“The VOTE” – 9/22/08


Map and count is current as of 9/22/08. Presentation by Tyler, Myranda, and Josh.

  • Obama / Biden – 202
  • McCain / Palin – 189
  • Toss Up – 147

Each week between September 15 and November 4 (the election) Senior Current Issues will provide you an update on the progress of the 2008 Presidential Election. Each week at this site you will find a photo (USA Electoral Map in room #112) of the updated polling comparisons between Barack Obama and John McCain. Each week a different group of seniors will offer you a three to five minute podcast of where this election currently stands and the trends they see on the horizon. Student groups will provide a news article that they think will help you to better understand the dynamics of this election. All students are encouraged to listen to the podcast and read the article.

SCI students will offer a “what do you think” question that goes with the news article. All Senior Current Issues students must do the ensuing 20 point blog. All other students may choose to answer the question as an extra credit blog assignment (5 pts max.) Postings for the question must be made by 7:00 PM Friday of the week in question.

All electoral votes come from estimates located on Real Clear Politics.com Remember polls are only estimates of how people may vote. Until Nov 4 nobody really knows the outcome of this election.

Podcast (2:58) click podcast. Go to Real Clear Politics while you listen. Podcast coincides with photo of map in room 112, located at the top of this post.

News Article – Des Moines Register – Tough times work in Obama’s favor”

Question – With the stock market fluctuating, people are scared and are turning towards Barack Obama. In your opinion is Obama the best choice for solving our economic crisis? Explain.

Check the category “08 ELECTION – The News” for more news about the candidates and the Election.


Podcast: A / very well done particularly since it was the first one. It takes us across the country and hits all the significant stops. You provide opinion as well as a history of the Electoral college. Nice job.

News Article: D / This is not good! The article doesn’t say much of anything really. It’s an editorial which allows only opinion. And it is a short editorial at that. It sounds like it might be good. The title is timely…but I’m not so sure you really read it well after you got ahold of it.

Question: A- / Very good question. Would’ve been great if it had more to do with the article.

Presentation: B- / Not bad. You played the podcast but didn’t really add a lot to it.

Overall Grade: B (82% / 41 of 50) – I know it’s always tuff to go first. And you guys did pretty well. Had you pulled up an article that was more effective most of your problems would’ve faded. But all-n-all it was pretty good.

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  1. Jake 3rd hour

    In my opinion, the economic problems in our country are not all directly caused by George Bush. However, a Democratic Party president would be very helpful in this issue. Democrats are more liberal than the conservative republicans and are more willing to do things that are more extreme in order to get the stock market going strong. It is not enough to do little things to fix the economic crisis. Democrats seem to call for more government involvement than republicans and that is what we need right now. The government needs to be responsible for fixing the problems that our economy faces. People realize that we need a change and are leaning toward Obama. When the country is in bad shape, people tend to vote for the party that is not currently in control and this is good for Obama. In conclusion, I believe that Obama would be a good choice for president because of the political party that he is in; I also believe that many people realize this and will vote for him on November 4th.

    (17 / 20 – B+) Pretty good job. I think this could’ve been done without the article. And the specifics are light in regards to Obama. But your arguments about the parties work. Not bad.

  2. *Extra Credit*

    With all the recent debt increasing dilemmas, (Housing crisis, the war, etc.), let me start by saying good choice for an article. It’s true that Americans are finally seeing that we’re entering, what appears to be, another great depression. Which actually may be a good thing for our older more close minded generations. People are now turning to Obama because he has a plan for our dire economic needs. He wants to better our economy and environment by improving health care and reintroducing the electric car. Keep in mind though that these things cannot all be accomplished in a measly 4 to 8 years. It should also be obvious now if you’ve paid any attention to the past 5 presidents in office, that republicans are normally about the rich getting richer and the poor becoming poorer. It seem that our economy always takes a fall when republicans are in term. Why would we want to take that chance now? Are we just going to vote for them because they have the same petty morals as us; like pro-life or being against same sex marriage? Will that even matter when we can’t feed or shelter our families? How can these topics even effect the middle class as it inches closer and closer to the poverty line? I believe we need another democrat who’s in favor of the average middle class worker; to begin to strengthen our blue collars, and Barack Obama is just the man we’ve been looking for. Polls are now slightly leaning in Obama’s favor, I’m sure thanks to our younger generations and the middle class families being affected by company outsourcing. Personally I’ve always been one to follow the democratic values, and I may just being bias, but Obama is change to me which is the number one thing I think our country needs right now.

    Great job Josh, Tyler, and Myranda!

    5 pts EXTRA – Great job Cassie – you did your homework on the Obama plan. Keep up the good work.

  3. Esparza 2nd hour

    I do believe Barack Obama is the best choice in turning the crises around because I believe that he is ready to step up to the challenge just like Franklin Roosevelt did when he was put into office to defend the Great Depression. I think that this country needs a younger candidate because I believe he looks at the world more like how more middle aged Americans do.? Barack Obama I feel will do the best job because I think that Joe Biden is a bigger help than Sarah Palin would be for McCain. It’s not always the president making all the decisions, but it’s the vice president as well so I feel that the Democrats have the best pair to solve this problem. Another reason I think Obama will do a better job is that I feel that Democrats have solved economic problems better than Republicans have. The reason I think so is that Franklin Roosevelt was a Democrat and he did an excellent job turning the Great Depression around with his New Deal project which gave jobs to Americans, and I think that Obama being that he is a Democrat will be just as successful.

