Welcome to Government

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

The principles that shape our Constitution are as solid today as they were when the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787. The ideals that they sought to instill at the core of our country, while often manipulated by our government today, have allowed the United States to survive and flourish for over 230 years. Students, all Americans, have a responsibility to know this government of ours, to participate in this government, and to make this country and world a better place to live. One of the greatest assets of our Constitution is that the Bill of Rights begs citizens to participate. Freedoms of press and assembly and speech have driven involvement from the beginning. The CIvil Rights movement in the sixties flowered from the vine of the Constitution. Those rights are just as available today. Students need to learn but also to use their rights. We have a responsibility in this nation to hold our government accountable to its charter. Most Americans pass on that opportunity. In this class we will celebrate it. If a student merely reads the newspaper with an eye on how current events are shaping this world, they have done more than the average American. I will encourage my students to grab for more than does the average American, so that when they do turn 18 and gain the full benefits of the Constitution, they will not take that privilege for granted.

Please check here for complete Government Syllabus.

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