Big Apple Bagel Spring Break Super Duper Meeting

Dani, Jennifer, Brittany, Mr. Wood, and Rachel met at Big Apple Bagel and talked politics over bagels and coffee today. Take a look.

#1 – Ariel’s Flag is COOL

Check out the photo it is looking Great! She’s about half way there…and she’s working hard. The hand is going onto a green field. And Corey’s slogan “One person – One vote” is working its way through the flag on a yellow ribbon. Way to go Ariel!!!!!

the-flag.jpg#1A – Wednesday Morning Update – Flag Factory in Muskegon
In order to run the gold banner on the flag and get the slogan on there as well, Ariel is using a yellow stripe instead of the yellow ribbon. It’s cleaner and sends the message with a little more oomph. Thought you’d all like to see what it looks like in a flag shop of a third world country, where school kids have to slave hours on a flag making factory line in order to put food on the table.

#2 – OHS Baseball Banner
Mr. Barry is giving us a 50% discount on a banner to hang from the outfield fence on the Baseball Diamond. We worked on the design at the Big Apple Bagel and came up with some ideas. The banners are 10 foot by 3 foot and they will be located around the outfield fence. Most will be advertisements for businesses. But the Super Duper Club will be represented. Look here at the rough draft. We have some ideas that we will bounce off of you in the next couple days so stay in touch…one thought (Brittany’s) was to curve Super Duper over the hand. Another (Jen’s) was to get all of names of the people in the club printed into the black border around the banner. We don’t know yet exactly what we can do, however we will keep you posted. We do want the banner done by April 19 so we can take it to the Oakridge Country Club when we picket for the end to Super Delegates. Take a look at example#1 and example#2. We’ll know more tomorrow.

#3 – T-Shirts look good
We have a design ready to go. Front and back. And it looks very good. Everybody in attendance agreed. We also need to get orders by Tuesday morning’s meeting so that we can have the shirts for Saturday. Monday would be best. We will bring the designs to school after Spring Break. I think you’ll be pleased.

dani-and-rebecca.jpg#4 – Dani and Rebecca patches
Dani is going to make and sew patches on the shirts that look exactly like Ariel’s flag. The patches will be about 4 inches by 3 inches. She’ll sell them for two bucks and if you get one on the shoulder of your shirt you will be liked by all your friends. Stay tuned for the patch photo.

#5 – News Shows – How are you all doing?

  • Brittany is on the move with “Good Morning America.”
  • Rachel is working on “Live at Five”
  • Mr Wood has emailed “NPR”, and “This American Life.”
  • Dani is waiting for Rebecca to contact Stewart & Colbert
  • We need more…lots more. If you have an idea just give them a call.

#6 – 20 signatures per person over break
That was our goal. How are you all doing with that?????????????????? GET TO WORK!

We have so much to do.

  • Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM we have a meeting
  • We need money in for the T-shirts
  • We need to start making picket signs for Saturday night
  • Brittany needs to confirm our meeting with Mark Brewer on Saturday
  • We need to order patches from Dani and Rebecca
  • We have to look at Ariel’s flag and tell her how talented she is
  • We need to eat Bagels and cream cheese on Tuesday morning


Brittany I will see you tomorrow at Graphic House next to Wendy’s on Apple at 12:30 – stay in touch.

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