    15 of 20 – C+ / No specifics at all involving Obama – only that he is a Democrat. Only FDR…and that was 75 years ago. You need to dig into the specifics of the candidates programs in order to really get to the meat of the question.

  4. Samantha Ferrier

    Whether or not you are an Obama fan, you do have to agree with the article when they say “history teaches the party out of power often benefits when times are tough.” It’s just as simple as that, we need someone to blame so we blame the person with the most power. I happen to be a supporter of Obama and I do believe in his values and plans, but I do not expect him to turn this country around in two days. Just because I don’t think that all of our problems will take longer than two days, I personally believe that he is the best choice for solving our economic crisis. Barack Obama has come from a family that wasn’t privileged,(good pt) he was brought up by his single mother and his grandfather; he knows what many Americans are feeling today. Things in his life weren’t handed to him on a silver spoon; he has experienced adversity and knows that not only is it possible to overcome but how to overcome it. (good look at Obama’s website) As the Senator of Illinois he passed new laws, giving tax breaks to working families, turning welfare to working, and giving health care to thousand of people, these all show that he is committed and serious about helping America. To me, John McCain doesn’t have the experience or know what it is like to be struggling with money. McCain joined the Navy, went to college at the U.S. Naval Academy, and then spent 22 years as a naval aviator. His whole life he has been involved in the Navy, he hasn’t dealt with the terrible economic problems that we face today. I agree that the past presidents that are republicans are mostly about the rich getting richer and the poor becoming poorer. I think that it is true when people say republicans are for big corporations and that they aren’t in touch with America. Having a candidate that is in touch with America is a hard thing but with Barack being a younger candidate and facing the trouble he did when he was growing up, it just leads me to believe that he is a good person to change our economical status. Not to mention the vice presidents. Vice presidents aren’t just people who take up space. They play a pretty big part in our country and I think it is a joke that McCain would actually pick Sarah Palin as his vice president. When John McCain asked Sarah Palin to be his vice president I don’t think he was thinking about anything other than what would get the women’s votes. Do we really want a president who picks an important member of our elected officials with no justifiable reason? That is another reason I have been led me to believe Obama is the best choice because of John McCain’s carelessness actions.

    (21 of 20 / A+) Very very nice job in explaining WHY you think Obama would work…the idea that he can feel your pain economically – is important I think – and a justifiable reason to choose him. As is the carelessness comment. Good work with the party in power issue as well.

  5. taylorcourtney

    I think that Barack Obama is the best choice in turning this crisis around and many to come. I believe we need a president who has passion and cares about the needy. We need a President who is willing to make changes that need to be changed. I think Barack Obama is more than compatible then doing so.

    -5 spelling (10 – 5 = 5 of 20 / F) Courtney you can do A LOT BETTER than this.

  6. Joseph Kieft

    In the following week the stock market has started to go up in shambles. Many huge corporations are having problems with keeping their businesses afloat. Our government at this moment is planning on a 700 billion dollar bail out plan that will help these huge businesses, and also give them tax breaks. Senator McCain is in Washington right now with many other government officials trying to nit pick through the situation. Obama is also in Washington, but is still working on his campaigning instead. Between the two candidates; I strongly believe Obama would do a better job at fixing our country’s financial downfall. I think he would not only help out wall-street and the big corporations, but also main-street. The 700 billion dollars is going to be coming from tax payer’s dollars, and Obama would make sure that money would be given back to the people.
    Bush is trying to push this plan to get it done as fast as possible. If we do that then it will cause things left out. The Democratic Party is fighting to making sure that no one or nothing is left out. Also making sure that severance money is equal, and that C.E.O.’s do not get compensation money. Bill Clinton has also said that we need to bail out the businesses or our country will fall into a deep depression even worse then before.
    The reasons why this changed the polls are because they know that Obama is willing to help out the people, and also wall-street. Even if this is only a giant band-aid to save us right now; it will supply more time for Congress to try to find a better solution, but none of this will ever be truly fixed. Obama will do a better job for our country’s economy in the long run.

    (17 of 20 / B+) Much much better Joe. You do a good job of digging into the current crisis. It’s clear that you think that Obama will do a better job at handling this specific situation. Your reasons on why Obama would do better is not as clear as your evaluation of the crisis itself. But the posting is solid. Nice job.

  7. Tyler Darnell 1st hour

    After looking at both Obama and McCain’s official websites (Obama: http://www.barackobama.com/issues/economy/ McCain: http://www.johnmccain.com/Issues/jobsforamerica/ ) and their plans for saving the economy, I think that Obama has the best plan for ensuring our economic stability. When on the McCain site, McCain had some ideas to better our economy, but none that would drastically change it for the better. Unlike Obama whose website stated the many different programs he would start up to save our economy if elected. Some of these include providing $50 billion to jump-start the economy and prevent 1 million Americans from losing their jobs and enacting a windfall profits tax to provide a $1,000 emergency energy rebate to American families Some of the ideas proposed by Obama not only helped people in America, but those around the world also. An example of this is how Obama plans to fight for fair trade. I am happy many people are turning to Obama because republicans have been in power, and now the economy is bad, but I wish that that wasn’t the reason they were voting for him. I wish people were voting for him because of his plans to reform, and his views on important issues like heath care and the environment.

