The VOTE – as presented by Senior Current Issues (Guidelines)

In the next eight weeks, Mr. Wood’s Senior Current Issues Class will attempt to provide to the students of Oakridge High School a running dialogue on the 2008 Presidential Election. By updating the Electoral Map in room 112 and discussing the current polls, by providing student chosen news articles and extra credit assignments, we hope that the student body will join us in “waking up” to this significant National Election.

SCI Student Presentation Guidelines noted here.

The following tasks will be repeated each week:

  1. Map. A weekly update of the 2008 United States Electoral Map.
  2. Podcast. A weekly podcast by Senior Current Issues students explaining how that map breaks down.
  3. News. A weekly news article selected by SCI students to provide added insight to the election.
  4. Assignment. A weekly assignment created by SCI students that will coincide with the above news article.
  5. Grade. SCI students will grade and record assignment – if you choose to do it for extra credit.

All OHS students are encouraged to post their questions and opinions in response to our efforts.

Any student who is in Mr. Wood’s Social Studies classes, or who is in Mr. Barry’s current government classes (and will be in Mr. Wood’s Economic class next semester) may choose to do “The VOTE” assignments for extra credit. Students may earn up to 5 points extra credit per assignment to be added to their blog totals for the Marking Period. If you will be enrolled in Mr. Wood’s second semester Econ class your extra credit blog points will be added to your Econ class blog assignments in the second semester.

All student’s are encouraged to drop by room 112 to check out our National Electoral Map at the back at the room. To learn more about the history of the Electoral College and how it will affect this election please go to the following link.

All of our polling information comes from Real Clear Politics.

Student Assigned Schedules for this assignment are noted below:

  • M Sept 15 – Mr Wood
  • T Sept 23 – Tyler D, Myranda SP, Josh D – (82% – B)
  • T Sept 30 – Jamie M, Brittany W, Courtney, Susan B – (83% – B)
  • T Oct 7 – Nick, Joe, Becca – (91% – A-)
  • T Oct 14 – Sam, Brittany, Lexi, Kaylee (74% – C)
  • T Oct 21 – Sophelia, Sam S, Crystal, Rhea
  • T Oct 28 – Angelina, Britt, Chad, Kyle
  • M Nov 3 – Corey, Ed, Charity, Geoff


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