SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED – 1370 signatures to the DNC

May 7 We delivered 1370 petition signatures, to the Democratic National Committee offices in Washington D.C. calling for the end to Super Delegates in the Democratic Party.


Members of the Super Duper Club (Nyssa, Crystal, Rachel, Sophie, Kari, Mr. Wood) and Close UP participants (Rhea, Alex, Brittany, and Charity) made the special delivery.  Rachel read the same presentation on the steps of the DNC that Angelina did on the sidewalk out in front of the MDC. Nyssa read it again inside to attending members of the Party, Crystal delivered all 1370 signed petitions, and then we all sat down and talked.


Michelle laid out the postion of the party regarding super delegates.  We restated our concerns with how the practice conflicted with the basic ideals of democracy.  While constructive, the conversation got a little heated at times. And it wasn’t just Super Duper Club members who spoke up.   Close Up members too, found the presentation a bit frustrating.  Several people got involved.  The discussion continued for about 45 minutes.


At the end of the day, the DNC knew exactly where we stood.

I am sure that the petitions, the questions that we asked, and the comments that we made, will be remembered and discussed when “superdelegates” sit down to re-write what to do with themselves in the 2012 democratic presidential primary election. One thing’s for sure – you can’t have a party without people to be in it…and if these rules are still standing next time around, they’ll have some problems finding the people. Especially us.

To everybody who has signed our petition, for those who have worked to gather signatures, and most of all to the students who are members of The Super Duper Club, good work! You are certainly leaving an imprint on the future direction of your government!

Check here to find the total story on the Super Duper Club.

Thoughts of the day for May 7, 2008:

If there is one thing that can be taken from our meeting today at the DNC, it is that the mission is not over. Delivering these petitions was just a check point. Even though we have worked hard we can’t think our fight is finished. The way we were treated at the DNC makes it clear that we are creating waves in their “ideal” pool of democracy. I’m so proud of the Super Duper Club as a whole. The people at the DNC thought we were going to just go in their offices and back down if attacked. We did the opposite. We defended our message and opinions. We gave them the fight that I don’t think they were expecting. The Super Duper Club’s voice was heard!  (Nyssa Swanson)

I would firstly like to thank all of those who signed our peitition and got us to the Democratic House.   Without you we wouldn’t have been there.  We didn’t get to meet with Howard Dean, though we met with a woman named Michelle and two others who repeatedly said that they were proud of our group for what we were doing.  Still, they never really listened to our point of “one person; one vote”  They believe that super delegates will not determine the election in the end, but “hey” they got another thing coming.  I appreciate them for taking time out of their day to talk with us, even if they didn’t agree.  In the end thanks for all of the support of the Super Duper Club and keep up the good work.  (Rachel Bunker)

When I talked to the Democrats at the DNC I became so frustrated. Not only did they disrespect us and our opinions, but they acted like it didn’t matter what we said. One representative was texting on her cell phone while we were talking. I was and am angry that they thought we didn’t count. Then they passed out free stuff! I don’t get it. They said that super delegates were good for our country. But they are wrong! Nobody’s vote should count for so much more than anybody elses vote. That’s why I used to love our government…I thought everyone was equal, everything was fair. But then I learned about super delegates and frankly I was disappointed in our government, that they could let this happen. People don’t always think we matter.  But we can make a BIG difference. I’m so glad I went to the DNC. I have become passionate about the issue of super delegates. Most adults look at us and think we are too young. But we are very informed on the issue. I think they should be glad that we, being so young, are informed and passionate about government issues.  (Alex Engler)

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  1. crystal davis

    Yeah it’s really cool that we did all that but what are we going to do now. It seems that the super duper club doesn’t exist anymore. There are no more meetings. No more super delegate problems. So is it over or are we still asleep? I was just wondering because I really miss being able to be involved in a program that makes a difference besides student council. I really felt like I made a difference but now I see nothing happing. Life is just shifting into the abyss.