    (16 of 20 / B) I think its good you’ve gone to the candidates perspective websites…but you really haven’t gotten specific about what is there. What is a windfall profits tax? You do mention the $1000 stimulus rebates. What about fair trade? There’s not a lot of specifics in this answer. It gets a good start and then kind of piddles out.

  8. Jamie M. 1st Hour

    After reading both Obama and McCains’s plans for the economy I feel that Obama will be the best option for solving our economic crisis. I think that McCain’s plans and candidacy is to closely linked to Bush’s to really make a radical change. A radical change is what is really necessary if we are going to walk away from this economic crisis with having another depression.

    When visiting McCain’s economic plans I found that one of his top priorities is to create work place flexibility, because parents are having a hard time balancing their jobs and families. This in my mind is a ridiculous issue to have on your top issues for the economy. Parents have been taking care of their families and having jobs forever. Parents who are having a hard time doing both probably shouldn’t be parents in the first place. There are MUCH bigger issues that need to be tackled if we are going to survive this recession! Having this issue in his economic plans proves that he has no idea how to solve our problems.

    On the Obama website, the first thing that he does is acknowledge that we have two major problems (among many others of course). One, the cost of living is going up and wages are staying exactly the same. Tuition continues to grow at exponential rate, along with the cost of health care. And two, tax cuts are being given to the wealthy instead of the middle class. The issues of health care and education have not been dealt with in order to benefit the middle class. I believe that the acknowledgement of these to huge issues just goes to show that Obama knows what the American people need, and that’s change!

    I think that as the article said, the Obama campaign is going to receive a boost due to the disappointing job that Bush has done in office. I hope that they really use this slight advantage to there fullest, and continue to recognize the correlations that connect the Bush and McCain campaign. I believe that Obama is our only option for solving the economic crisis.

    (22 of 20 / A+) You’ve done your homework here! Interesting criticsm of the McCain plan. I guess if that is on his website as an economic necessity I might have to agree with you. Cost of living, flat wages, tuition and health care – good digging. I think your evaluation of change and McCain – Bush is valid. Nice job!

  9. Kyle Pascavis

    Without a doubt the stock market is hit a brick wall. Our economy seems it is getting worse as the days go on. Now we must come up with a plan to pay back all the money we owe. The 700 billion dollar bail will be very tough to pay off for future American citizens like us kids. I believe that Obama has much more knowledge than McCain does in the financial and economical department and that is the biggest issue with our country today. Whenever McCain and even Sarah Palin are asked questions about what they would do about our economic downfall they never has a sure answer. That kind of scares me and fellow citizens because he might be running our country soon and if he don’t know what to do with our economy it will just get ten times worse. Obama and the democratic party are working hard to try and help not only the large companies facing economic downfall but the little companies as well and that is going to make a huge difference as to where are economy will be headed. Obama will make sure that no one gets left out in the effort to fix this economic crissis. The democratic party will make sure that not only the middle and upper classes live well but also the lower class society to be financially stable. Above all I firmly believe that Obama is the one who should get the job because he is just more intelligent than mcCain in economic issues and that is one of the biggest issues the U.S. faces today is the economic downfall. Barack Obama has the best plans for our substancial economic downfall without a doubt.

    (-5 spelling / also 2 grammar mistakes not picked up by spell check – I’ll count them as only 1/2 of per so -5 more spelling) 16-10 = 6 of 20 F PROOF! Not a lot of reasons here. You hit one HARD – Obama is more intelligent. And I think that is important to solve the problem…if true. Your comment on McCain and Palin is supportive as well.

  10. Kristin H. 5th Hour

    After reading the article “Tough Times Work in Obama’s Favor” it proved that Democrats have done well with controlling the economy while in office. After Roosevelt’s victory in 1932, the Democrats stayed in office for 20 years keeping the economy steady. While doing some research, I have found that McCain and Bush have a lot of the same outlooks on how to run the country as far as war and the economy. If McCain is going to run things the same way as Bush while in office, things are going to get much worse before ever getting better. Obama will be the change we need for our country!

    (14 of 20 / C) McCain and Bush on the same track is one good support. But that’s it. Need more if you’re going to get an A or B.

  11. Corey Swanson 1st Hour

    As an Intern for the Barack Obama campaign, I feel it is my obligation to answer this question in the best way possible.

    Barack Obama offers a comprehensive plan that deals, not only with Wall Street, but with our job crisis and our energy crisis. To fully lay this out, I’m going to hit these three main points and discuss each of them.

    Firstly, Barack Obama is opposing this 700 Billion dollar bail out on wall street because it is taking American tax dollars (money we technically don’t have) and saying, “I’m sorry, Mr. Ordinary man, that you’re losing your home because a bank approved you for a loan that you could never have afforded, but I think in order to preserve our economy, we’re going to use your taxes to bail that bank out.”

