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Christian Science MonitorWomen voters could be key to presidential race

Question: This article – paragraph seven – states, “It used to be that if I said, ‘A woman in politics,’ it conjured up a generic image,” says Ms. Mandel. “Now people might think of Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or Sarah Palin or Condeleezza Rice. These are very different women with very different ideologies.” Read the article. What does this statement mean to you, and how is it important in the politics of this election?

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  1. Storm 2

    The statement to me means that women are starting to take a stand and make their opinions known in the United States and around the world. The other countries that are paying attention to the U.S. election are watching how our government works and are currently observing the women of this country making their points clear. In many countries it is unheard of a women being elected into the government, let alone the Vice Presidency. The statement is important to the politics of this election because having a woman on the ballot is changing many opinions about which way to vote. There are women who normally vote Democratic that are voting Republican this election because they would like to see a woman in the white house. There are so many different factors to this election that it’s hard to say which way it’s going to go, and even harder to say how it will end.

    14 of 20 – C / I think that generally you are talking to the issue…but you are not specifically answer the question or dealing with the article. That doesn’t mean your argument isn’t valid…it just doesn’t deal enough with the question.

  2. Devyn 2nd hr.

    I believe that this means the women who are in the middle of politics and government are a lot different than what the typical woman used to be. Hillary Clinton was the first woman to almost become a primary in the presidential election, and Palin would be the first ever woman to become vice president. They stand for what they believe in, and they’re making history. Women throughout America are responding to that. I believe, however, that women aren’t going to support Palin because she’s a woman, I think that they’re starting to look at her lack of experience rather than the fact that’s she is a woman.

    16 of 20 – B / Two issues covered well! I think you address the generic change well…and the Palin issue as well. Now just dig in a big deeper and bring multiple supports to bare. But all n all, pretty good.

  3. Bomba 2nd hour

    It’s cool that we women can decide this election because almost 90 years ago or something we couldn’t vote and now we are probably the most important group in this election. I think it’s very important in the politics of this election because there is now a woman that is standing for the women in America. She could be the first woman that is vice president and she is the first woman that is a candidate for the vice president. The woman of America will probably vote more than before because there is a woman for vice president. Maybe some women didn’t vote before because there were just men and now they don’t know for who they shall vote, because Sarah Palin is standing for the Republican and Hillary Clinton is standing for the Democratic so that’s a lot of people that can decide this election.

    13 of 20 – D+ / Well at least you finally finished posting. Thank you. I agree with you on women being the most important and that is noted in the article. A couple problems though – you don’t deal with the first question at all – what do they mean about this going from generic? And also Hillary Clinton is not in the race anymore. Why don’t you run your posts by me – before you post. I can give you feedback. Still OK for a German girl. Happy Dumplings.

  4. Rachel S. 3rd Hr.

    I can clearly remember watching CNN and listening to the newscasters talk about how Barack Obama was planning to announce his running mate via text message to anyone registered on his campaign website. At the time, it sounded silly to me, but after thinking about it, I thought it was a good strategy to get more people registered to Obama’s website and get people involved in his campaign.

    I believe that half the battle of winning an election is having a good strategy.

    I remember the newscasters buzzing about all the hype of who Obama would pick, but what I remember the most is one of the newscasters talking about how McCain had not picked his own running mate yet, and what an advantage this was for McCain to be able to just sit back, see who Obama would pick, and go from there.

    As we now know, shorty after Obama announced Joe Biden as his running mate, John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to America.

    Talk about strategy. In the words of my mother, “John McCain knows what he’s doing.”

    Ms.Mandel’s statement about the women in politics today speaks volumes as to how far America has come. How great it is that in this year’s election, women are playing as many leading roles as men?! These women involved in politics are proof that America is changing and that we have moved away from being a nation filled with sexists, into a nation open to change, and truly open to equality for everyone.

    As Ms. Mandel has said, the women involved in politics today are all very different from each other. This is also true for the women voting in this election. Because of this diversity in women, this is why how women vote in this election is so important. This article clearly explains just how diverse women are when it comes to how, and why they are voting, and shows how women are going to be a major factor in the results of this election.

