The BANNER – TAKE A LOOK!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the Baseball Field Banner here– What do you think?

Actually, Big Sign company that designed it – and Dani this is what graphics majors do – they take an idea by a bunch of people sitting in a coffee shop and then they go to the computer and create. Anyhow the owner of the place Dave Luttral is an Oakridge grad, and his two designers are also ex OHS students. So they took some of our stuff (Brittany’s curve, Dani’s font, Jen’s names in the border, Ariel’s hand) and added some of their stuff (the flag and layout) and they came up with a pretty cool banner. Let me know what you think.

We can change it…we can keep it…we can scrap it…it’s your call. We need feedback.  We will be able to add all the names around the border as soon as we turn them in.

Make sure to read about the Progressive Women’s Alliance and the T-shirts below. 

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  1. Corey Swanson 4th Hour

    I actually really like the banner. It looks pretty good and it sends out our message loud and clear. The colors, of course, are great and the black strip around the edge is great. This is my pick… it’s fantastic.

  2. D.Patton

    I think it turned out really sweet! I like the flag in the background, and the lettering looks really great.

  3. Ariel Burrington 1st hour

    I LOVE IT!

  4. Kari L.

    Mr. Wood the banner looks good the way it is. The flag is AMAZING thanks to Ariel.