ONE THOUSAND – that is 1 – 0 – 0 – 0

Members in Attendance:
Myranda Smith
Vivian Hicks
Alysa Uhlenbrauck
Angelina Mosher
Dani Patton
Corey Swanson
Amber Lamkin
Rebecca Howseman
Ariel Burrington
Chad Barnaby
Dakota Berg
Molly Morse
David Anderson
Mr. Wood

Item #1: WE MADE 1000!!!

Item #2: TUESDAY MORNING MEETING – We are going to have a trial run for changing the time to Tuesday mornings starting at 7:00. Mr. Wood will be bringing bagels. *If any member that has not been able to make the meeting needs a ride talk to Mr. Wood to arrange a ride with someone. New Members are always welcome.
-Members that need a ride: Corey Swanson, Amber Lamkin, Alysa Uhlenbrauck, Chad Barnaby, and David Anderson.

Item #3: WE NEED MEDIA ATTENTION! Make sure you send letter and give them a call. Make sure you know what you are talking about and be clear, and enthusiastic. Get them interested you only have a minute or so to get them interested in you. Make sure you tell them you are a student; it has a greater impact, and lastly get name, direct line number, and e-mail for future reference.

Item #4: Saturday, April 19th is a big day for us Super Dupers. The delegates are going to be chosen, Mark Brewer is probably going to stand us up at the coffee shop, and the Oakridge Country Club is having a get together that we to be there protesting at. Mark Brewer will be there, so we can catch him there. This is also the day that all of the Congressional Districts select their delegates to the convention. Mr. Wood is applying to be a delegate…and all of the super dupers are invited to go, to learn, and to get signatures.

Item #5: We can do pod casts now, so if you have any ideas let Mr. Wood know. It can be anything: a news report, you talking about something related to the Super Duper Club, or you and someone else having a conversation on the Super Duper Club.

Item #6: Dakota finally came through with the T-shirts. The shirts are going to be $18. There will be three colors available; white – yellow – pistachio green. We need $5 deposits on the shirts. Stop by, take a look, and order one on Friday.

Item #7: Ariel Burrington has agreed to make us a flag, so on Tuesday we need to have ideas for a flag. The colors will be the same as the T-shirts. Dani has also volunteered to make us patches for our shits with the same design. And we have colors for the flag:

  • WHITE for Truth
  • YELLOW for the Boldness of Youth
  • GREEN for Grassroots

Item #8: Send thank you letters to Brett, the WMU guy, for his letter to the club.

Item #9: Vivian Is taking petitions to church, and so is David.

Item #10: Angelina is going to see Carl Levin speak at WMU on March 27 to present him our petition , anyone is welcome to join her.

Item #11: August 21 If the issue of super delegates is not solved Mr. Wood is planning to go to Colorado to protest the convention, WE NEED TO BE THERE!

Last but not at all least we are adding a new page “Picket Sign Slogans” over on the left side of the blog (group idea) for Saturday April 19 at the Oakridge Country Club. This is Muskegon County’s BIGGEST Democratic Party Fundraiser! Lots of people will be there. So will we, with petitions and signs. So go to the blog and post ideas.

…and keep on getting those signatures.

ps…thanks to Amber L for squeezing in minutes of the meeting and track practice

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