    15 of 20 C+ / Interesting story about the text – I thought the same. Do you still believe choosing Sara Palin was smart? You don’t really get specific in your evaluation of the article. I think you’re right when you say that women are different today. I’d like to hear HOW the article clearly explains things rather than it explains things. I think you can do better.

  5. Amanda 3rd hour

    First of all, I do not think John McCain picked Palin just because she is a woman. I believe he picked her because she is not a Washington insider and she will bring vitality to the Republican ticket.

    I believe the role of women in politics has changed from just being a First Lady that hosts tea parties to women being governors, representatives and senators. A lot of the traditional women politicians are obsessed with only supporting abortion and gay rights. Palin has a lot more issues that are important to her and has a lot more Conservative and average women that can identify with her.

    I also think that there are more opportunities for women of all types to make a career in politics. More women than ever will most likely vote in this presidential election. There are a lot more working moms that support Palin and will vote Republican.

    I don’t look at whether a person is black, white, male or female. I dig deeper and look at what the person is for and against.

    15 of 20 – C+ / Interesting Tea party comment. Women in politics. Women voters. All good comments. Support the working moms comment with Palin – why? I think you move towards writing a good post here. But it leaves too many holes. Dig in a bit deeper and provide supports. But nice tea party comment.

  6. Gee 2nd hour

    To me, I think the statement means that women politically are making more of an effect today than they were in the past. People are starting to take women a little more seriously, I think. Maybe they are realizing that a woman could do the same job as a man could. Either way, the United States is changing. good para

    It is important to the politics of this election because this means a woman could possibly be in the white house for the first time. Also, the fact that she is a woman could make other women lean more towards voting for McCain just for that reason. I’m sure it probably makes some women feel more secure to have a woman in office. But, as it was said in the article, some women don’t care that she is a woman. They are voting based on the facts.

    I think voters should vote based on who they really believe will make a good choice for president. Voters should look at Palin’s beliefs and ideals on issues, not just the fact that she is a woman. But, there’s really no telling how this election will turn out.

    17 of 20 – B+ / Pretty good job. I think you pulled women’s views from the article. And your eval of the generic woman is pretty good. Nicely done.

  7. Courtney B. 5th hr.

    I think that this statement means that women are getting more respect from our country. Back a long time ago women couldn’t even vote and now they are trying to take control to help the United States. This statement is important for this election because there are more women running in it. We must do what we can to help choose the right path for our country to help ourselves to make things better. I think people are going to look at Palin because she is more inexperienced rather than because she is a woman. But i think that Palin has a lot of important issues to talk about to America.

    12 of 20 D / Courtney – what about the article? Did you read it? It talks about a lot of issues that you don’t address.

  8. Courtney 3rd Hour

    I think that women used to be viewed as the house keeper type, and now more women are taking on jobs that they were never allowed to do before. Before women were never involved in the government, but in recent years more and more women are stepping up to take government jobs, or any jobs in general that was not what they were imaged as doing or being able to do. nice para

    Women changing their previous generic image is important to this election, because they are getting more involved and listening to the goals of the two presidential candidates. Women want the same respect that men get, so they are going to vote for the candidate that will help them out the most. Women are also important to this election, because more women are starting to vote, and right now there actually are more women voters then men. The candidates need to take this into consideration when they speak of their goals that they will fight for when they become President.

    17 of 20 B+ / I think you talk to the generic issue initially quite well, but then you don’t get specific about Palin or Clinton. You also note that women do vote more than men. Your opening paragraph is pretty good…

  9. Kate-Lynn Sower 5th hour

    This statement means to me look out Obama. To start with, since the 80’s women voters have out-numbered men voters. There is a 3 to 1 ratio of women to men in the world which means there are a lot of single mothers who are leaning towards McCain & Palin. Women can relate more to Palin because she is a role model for the working moms. I don’t know enough about the candidates yet so I don’t care for them, but from what I have heard of Palin I like her. She is pro-life which is important to me and my fellow Christians. If she can hit two major voting groups (women & Christians) I think she has greatly helped the McCain campaign.

    I do feel that both ticket parties need to be clearer on issues so we can better base our decisions. We need to understand that this race is far from over and anyone can win. The winner will be the candidate who is able to furthest themselves from Bush’s old ways.

