Big day Saturday we need everybody’s help.

But first PLEASE get together with Mr. Wood on Friday during Channel One so that we can figure out exactly what and when and how this all takes place. PS…don’t forget to visit Super Dani’s Patches to order your free patch.

Saturday Schedule:

4:30 – Mark Brewer, chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, is meeting us at The Coffee House on Seminole. He has confirmed the meeting and will be there.

5:00 to 7:00 – Assemble with our picket signs and flag in front of the Whippy Dipp on Ponteluna Road. The Oakridge Country Club has no public sidewalk so we cannot assemble there. However to get to the Oakridge Country Club you must go through the light on Ponteluna that hangs between Whippy Dipp and Sams Joint. So anybody who goes to the fundraiser will see and hear our message. It’s a great place to state our case…whippy dipps are pretty good, so we can protest and eat. Meanwhile a couple of dupers can drive up to the Country Club and talk to folks as they enter the fundraiser, give them flyers and get more petition signatures. At 7:00 we’ll head down to the Country Club and leave flyers on all the cars. That’s our plan. We have some stuff to do, first.  At 7:10 we will go back to the Coffee House and celebrate the fact that we live in a society where we can legally assemble and protest the injustices that occur in our democracy.

#1 – We need more posters.
We got some beauties. Dani has been cranking them out, and Rebecca has a couple good ones too. We need more. Try to stop by Friday afterschool.

#2 – 3:00 Saturday at OHS
Mr. Wood will be up to the high school at 3:00 Saturday to get the signs ready. Staple and spray and organize. If you can make it up, great!

#3 – Organization – leave OHS at 4:00
We need to meet Friday and figure out exactly where we will be and when on Saturday. We probably should leave OHS at 4:00 PM to go to the Coffee House to meet Mark Brewer. Then anybody who would like to leave and get over to the Whippy Dipp – we could go from there. For those of you who are obsessed with Sadie Klien and her fast cars (Chad and Dakota) or anybody else who wants to meet us at the Whippy Dipp – be there by 5:30 you should be fine.

OK guys – we’ve done a great job. Stay organized. Keep in touch my cell (616-402-8668) and keep fighting the good fight.


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