Happy Homecoming

Dear Students,

Please listen to this podcast for homework update in Senior Current Issues.

and Tyler, Myranda, and Josh – don’t forget you’re up next on “The Vote”

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  1. ..charity..

    This has nothing to do with homecoming but….I am looking at ideas for fundrasing for maybe selma and close up. I thought maybe I could help be in charge of things like that. I already have a few ideas. I will talk with you next week if that is okay. Ciao

  2. Kassi Hanchera

    Good fake coughs. Ha ha. Just kidding. Hope you feel a lot better soon, and see you on monday.

    was it that obvious. Sorry I missed the dead raccoon in the cafeteria.

  3. ..Charity..

    I am so angry Mr. Wood. I missed the blog assignment because of stupid homecoming….at the beginning of last week I couldn’t wait for it to be over, and today I AM! So I am sick too….I feel your pain.

    Thank you Charity. These are the trials and tribulations of queen and her court. It’s back to earth week. Make sure to do the extra credit. Hey one more thing…I just read your me and my notebook assignment. It was great – you really opened up on it. But you did not give me a word for tomorrow and an explanation…I will let you make that up because sooooo much of the assignment was done well. Bring it in on Monday. Let me know if you got this message. See you monday.

  4. ..charity..

    What exactly is the extra credit? I think I just forgot to print it off….my word for tomorrow is peace by the way. And I am thinking about switching my picture which I didn’t have in the first place because I didn’t have a printer. So I am still sick and this week has been so discumbobulated. It seems like I am so upset over so many things. It’s time to call on my God and climb over the wall, which again hit me this weekend. I guess I am like the advocate for overcoming these hardships, like I should be a leader and help others ;0). I am reading Blue Like Jazz again as well. I started it yesterday. I think by the end of the year I will have a great testimony of faith and perserverance. See you tomorrow Mr. W

    peace and much love..charity