    10 of 20 F – You haven’t read the article. it addresses Palin – Also you do not address the generic issue. This post could’ve been totally written without reading at all.

  10. Dani (miss radical)

    The role of women in politics has definately changed. 50 years ago, you most likely would not see a woman in government, and you’d never see her holding such a high-position role as Vice President, or even President. I think it’s great that women could possibly hold the key to this election. That is of course, unless they decide to vote Republican just because of Palin. I do believe that part of the reason McCain picked her was to appeal to women voters. It sure wasn’t because they were such great friends; he’d met her once before he called to ask her to run as his VP. I’m sure he thought that the self-proclaimed “hockey mom” would draw women of the average, middle class to the Republican ticket. The fact that women are drawn to her just because they feel Palin is “one of them” worries me. It seems as though they don’t look into the issues and the things Palin stands for; they’d vote for her just to have a women in the White House even though she’s absolutely appalling. Palin may have issues that are important to her, but that should not be what matters. She should be taking into account the issues that are important to the American people. But whenever confronted with issues, some controversial, that affect the average American, she tends to dance around the issue and avoid answering questions she’s asked. And, according to the article, many mothers support Palin because she’s a mom. Even though they have no idea how she stands on many issues pertaining to mothers.

    25 of 20 A+ – Nice to hear from an intelligent radical, Finnish college student on anything political. Thank you for your always ultra liberal point of view.

  11. Kassi Hanchera

    In politics, women, I believe have been viewed only until recently as the first wife or care-giver; a pretty face to stand and smile on the side lines as she watches her husband run the country. I’m happy to say that women are now being taken seriously in politics, and I’m proud of my sex for being so strong in Washington; actually all over the country in the last decade. great para

    I personally believe though that just because a woman has never been in power in the white house we shouldn’t just thrown in anyone who’s close enough. (Sarah Palin) This is what I fear, that our voters will only choose the McCain route because there’s now a chance that Palin could some day be the first woman president. When it comes to this scenario I’m disappointed in my country for only scratching the surface of this Christian hockey mom’s background, from nowhere Alaska. I’m concerned people are more concerned with what’s between the candidates legs than what’s beneath the empty promises and baby kissing.

    Women have a strong voice now! So let’s listen to there wisdom (or bull crap) instead of just seeing them as just a wife or a mom. I’m very interested to see the out come of this election now that more women vote than men. Although I’m not very optimistic; hopefully though, people actually dig deeper than just reading the title of a National Enquirer magazine to learn about their candidates for the Presidential and Vice Presidential 08 election.

    16 of 20 – B- / OK – you have a very adamant opinion. And that is great. You do address the question – but you don’t touch on the article. If I give an article as part of an assignment – you need to weave it into your post. Or at least provide some proof that you read it. Your opening para is great. If you would’ve addressed the premise of the article and then rambled into your opinion – you’d have been set. Think of that next time around. But your thoughts are well taken.

  12. alex parker , 5th hour

    The statement in the article means to me that women have finally begun to be recognized as a formidable part in our government. The quote above states that there are many different women in politics that have different experiences. It tells me that women are rising closer and higher to the presidency spot for the United States. Women who vote feel more independent as more and more women run in office.

    It is very important for women to vote in elections otherwise greedy rich old men would be running the country. They rely on presidents who care about all equality. Women’s votes are important for both political parties as John McCain and Barack Obama fight for the presidency.

    As far as my opinion goes, women play a major role in politics and voting. Therefore, they have already earned their rights to be in office and politics.

    13 of 20 D+ / great start. And then it ends. Come on…read the article. What does it say about Palin? clinton? women in the voting booth.

  13. Esparza 2nd hour

    To me this article is trying to get the message out that woman are finally realizing that they can take a stand over men. However, to me I believe that most women in the United States are leaning toward the Republican Party due to the fact of Palin being a woman. Now I have no grief on a woman being granted the Vice Presidency because I think she’s just as worthy as a man and can do the job successfully, but I think people should really find out more about her and her beliefs before they jump to the fact that she is a woman and I am going to vote for her party because of that. Also I agree on Storms response when she said that other countries are probably watching the United States election and they’re probably in awe that a woman is going for the Vice Presidency because over there it is unheard of for a woman to even be considered to run for a government position in such high rank

    11 of 20 F / I will assume that this is your article and the other is extra credit…neither is marked extra credit. As for the post – it does not address the question or the article. have you read the article at all? Make sure to follow directions. Dig in.

