The Electoral College – What is it?

SCI – Electoral College
below are various readings and links on the Electoral College that should help you to better understand how it works.

  2. Outline for Mr. Wood’s Presentation of Convention of 1787.
  3. Electoral College Past & Present – this is the assignment I created for the Constitution Center in Philadelphia as part of the Anneberg Foundation’s Summer Seminar Teaching the Presidential Election.
  4. Wikipedia – Electoral College – Electoral College – handout edited version from Wikipeida
  5. Jackson County MO Board of Electors – informative TOC with links to questions on the history of the Electoral College and year by year Election results.
  6. NPR Morning Edition (Con) – Why the Electoral College is bad for America
  7. NPR Morning Edition (Pro) – Debating the Merits of the Electoral College
  8. NPR Tavis Smiley – Debate / Critics call for Amending the Electoral College
  9. Real Clear Politics – This is the website we will be working from for the duration of the Election.

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