Super Dupers @ Muskegon Jaycees

Don’t forget the Super Duper Club has been invited to speak before the Muskegon Area Jaycees on Tuesday @ 6:00 PM at the Holiday Inn Steakhouse. We get ten minutes at the start of the meeting – bring your petitions -I think we’ll get a lot of signatures! Check with Mr. Wood if you want to go…we’ll meet at 5:00 in Mr. Wood’s room. Coffee House following.

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  1. Corey Swanson 4th Hour

    I can’t wait… I think I’ll still prepare a formal speech… just because I love those things and I’m so inspired by Dr. King right now… “This is the birth of a NEW nation!!!” Way to go Ghana!!!

  2. Angelina Mosher

    Corey I would just like to say that I think your speech was amazing and that you intimidated everyone into signing a petition because they knew that if you didn’t then you would just shred their faces off with words… 🙂