  14. Shalifoe 2nd hour

    The statement in the article means to me that the women are starting to become the deciding factor of the election. Right now the fact that Sarah Palin was chosen because she is a woman, McCain chose her to get more of the women votes. But I think that choosing a women for a Vice President just so u can get more votes just shows that your not ready for the office. Obama is ready for office he shows that he’s going to try and change things for the working class American, he is getting the support of the people that were going to vote for Clinton. I think that Obama is really the better choice for president because he wants to help out the lower class because he was and maybe still is in that situation.

    10 of 20 F / this does not deal at all with the article or answer the initial question. you need to follow directions.

  15. Aly H. 3rd Hour

    What the statement in the article means to me is that more women are getting into politics and getting other women involved too. I think this is a good thing because if there are more woman in the country stepping up to be in the election, they will get many more women voters. Since McCain has picked Palin, McCain has picked up many women’s votes. I think this happened because this made many women realize that they can really have a say in this election. I think they’re going to pay more attention to the election because there is a women in the election again. Since Palin was an average, working woman, she appeals more to the average, working women that are not in politics. I still think the average woman should still research and pick their favorite candidate, not just because there’s a woman in the election again. They should pick the candidate that represents their needs and wants and not vote for McCain just because a female is running with McCain. I think this is a new step for America and it is changing America drastically, because more people are respecting the women in politics and people are not as sexist as they used to be.

    17 of 20 B+ / You do hit on a few interesting issues here. Women are getting involved. Palin has raised the stakes…although not for everybody – people are respecting women more in the political arena. Well done.

  16. Kirsten B 5th hour

    To me the statement “these are very different women with very different ideologies” means that all three women are completely different. They come from different backgrounds and were raised very differently, and have their own ideas and express them to try and make the world a better a place. Yet they can come together and talk about what they love and its politics. The women are different because some want to be president others want to be congressmen and some are democrat and some republication. I am very impressed with the women for what they have done and how far they are coming along in the election.

    12 of 20 D / great job on question #1 – and then NOTHING. What about the article? What about the election? It’s like you ran out of time and then said…”oh well.”

  17. Jessica Wambaugh-5th hour

    I believe this means that more women are starting to take a stand and speak out for what they want. This is making the women more popular in the voting process because this could make a big difference. I also think they are trying to say that if these powerful, strong minded women like Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin are taking a stand then other women in the country are gonna follow. When John McCain had choosen Governor Palin to be his running mate his numbers bounced up over Obama in the summer, but now Obama has taken the lead again.

    12 of 20 D- / come on- dig in on the article. You scratch the surface at the start…and then stop. Nothing really from the article, even though I do think you understand the situation.

  18. moore 2nd hour

    This statment to me means that women are starting to take a bigger roll in elections. Ever sence women gained there right to vote. They have been making much more of an impact on the elections. But by McCain chosing Palin as his running mate may help him in the polls. But other countries that are watching this election must think we are fools. For putting a women in a higher position and possibly will think we are becoming a week nation.

    0 of 20 F / spelling.

  19. Jeffrey 2nd hour

    I believe that women in politics are looked at as if they aren’t taken seriously. Many men are just too sexist to think that women can do something beneficial in the government. Women have become more involved and active in politics and the government, and alot of them have made a difference. Yet, many people believe that a woman could not run this country. This is possibly because these people aren’t educated enough about those women to know that they are quite capable. So, the stereotype that a woman in politics is the same as any other woman in politics before her, is becoming overruled and it will just take some awakening to see that any one woman can make any change or contribute the same as any man could.

    5 of 20 F / this answer is totally separated from the article. And it doesn’t answer the questions AT ALL. READ!