    Barack Obama plans on instituting an emergency stimulus package that will provide instant relief to his constituency. This stimulus will amount to $500 per person or $1000 a couple. This will present Americans the chance to pay for that one bill, or buy those groceries, or pay that mortgage. This immediate relief will hold us over unto his next plan.

    Senator Obama next plans to spend $150 Billion (yeah, that sounds like a lot) to create millions of “Green” Jobs in the U.S. This is not just throwing away money to greedy companies; it is investing in the American worker, providing them with the chance to build a new life.

    This plan coincides with Barack’s desire to end the energy crisis. By investing so much money and man power into alternative energies, we will not just be producing consumable goods, but providing a way out of our damning addiction to finite resources.

    These plans, as one can see, are fleshed out and thorough. Barack does not want a quick solution to any of America’s problems, he wants to invest in America so new jobs can proliferate and new hope can be found.

    Hopefully I answered this question adequately.

    -Corey Swanson

    (18 of 20 / A-) OK Mr. Intern you’ve got his green stuff down. I think in your arguments pushing Obama it is perhaps your strongest because it attacks three big problems in this country – energy, jobs, and environment. Not to mention world relations. Good choice. You also mention the stimulus…which I know is an Obama plan – do you think it is possible now with the bail out? Your only problem is that Obama DOES support the bailout. Albeit with restrictions – but he does support it. Make sure to check the record. Otherwise nice work!

  12. Angelina Mosher

    I have to commend Tyler’s Group for their, podcast, and question; you guys did an awesome job especially for being the first group to present. However I am going to be critical about the article. It does provide some insight into the election and what is going on but this isn’t an in-depth article. I feel like what I read cannot be trusted because it was so extremely biased.
    According to this article Obama is the best choice for solving our economic crisis. Why is McCain less competent than Obama? Well as the article states Senator McCain would be an inferior choice because of his remarks: “…economic fundamentals are sound…” and “the economy isn’t my strong suit…” As for Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin she is pro-family but not necessarily equipped to handle Wall Street.
    Unfortunately the article stops there. It doesn’t provide any hard facts, statistics, or statements from the candidates themselves. This article was inclined to Obama and didn’t argue from the other side, which only took away from the credibility of what was being said.
    So I personally decided to answer the question not from the information (or lack there of) from the article but to do some research on my own. I decided to narrow my focus on Economics, and even more specifically the 700 billion dollar bail out plan. This issue affects us, young people, and is having an impact on this election. To know the stance of our candidates on this issue not only represents what kind of economic strength we are going to have in the near future but also long-term stability.
    Obama is the best choice for solving our economic crisis and this is why:

    1. Barack Obama has addressed the controversial issue of a 700 billion dollar bailout plan and has spoken consistently on his stance.
    2. Barack Obama believes that the CEO’s of Wall Street should forgo their ridiculous wages especially in this time of economic crisis for the United States.
    3. Obama believes the 700 billion dollar bailout plan cannot be a welfare program for Wall Street executives.
    4. Obama wants to establish a bipartisan, independent board to oversee the use of funds of the 700 billion dollar bailout plan.
    5. Obama wants to ensure an equity stake for the government/taxpayers in any firms that are helped out.
    These are only five condensed numbered points that are given on a very specific issue. However, there are many issues and the solutions are diverse and I would encourage not just Tyler’s group but all the others to get out there and dig and get good information and great articles. It is so important to be informed and to know what is going on in our country; we are going to be living in it for approximately the next 50-60 years.

    (19 of 20 / A ) Be where for the next sixty years? Hey queenie do you really think we’ll be around that long the way we are going? Your eval of the Tyler article was correct. It was one sided and short and made the question difficult. By digging into his reasoning concerning the bailout you have gone a step or two farther than most. I would suggest one more thought – After listing the five points – why do you support them as superior to McCain…you never really say. But I understand being a Queen is a fulltime responsibility.

  13. Sophelia Alviar 1st hour

    With the stock market fluctuating, people are scared and are turning towards Barack Obama. Is Obama the best choice for solving our economic crisis? As an Obama supporter I do believe that he is best qualified to facilitate the stoke market situation.
    The current situation with the stoke market is said to be a repeat in history much similar to the 1930’s of the Great Depression. Many new voters and bias democrats believe that because in history it was a democratic individual to aid us out of the depression that possibly we will need another democratic individual, such as Obama to lead us out of this crisis. Perhaps the people are wanting a democratic candidate not only because of history comparisons, but because the democrats show a persona of being more radical than the republicans. Being radical may mean that democrats are willing to take the further step to turn this crisis around with the involvement of other branches of government opposed to the conservative republicans. Anti Obama supporters are constantly taunting Obama for wanting change, but in reality change is what we need. It is apparent that the lack of change is putting our country in a recurring cycle of crises. I imagine that those who are voting McCain because it is the traditional thing to do need to take a risk in this next election. Honestly what harm can it do? We have observed the republicans in office for the past few years and it is not like they have made great noticeable changes. So what needs to happen is that Americans need to take the risk in voting democratic; because the risk of having another republican is office is far more horrendous. In my opinion this stoke market crisis is needed, for maybe it will open the eye of naive voters to take the responsibility to investigate their choice of candidate. I strongly believe that Obama will be the right candidate to handle both the crisis and the office. The reason is that one of his main issues is to better our economy, also look at his ability to multitask he is both in D.C and still campaigning. Change is most certainly what we need to get through this crisis and Obama is the guy to get the job done.

