A Super Duper Saturday at the Whippi Dip

Thanks to everybody who showed up Saturday April 19 and let your voice be heard concerning the injustice of Super Delegates. It was a beautiful day to lend a hand to help save democracy in the United States of America.

Check here for a slideshow of our photos of the afternoon.

Mark Brewer at the Coffee Joint:
• An upcoming podcast on the meeting with Mark Brewer.

Mark Brewer is the chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. He agreed to meet with us on Saturday at the Coffee Joint on Seminole. At 4:30 he sat down with Angelina, Myranda, Dani, Molly, and Ariel. The rest of headed up to the Whippi Dip.For 45 minutes Mr. Brewer defended the practice of super delegates. The girls had a list of questions for him, how’s and why’s and what’s and what if’s – concerning super delegates in Michigan and nationally in the Democratic party. Check out the podcast concerning that meeting if you’d like to get the real scoop on what occurred.

At the Whippi Dip:
From 5:00 to 7:00 we assembled on the sidewalk out in front of the Whippi Dip and exercised our right to freedom of speech. The sun was out and the signs bright. And Ariel’s flag was flapping in the breeze. Two miles down the road at the Oakridge Country Club – The Muskegon County Democratic Fundraiser – was being held. Local Democrats, Congressional representatives, and party people held a dinner to raise funds for the Party. In order to drive to the Country Club, you had to pass the Whippi Dip. We got lots and lots of honks .

KOTOS for Congress in 08:

• Check out Tyler and Autumn’s podcast on assembling at the Whippi Dip.

Kimon Kotos is running for U.S. Congress – 2nd Congressional District in the Fall election. Saturday, on his way to the Fundraiser, he saw us, pulled over and joined us on the assembly line. He told us how much he supported our efforts and complimented us on our involvement in the process. He held a picket sign. He talked with us about politics and super delegates and told us that back in the 70’s, when he had a pony tail, that he too protested unjust causes. He invited us to an anti-war picket that he goes to weekly. And he signed our petition. He stayed for 45 minutes and encouraged us to hang in there and keep fighting. We’ll definitely be looking for him on the ballot in November.

A Greeting at the Country Club:

• An upcoming podcast on greeting people at the door.

While most of us were assembled at the Whippi Dip, Molly, Ariel, Tyler, and Angelina, greeted arriving Democrats at the entrance to the Fundraiser down the street at the Country Club. They handed out flyers and talked to folks about our cause and asked for people to sign our petition. They talked with present representatives (Congresswoman Mary Valentine) and past representatives (Julie Dennis). They talked again with Mark Brewer and discussed with everyone in attendance the significance of the issue of super delegates. It was good for Democrats to hear from young people – and why this issue is so significant.

… then we went and ate pizza.

Thanks to all those in the Super Duper Club who’ve been working hard these past two months to make their voices heard. As a famous American (who was flipping burgers at McDonalds on Saturday and unable to join us) once said, “This is America…and this is what Americans do.” Thanks to you all! You are helping to change this world.

And to those of you who joined us on Saturday – Dani, Dani’s little brother, Rebecca, Michael, Tyler, Amber, Autumn, Angelina, Ariel, Molly, Myranda, Jennifer, Crystal, Clare, and Clare’s friend  – it takes hard work and sacrifice to change the world…thanks for donating your Saturday to the cause.


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  1. Corey Swanson 4th

    I’m so sad I wasn’t there. But, I haven’t been asleep! I’ve discovered a more exact number of the amount of votes a Super Delegate is worth: 337,000!!!! That’s right, you read it correctly. I’ll talk about it tuesday.

  2. Molly Morse

    AWSOME Mr. Wood!!!! This is great you really showed how good we did and how strong our group is in this page you made. I love the pictures and I had a blast yesterday! We have to keep this up and stay strong. We will have to find another meeting like this some time so we can show our loyalty to this group. Don’t let us fall under the radar.