  20. Mall2

    This is how I think its going down. McCain pick Sarah Palin because he was falling behind in the polls and needed some help. He picked a women in hopes of getting a majority of women voters to vote republican. Its definitely a politically smart move but I also think that it was a quick fling in the obsession with Sarah. Its good to see that women are getting there say and are a big factor in this election, but before they vote they need to get the facts straight. Some are going to vote republican just because of Palin which isn’t right. They need to see who has more of the same issues and vote for them. If not whose to say what this country is going to be like 2 years from now. I know I would not like to be a part of it that for sure.

    5 of 20 F / this has nothing to do with the question. Did you read the article? I have no idea because you don’t address it at all? And you don’t address the question. You pretty much just ramble on. Doesn’t mean your comments are interesting or even correct…they just don’t work in context of the assignment.

  21. Kaylie P. 3rd hr.

    I think that when people think of a woman, they think a pretty smiling face that takes care of the kids and the home, and always has dinner on the table…But not any more. Lately, the view of woman, especially woman in politics, have been being taken more seriously. Look at Jennifer Granholm, or anyone else that are in politics. The mind of America is changing, for someone had to say or think that “Granholm is better than the other one” for her to be elected. Someone had to think that she was better than a male.
    Now I think that America isn’t just becoming more open to women, I think that they will go with whomever is the best candidate, whether it be a male or female. The thing that is changing is people aren’t saying that just because she is a woman they will vote for the male.
    Women of America are changing also. They are stepping up and realizing that they can make a difference too, and they don’t have to be just a homemaker. There are more and more women in politics lately, and they notice that they can make a stand and they will get noticed, and that America is changing and they actually have a chance.

    15 of 20 C+ / Great opening. Absolutely deals with question #1 – but nothing with the current election. And the article seems pretty much absent here. Your ability to take apart a question and blog efficiently to the issue is evident…but you have to answer ALL of the question.

  22. Daniel C. 5th hour

    This statement means that women are finally getting the respect they deserve in our country. 50 years ago, they couldnt even vote. Now we have Sarah Palin running for the vice presidency position. This is a big move for women in america. This is important in the election because a lot of women voters in america will vote for John McCain just because of Sarah Palin. John McCain picking her for his running mate could swing this election in his favor. He is very smart for picking her. As he announced he picked her a month ago, McCain swung in front of Obama in the polls but as people are getting to know her more, more people realize that she is not an intelligent person.

    13 of 20 D+ / You don’t really address the question at hand. Hillary Clinton? Condoleeza Rice? Sarah Palin? what about the article? Some good points made here but they just don’t really go to the heart of the questions.

  23. Basch-2nd hour

    In my opinion, this article means a lot. Not too many years ago women were not able to vote. Now their are women running for president. That is a huge jump for women in the United States. It is more acceptable for women to be seen as political figures now. Back then they were seen as shadows. Their opinion didn’t even count. It is very important in the politics of this election because now that there are women in the higher positions, we can see both points of views from a man and a woman. For example a man might see abortion as being wrong, and a woman might see it as it is her choice. So as for voting a woman might vote for a woman because they see similar points of view better.

    14 of 20 – C / great comment – shadows. Cool. Your opening is good. But you do not take into account the article or the eleciton in near enough detail. Come on DIG IN!

  24. Tasha J.

    Women are starting to take a stand. They’re are speaking out, and now with them being more involved in politics, people, mainly women, are starting to listen to what they have to say. Having a woman in this race has changed the views of a lot people, and changed their opinion on which way to vote. Others think having Palin on our ballot is a bad idea, pointing out all of her flaws and her lack of experience. I, however, think this is a great experience for our country, even with people looking down and judging her just because she’s a woman; she’s seemed to make the best of her experience in this presidential race. This article is pointing out how diverse the women in our politics are today, and I believe women voters are going to play a big part in this coming up election.

    16 of 20 – B / you’ve definitely read the article. You’ve brought the main points to bare. Good. I’d like to see a little more depth. I’d like to see you take on question #1 a little more thoroughly – but you know all n all…good first post.