    (-5 spelling) (17 – 5 = 12 of 20 / D-) OK – It is clear that you think Obama would be better at solving the situation. But what is isn’t is why he would be better- why would he? Your multitask support is well founded. I’m not so sure being democrat does it. The New Deal was 75 years ago. Make sure that your answer sticks to the question. Good points – not all relate however.

  14. Jori Carlson

    I believe the Barak Obama is the best choice for president with the economy fluctuating. I think that someone who looks at the perspective from everyones ages view, can really go somewhere and make a difference. Not only with taxes, but with the environment too. Obama seems like a guy who can fulfill the presdiential shoes and have the USA become more successful.

    (-10 spelling) (11 – 10 = 1 of 20/ F) This needs A LOT MORE detail. And the spelling subtraction certainly hurts.

  15. crystal davis 1st hour

    When you look at both candidates they seem to both have opinions on how to solve the stock market problem. The only thing is that Obama has decided that he is going to remain in the campaign while McCain is dropping out of it and going to Washington to solve the problem. That might look better for McCain because now he can say that he was there to help America while Obama sat on the side lines. I personally don’t believe that because Obama is trying to show all of us that he can do more than one thing and still be able to focus on our needs.
    When you ask if I feel Obama is the best choice for solving the economic crisis I do but then again I don’t. I support him and if I could vote it would be for him but with his diction to not do what McCain is doing it might cost him. Like I said before McCain can use that against him and so can other people. There are two opinions on if Obama is making the right choice. Like for example some people can think that Obama is just thinking about his election and not about the main problem right now which is the stock market. But he just isn’t dropping every thing and focusing on one thing he is juggling right now with the stock market and the campaign to show that he can handle a struggle.
    So to stop jabbering about nothing yes in my opinion I feel Obama is the best choice but I fear that others don’t because of my examples that I have thought about and heard from other people. If any of this makes since please say so.

    (-5 spelling) 16 – 5 = 11 of 20 / F) Some of it makes sense. And some doesn’t. Hows that for an answer. Do you think Obama has the answers for the economy? That’s the question. I think you are answering the question – is it good that McCain went to DC? And so you get a little mixed up here. And that’s where we get the jabbering about nothing. Still some good points on McCain. I too think people might see this as a positive. Anyhow…make sure that you clear up all the spelling. Five points hurts.

  16. Eddie DeHoog

    In my opinion, with the stock market fluctuating Barack Obama is the best choice for the U.S. He has helped out his home state so much and he is a better choice than John McCain because that’s another four years of the same thing and I feel that from all that Bush has done over the years has brought deeper into this predicament. Also democrats are more liberal than conservative and I feel that he has a better shot of getting it done.

    (10 of 20 / F) Not much said here. And it is pretty much being winged. Do a little research Eddie – I think you’ll find your numbers going up.

  17. Jeff Hill

    In my opinion I think that Obama does have what it take to get us out of this crisis what we need is a younger president who cares about the lower and middle classes because our debt will go to our future generations and I think he will change it back to the way it should be with rules back on for banks so we don’t have to have another bail out

  18. Hill 2nd hour

    In my opinion I think that Obama does have what it take to get us out of this crisis what we need is a younger president who cares about the lower and middle classes because our debt will go to our future generations and I think he will change it back to the way it should be with rules back on for banks so we don’t have to have another bail out.

    (10 of 20 / F) The young part works. And the bank part is what we’re talking about in class. But you haven’t even read the article.

  19. Lewis 2nd hour

    I think that Obama will be the best choice for the U.S. because I think that he will be able to turn this country around. But I don’t think that he will be able to turn it around in four years I think that he will have to be there for eight to make the impact that we need. I also think that Obama will start to pull away more in the poles because everyone is over Sarah Palin now. I also think the he will pull us out of the mess because there is a republican in the office right now and he has been there for eight years and Obama is democrat and people will look at that as a plus for Obama.

    (10 of 20 / F) I’m glad you have an opinion. But the question asks for support. Dig in. Read the article. Use it as a basis for the answer. This is really just a stab in the dark that you could’ve written while riding your bike to school.

  20. Mariah 3rd

    I personally don’t believe that it is any one person’s job to fix this economy crisis on their own. But it does take a great work of help by a powerful leader. I believe that Obama over McCain would help bring this economy back to its feet. I believe that because McCain believes in a lot of the same things as Bush and I blame a lot of this crisis on Bush. I do understand that this economic crisis isn’t going to just get better over night. But, I believe that over the years with the right person in control we will pull ourselves out of all of this. Obama is also very young so he knows how to relate to a lot of his people. Also, he did struggle growing up and that alone gives him a lot of credit in my opinion.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president that was also a democrat. He pulled us out of The Great Depression. To me it seems like the republicans believe that we can just magically pick ourselves back up. Just like Franklin, I strongly believe that Obama is not afraid to ask for help. Like the article pretty much says that history was going to repeat itself and that time are going to be hard but I’m going to stand where I believe that Obama will get us out of this crisis

    (17 of 20 / B+) Some good supports here. Bush, Obama age, Obama struggles, FDR Democrat. Obama asks for help, Pretty good supports. Not bad.

