list of them; you are doing great positive things. Since I often work with students who are really struggling in school, sometimes I forget that there are plenty of students who care about national issues and want to put in their own effort to make things better. Keep up the good work. I wish you luck as you all try to keep a balance in your life of this school club, school work, social life, work, etc. It can be a challenge but it’s great practice for the rest of your life!

    Mr. Langlois,
    This is Corey Swanson and I’d like to thank you for your encouragment on this issue. It is certainly difficult to find a balance between our social lives and our work. This is, however, a significant cause and a great chance for us to make a differance in this world. There is nothing, personally, I’d rather be affiliated with and your comments, as well as the positive ecouragements from others, have greatly helped us to not only achieve our goals, but to seek greater and more rewarding ones. Again, thank you very much.

    P.S.: There are lots of children getting involved in this… It’s truely enlightening and you should certainly come and join us on wed. the 19th. Please come, it would be a great chance for us and for you.

  13. Molly morse 1.

    We as a group have definatly gotten the show on the road. Im so proud of all of the people who went to the Capital they did a great job, and a special thanks to Corey, you are amazing you really know how to give the facts. If we needed a president it would be Corey and Angelina.
    Well im ready to take my knowledge on this to the next level. We are doin an amazing job and we need to keep it up and never slow down on those petition.

    See you wednesday Molly Morse! PS thanks.

  14. Corey Swanson

    Thank you very much Molly, but it’s impossible to do anything like what we did in the capitol without all of us, especially you guys getting those signatures… like Mr. Wood said, we only represented the ideas we all crafted. See you Wednesday!!!

  15. Brittany Weiss

    Mr. Wood here is my letter.

    Hello elected officials,

    My name is Brittany Weiss, I am a junior at Oakridge High School and I am a concerned citizen! I am a member of an after school group called Students against Super Delegates. I would just like to start out by saying that this is a mess! People tell younger voters to go out there and vote. What about the old saying, “every vote counts?” Although what many people are not aware of is that our vote can be shifted to the other direction with a simple word called super delegates. I am a young voter and the future of America and I do not find this to be democracy at all!

    At first I did not understand what super delegates were or how they had much impact and power. As I tried googling this specific topic I found out that not many people had a clue what super delegates were as well. Every time I tried to find information it brought me to blogs with people perplexed. Still to this day I am learning more and more. To my astonishment the media is becoming more and more awake of super delegates, as well as many other people are becoming more alert.

    Finally I realized along with other kids in my school that something needed to be done. I do not find it fair that they can be uncommitted to a nominee and toggle their decision at any given time, but any individual cannot do that. How about their votes counting up to 10,000 of our votes, when our vote counts for one! Our group came together and decided, “We the people” believe that it is the right of the people to determine their nominee for president. No one person’s vote should count more than any other one person’s vote. We call for an end to the use of super delegates in the Democratic Party. We are part of “We the People” and I feel as if I have no say to how our system works.

    Our group has informed the public of super delegates, we have been sending around petitions with the verdict to bring them to the state and national Democratic Parties, and decide to do whatever it takes to live in a nation where everyone has the equal right to choose who they want to represent the future of America and what we stand for as Americans. That is something that I will never give up on.

    Thank you for your time,

  16. Myranda Smith-Peake

    Hey Mr. Wood this is my letter from thursday..

    Dear Elected Officials and Community Leaders,

    My name is Myranda Smith-Peake, and I am a junior at Oakridge High School. I am also a member of the Super Duper Club, otherwise known as Students Against Super Delegates. Our mission is to put an end to the use of Super Delegates in the Democratic Party. In doing so, members of the Super Duper Club have been circulating petitions. In the process we have gotten over 700 signatures and are working towards more.

    Most people do not know what they are, but they have been put to use since the 1980’s. Some people say Super Delegates are a good thing, I disagree. When my U.S. History teacher, Bob Wood, informed me of the use of Super Delegates, and what they have the power to do, I was infuriated.

    Why should other people, some that lead as normal everyday lives as we do, have 10,000 times our vote? On top of that, they can vote for whomever they want, and change their votes however many times they want. They can also vote with their own state’s primaries. What makes these Super Delegates so much more important than the rest of the country? Isn’t Democracy all about the people? Are we not created equal under the Constitution? If so, then why are there 796 people getting special treatment from the candidates because of their political position?

    The young voters and voters of tomorrow call for an end to the use of Super Delegates. Even the idea of Super Delegates is undemocratic and reflects the flaws in our entire system. It is time to take a stand against these wrongful doings. We, the people, have the power to change our world for the future peoples of America, and intend to use it.
    One Person, One Vote. That is the Super Duper slogan.

    Thank you for your time,