  25. Morse 2

    The statement is saying that women are becoming more involved in politics and are now starting to take a stand. Women are becoming one of the most important and popular in the voting process and candidates are stating to really push on them for their vote. With Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton showing how women can take a stand, change things and make is difference in the world with their different outlooks on politics, the government, and life I believe they will get more women to get involved and leave their lip stick behind. As for the election McCain choosing Governor Palin to be his running mate made a huge scene for all. Especially to women, this makes a giant leap over Obama. All because women looked at her and said hey she is one of us and we want to show the men that women can actually run this! But once everybody took a bigger look into what Sarah is about they once again swayed the other way. Women are a big advantage to have in this election, we are smarter than most think and we can make a difference!

    16 of 20 – B / great lipstick comment. Good intro to Sara Palin, but the article was quite clear that her selection could cut both ways – many people were put off by the selection. You’ve done a good job on Q #1 – and a decent job on the second. Now dig in a bit deeper.

  26. Aaron B 2nd hr.

    The quote in the article tells me that the women are starting to become the big reason for the results of the election. The quote also says that there are different women in politics that have different experiences. So i think that will help the women who are voting because then the women know that they are being heard and that there vote counts just as much as the mens votes.

    10 of 20 – F / Whoa…read the article. Dig in. You can do a lot more with this.

  27. Tricia S

    Women use to get an unfair image when brought up in politics. Over time the image of women in politics has changed thanks to women like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, and Condoleezza Rice. These women have accomplished many different things and are creating a better image of women in politics. These women have proven that women belong and can make a difference in a political position. They all have very different beliefs and morals but they have made a name for women and are helping so women in politics are not viewed in an unfair way.

    In the election people are unsure about what to think about Sarah Palin because she is new but they didn’t think she was a bad choice right away because she was a woman. Its also important that the women involved in the election like Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have a good image because the article says that the big target for supporters and votes are women. These women in this election are laying the ground for the way politics and women will be viewed in the future.

    19 of 20 – A / very good job. You’ve taken on both questions. The generic image of a woman – and the current election, and specifically Sara Palin. Well done.

    Its great that our country is finally opening up and growing past sexist thoughts about women being involved in the government, and now women and men are playing a equal role in this election

  28. Conner P

    Women in politics is becoming more major today than it has ever been. Women like Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, are changing politics and getting women more involved. Women have accomplished many things in politics, and are creating a greater image today in politics. There’s a lot of women involved in the election, and that’s a great thing. The candidates need women on there side, because they are a major part of this election. Women are going to be a major role in the election because they are becoming more awake about the election, and women are becoming higher in numbers.

    12 of 20 – D / good start, but you don’t deal with the generic question. Why is it – that these women’s names – and personality and politics – cannot be lumped together anymore. And then the second question – you don’t touch in regards to the article. if an article is there – use it in your answer.

  29. Shelby B

    Women have evolved over the years in many different departments. One way is how much they put into being involved in our government. Women used to just stand behind their husbands, now they are stepping out and taking their own stand. In today’s society women have built their own characteristics, which sets them different from each other. Although women have different ideologies research shows that women tend to vote more than men and also tend to lean towards democrats. Obama’s plans deal with education and healthcare, most women are looking out for the future of their children.

    Many people loved the fact that McCain picked a women to help him lead, but now they are changing their mind. Some people even think that McCain chose a women only to help him to his victory and did not put enough thought in his choice, one women said “I was kind of insulted at first. I think McCain chose her to be a female puppet to swing people his way”. Now that people are starting to learn more about Palin they realized that she does not have the amount of experience that a person running for vice president should.

    I do not like the fact that because McCain chose a women for vice president his votes increased. However, I am very pleased that the people of this country are now choosing to make their decisions on what truly matters and what will benefit this country, rather than the sex of the candidates.

    21 of 20 A+ / GREAT paragraph #1! GREAT paragraph #2! And nice finale. This is very very very thorough… well done!

  30. Jenn Martz 5th hour

    This statement to me means that having a women running get more women to vote. Women also tend to vote towards the democrats side rather than the republicans. Even though McCain has Palin does not mean he is going to win. People are surprised about Sarah and started voting for her and McCain but once they found out a little bit of information the voting towards Sarah and McCain has dropped. I agree with the article when Kathy Labori says that she thinks McCain picked Palin so people “Swing his way”. People are starting to get to know her and really don’t care anymore. All they are worried about is fixing the U.S. In the past years the republicans have ruined us so by getting a democrat in the white house would begin a big change.