  21. Susan Baker

    I do think that Barack Obama is the best choice to go for this election. I think this because Palin does not even know what some of the doctrines are when she is asked during an interview. It says in the article that Palin is pro-family and a mom of five kids but that does not show that she is good with other people. Also with McCain’s age and how he has health problems he may be dying before his four year term is over. I really do not think that Palin is able to take over at President. Yeah Obama does have some issues that people do not like about him, for example that he is African American. I really do think that he is the best choice for this election though. Also the stock marker, yeah it is a big issue but I think that Obama has the ability to overcome the negative issue and bring it into a positive one for the United States.

    -5 spelling (12 – 5 = 7 of 20 / F) Susan you don’t say boo about the Economy. That was the question. Stick to the question.

  22. Becca Hall

    I believe that Barack Obama is our best option to solve our economic crisis. The republicans have had the White House for the last 8 years, and look where that got us. Wall Street and the housing industry are in pieces and the cost of living is almost unbearable to anyone who doesn’t drive a Porsche to work. The middle class is disappearing, gas prices are at an all time high and the average person is having trouble affording basic groceries. John McCain has supported President Bush and spoke highly of him in the 2004 election, and not too long ago he said that this economy is just as well off as it was 8 years ago. I get the feeling he regrets saying that now. Barack Obama understands the everyday strains the middle class is experiencing, and knows that more work has to be done here at home than over in Iraq and Afghanistan. He intends to invoke universal health care, and lower the prices so that everyone has an opportunity to have it. He wants to raise minimum wage to $9.50 per hour, so that the people struggling at their part time jobs can afford to buy gas for their cars and support themselves. He knows that Michigan is feeling these economic pains more than any other state, and has another stimulus check ready for the residents of our struggling state. And lastly, he doesn’t have 7 houses. He doesn’t have 13 cars. His wife didn’t wear a $300,000 outfit to the Democratic National Convention. He’s like us, and he’s for us.

    (21 of 20 A+ ) Very good job pepperpot. You’ve stuck to your thesis – that last sentence. Everything you say goes back to that. Pretty hard hitting.

  23. Nick Dempsey

    Because of my faith, I take a stand of political neutrality and I believe that neither party can provide a permanent solution to the economic crisis. I think that while either may be able to create a temporary sense of relief, the U.S. will ultimately find itself in the same situation. History shows this to be true. I really believe that striving for an economy that can be successful and benefit everyone is a loss cause. It couldn’t happen. For one with an economic system comes greed, which causes people to take things too far. Someone always suffers. Everyone is looking out for number one, whether it be their country, race, religion, anything, they want the best for themselves. Second there are just too many people for everyone to be helped. The process of recovery is long and drawn out and requires perfect cooperation, unfortunately not everyone cares. Thirdly, no matter who is president, they could not control outside influences, other nations have their own game plans and are going to do what they want. I’m sorry for my pessimism, but I find these things to be true. In the past, presidents have promised change only to fail or with a success that later fades and is unable to keep up with the times. Then there is the issue of the environmental impact on the economy. Its unpredictability has hurt not only the U.S. economy but also takes its effects on every nation. How could anyone claim to be ready for it, nature has always been able to surprise us always being more powerful than we are ready for. Some might talk about emergency plans, but even the most thought out ones fail. Say that there is a certain amount of success, with success comes complacency, comfort, and apathy. These along with many other reasons that cause me to feel indifferent toward this issue. Again sorry for my pessimism.

    (19 of 20 / A) number one…don’t apologize for your pessimism. Much of what you say probably has more chance to turn out true than either candidate “fixing” the economy. Your supports – outside influences, greed, and too many people is a fair assumption. The only part of your essay I do take issue with is that your faith and your political neutrality do not opt you out of this assignment. I’m not asking you to choose a candidate, rather to evaluate dispassionately a situation within the government. Had you stopped at that statement…you know you would have failed. But your continuing essay is quite compelling. Especially for a cynic like myself.

  24. Shoop 2nd Hour

    I believe that Barak Obama is the best choice in solving our economic problem. He is a younger candidate and i feel that he is more understanding with the issues that are going on. A republican has been in office for eight years and i think it is time for some change. Obama wants to bring out troops home and that would give us more money to use on the economics in the United States rather than in another country. This past Monday John McCain said that our economy was solid and then the very next day he said it was unstable. Our country needs a leader who doesnt change his opinion on things within a day.

    (17 of 20 B+) youth, change, troop opportunity cost, Mccains comments, leadership. Pretty good supports. Nice start.

  25. Robert 3rd

    In my opinion Obama is the best choice for solving the economic crisis because in my opinion he is a lot alike Roosevelt, he is getting people involved that have never been so involved in their entire life. I personally think that McCain will pass away before his term is over, meaning that he might do a good job but he wont be able to finish it. With that being said, if Sarah Palin took over for John McCain I don’t think she could fill his shoes. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure she’s an excellent Governor but her to solve the crisis, I don’t think it will happen. The problem with Obama is that he isn’t very old, and with age comes experience, but I think Obama is a quick learner, so he would do pretty good with the national debt crisis. Another reason I think he’ll do good is because he’s most likely going to pull the troops out of Iraq and if he does then that’s another 10 billion a month that we wont have to worry about.

    (16 of 20 / B) – How is he getting people involved? Iraq money good. We need more support on why Obama would be good though. Your negatives on McCain’s age are good.

  26. Brittany Winters

    In my opinion yes, Barak Obama would be the best choice for solving the economic crisis. I believe this because Obama is obviously very dedicated to his campaign. I say this because instead of freezing his campaign to go to Washington to work on the Bail-out, he is sticking to the campaign and speaking out about the bail-out to his supporters. He actually makes himself look dedicated to him campaign unlike McCain.
    I also believe that he is the best for this crisis because of the way he plans on helping the economy. For example one of the worst problems in the U.S. is that the unemployment rates are ridiculous. According to Obama’s website http://www.barackobama.com/issues/economy/ Obama has a plan called the Obama-Biden Relief Plan which states that he wants to include a $25 billion in a jobs and growth fund which will help cut back on the road maintenance and fund school repair which will help save 1 million jobs to be saved. This shows that he obviously cares about one of the main problems in the U.S.
    I think that putting a democrat in office would be better in the first place. We’ve had Bush in office for 8 years now and all that’s happened was our economy has gone down and we’re heading into a recession. Why not put a democrat in office and see what happens…I don’t really think they can do that much more damage then what has already been done.

    (15 of 20 / C+) This doesn’t really have the depth of your last post. You start by going to the website…but don’t pull much at all. staying on the campaign, $25 billion in jobs, you need more depth off the website, Bushed out good point.

  27. Peter 2nd

    I do believe that Obama is the best candidate for leading us out of this economic recession. Although he is a democrat and will raise taxes, it would be worth it knowing that were helping to pay off our children’s debt. Another way that Obama will help with the economy is that he has said that he will pull the troops out of Iraq, which will save us a great deal of money (10,000,000,000 a month). Although I think that McCain is the better candidate, I am willing to admit that I think that Obama would do the better job of leading us out of this economic crisis.

    13 of 20 D+ / How does raising taxes help lead us out of the recession? I’m not seeing it. Your point on Iraq is well taken. But that’s about it. DIG IN! You are smarter than this.

  28. Brittany Weiss

    Whether you’re a republican or democrat or neither, when it comes to dealing with our economy Obama is the answer. We are in a tough predicament with our country right now and we have always been. In time our economy is getting even worse in time. I speak for many Americans when I say that Obama will be a great candidate to get our economy rolling in the direction it needs to be. Not only does he have great plans to be put in action, but he has the passion that many democrats have for this issue. Like the article says” Political history teaches the party out of power often benefits when times are tough.” I agree with that statement completely. Since the great depression the Democratic Party has been known to be great at cleaning up the mess. Look at Franklin Roosevelt’s victory in 1932 which helped for over 20 years of power of the Democratic Party. I am not trying to say that the Republican Party is not capable of getting us back in order, however I believe that Obama has the passion that we need to really make our world a better place.
    Obama is the candidate we can count on to give us his everything. He is the president that will get us in order and we can count on him with Iraq and Wall Street not just the type of issues that are just moral based. It is great to be moral based, but I do not feel that is what keeps us going round and round as a whole. Obama is open to many plans and is very determined that we can in fact turn things around and start a revolution. We need this type of attitude. I have always been a fan of the democrats and I believe in Obama and with our stock market bouncing up and down, who can we trust? OBAMA!!!!!!!
    Also we should look ahead in the future and what if something happens to mcCain? He could have many health problems in the mere future and where will our country head with Palin as president. She cannot even speak to the press efficiently about real world problems. How will we be able to put everything in her hands? This is just a few things we need to think about when it comes to not only our economy, but everything.
    In conclusion I think Obama is the absolutely best choice to fix our economy in the times of disaster. We need to make a change and it starts right here right now with voting Obama as the 2008 president of the United States of America!!

    15 of 20 – C+ / Brittany you sound like a TV commercial. Obama is good. Obama is good. Obama is good. Brittany – WHY IS HE GOOD? Youth is one – that works. Palin is bad that works. Passion is important. A democrat for history is a stretch. Dig into his facts, his website. I realize part of the problem is the article. I need more meat here.