    12 of 20 – D / you don’t really address the first question. What has happened to the generic image? As for the remainder of the post – you need to proof it. You have some good points, but it doesn’t feel at all like you went back thru – really disorganized.

  31. Chet 2

    When I think about the statement, the only word that seems to come to mind is “change”. I feel that now women are still in some ways trying to prove their equal abilities to men, and that they’re getting somewhere. When women have become the major part of elections, and the key targets for candidates to go after, men just don’t seem as high and mighty as they once did.

    Also, I agree with Shalifoe on McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin that it only shows how desperate McCain is to try and take over the election through infatuation and getting women to feel that Palin is “just like one of them”.

    12 of 20 – D- / pretty good para one – although it doesn’t deal with the generic question. As for Paliin there is a LOT MORE to this article than one sentence. DIG IN!!!!!!

  32. Katherine P. - 5th hour

    This article really got me thinking about how people portray women in general. It uses to be that women couldn’t do anything that men could do, and women couldn’t become president or when women didn’t have the right to vote. People have to fight to become more then what people expect from them. One thing that caught my eye while reading this article was
    “I put the first women to work in places they weren’t allowed and fought with every man,”
    To me Women have come along way, and maybe now we can be treated as equal with man. By that I mean Women could actually achieve more then people think they can.

    I think that McCain did a poor choice when choosing Palin, don’t get me wrong but she doesn’t seem to know much about dealing with foreign countries, and how to handle it if something happen to come up. She might be an intelligent person but to me she’s not quite the right person for the job she would take if McCain were elected president.

    This statement to me means that women are now more common in politics today and more aware then they where years ago. If women today put as much effort into changing the country as Alice Paul, and Carrie Chapman Catt did for fighting for the Women’s Suffrage Movement, then I believe that this country can become a much better place then it is now. And by having Women in office it might help out the country to, helping women all over the nation and standing up for what they believe in. But either way the country is changing. One day we could have a Women president, and an African-American in presidency. But what I haven’t figured out is that if women were to become president would it be changed to ‘First man’ instead of the ‘First lady’ it doesn’t quite sound right, maybe it’s because where so uses to hearing ‘the first lady’. As of right now nobody knows how this country will end up.

    (-5 spelling) 21 – 5 = 16/20 B Great job. This is a good example of a post that has a little conversational soul in it. Nicely done. Your insights to Alice Paul and Carrie Chapman Catt, your first man comment – and by the way – if Hillary Clinton were to be president they have referred to Bill Clinton as the first man, you use of a quote off the article. All good work. This is well done. – I went back and checked this and it has

  33. Alisha Briggs 2nd hour

    I think that the statement means that women play a very important role in this year’s election. They are starting to get more involved politically which I think is a really great thing. I also think that people are starting to take women more seriously due to women running for the same things that men are. I think it shows that women can do the same things that men can. I was really surprised that some women were insulted by McCain choosing Palin. Kathy Labori even said that she thinks McCain only chose Palin to be a female puppet and help swing voters his way. On the other hand, women are leaning towards McCain because they feel that they can relate better.
    In the beginning of the election when McCain finally chose his running mate, there was a big bounce in votes towards McCain. In the current tracking polls, women are leaning towards Obama by as much as eight points. I am glad that some women are starting to see past the sex of the candidates and really looking at the values they hold and comparing them to their own beliefs.
    I do think that if McCain wants to get more votes, he needs to let Palin talk more about the issues people want to hear about. For instance, the members in “Moms rising” wants to know more about the issues that affect working mothers and healthcare, fair pay, early learning, paid sick days and flexible work schedules. They also said that Obama and Biden are talking more about the issues that are pertinent to moms and that they would like to hear more from Palin, since she is a mom.

    6 PTS EXTRA – Great job! You’ve brought up some interesting points. The fact that Palins entrance into the race has brought up issues pertinent to moms. Your insight to the sex issues. Also the fact that women are getting more involved and seeing past the sex only issue. Nice job all the way around.

  34. Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.