  29. Kaylee G

    People are scared because the first time in a long time, nobody has money. After those two companies pulling out and having our country in astounding debt our country is in need for an economic switch. Not only did this wake people up to the reality it also made people start to be more aware and actually look deeper into the election. We need change in this country otherwise we are going to go straight to the drains. Instead of republican in office I think that we need to make the transition to a democratic president. Obama is that person for change and I believe that people are starting to see that now. They are starting to see that we need help, and we’re going to need a lot of it. I’m not saying that if Obama is elected into office that he’d change our country in a month or less, because it’s going to take way longer than that especially with the economic hardship that we are enduring. But, I do believe that Obama will change our country only in a matter of time, and I know that this is why people are leaning more towards him. He didn’t grow up very easily, he had to work hard to make the best of things and he is now helping those who need it the most. People aren’t choosing Obama just because he is promoting change but, the vice presidential candidate for the republicans really has no experience; this is something people really need to analyze. I know that Barack Obama is the best choice for solving our economic crisis right now. I don’t really think that Palin, someone who doesn’t even know what the Bush doctrine is, should be the next vice president. Obama is the one that us Americans need in order to make our country what it was before the Bush administration.

    16 of 20 – B / change is a good start. He struggled as a youth. Palin. Three is a good start. It’d be nice to see a few more economic specifics. But you got a good start here.

  30. Guy G.

    When it comes to this year’s election, I have not decided 100% on the candidate I believe is best suited for office. I haven’t really done a lot of research, but for the time being, I am leaning towards Barack Obama. The reason is, is because I believe that Obama will bring a change to this nation. Normally I lean more towards the republicans because of that fact that we share many ideas of moral issues. This election though, I find my self siding with the democrats on many issues. I think the reason I, along with many other Americans are trading sides is just the fact that we want change. From what I know so far is that McCain pretty much wants to continue the what Bush has been doing for the past 8 years. He says we need change but most of his policies are the same as the republican policies have been in the past. Also some of his policies I just don’t get. For example this quote I got off his cite
    “John McCain believes we should send a strong message to world markets. Under his plan, the United States will be telling oil producing countries and oil speculators that our dependence on foreign oil will come to an end – and the impact will be lower prices at the pump.”
    I don’t see how that lowers gas prices, if we stop buying oil over seas, then where are we getting it from, because I know we don’t have enough oil over here to satisfy oil needs of America.
    In the end, I think this part of the article about Palin best explains how I feel about this election and why the election has swung back towards Obama. “She doesn’t leave you with the impression she’d be any more competent to handle the nation’s economic anxieties than its foreign relations. Yes, she may be pro-family and a mom with five kids. That’s great but Americans are looking for someone to handle Wall Street and Iraq, not Bristol and Track.” That is why unless something drastically changes, I would be voting for Obama if I could vote.

    11 of 20 -F / I like your reasons and arguments for Obama. Some interesting points. But NONE of it answers the Question. None of your answer is economic in nature. Make sure on these blogs that you are answering the specific questions.

  31. Josh Dykema

    Well right now it seems that Obama is the right decision for a presidential candidate right now because of the plan he has that would fix our economy. Like Tyler has said it seems that John McCain would only change our economy a little bit and really wouldn’t make much of a change. While Obama has called for programs that will strengthen our economy. I think that John McCain’s idea to get to the white house was a weak and feeble attempt to make it. Just because you are a women doesn’t mean that you should be president. Sure Palin is a mother of five children and is pro-life this doesn’t mean that you should be president. Women of America I am sorry that you can’t have a women for presidency yet but don’t worry your time will come. It just seems right now that Obama is the best Candidate for the job and his programs will give us much more jobs for America and not to mention that Obama can actually talk to foreign officials while governor Palin can barley say anything to anything. If you vote for John McCain because of the fact that Sara Palin is a women and you just want to see a women in the office then that is just asinine.

    12 of 20 – D / Nice to see you your opinion of Sara Palin is open minded. Josh – come on the question dealt with the economy – why would Obama be better for the economy. Aside from Palin being insufficient and McCain doing very little…I don’t get any reasons from you. Dig in!

  32. Jenn Martz 5th hour

    I believe that Barack Obama is the best choice in turning the crisis around. Barack Obama is a lot younger than John McCain. I think Obama is thinking the way younger age Americans are thinking. He knows what is going on and believes he needs to look out for the younger Americans‘. I think it is a big step for Obama to want to become president especially after the large mess Bush has left us in. Another reason I think Obama can turn the crisis around is because people are sick and tired of all the mess the republicans keep making. I went to both McCain and Obama’s websites. Barack Obama wants to make the United States a better place by doing the following: Providing the middle class Americans a tax relief and he wants to create new jobs. John McCain wants the changes that don’t really matter for example workplace flexibility. What the heck people have been taking care of there families for years and now he thinks something has to change. if people cant handle having a family then maybe they should think twice before making a family.

    4 pts EXTRA – Obama’s youth. Republican overload. tax relief and new jobs. McCain workplace flexibility.

  33. I believe that Obama is the best choice in solving our economic crisis because, unlike McCain, he doesn’t want to spend anymore money than what we’ve already spent. I feel that Barack is going to be able to help us out of our debt. He wants to take the economic issues on with full-force and that’s what we need. I see Barack Obama as the change that we need as a nation. I also feel that he’ll also help the middle and lower class back onto their feet.

    12 of 20 – D / WHY? HOW? WHAT PLAN? Andrea you need to give me some supports here.

  34. Kelly L. 2

    We really in a bad situation here: what could be the end of the United States as we know it. A corrupt financial and political system that wont change because people don’t get involved is to blame for that. In this presidential election, nothing is more important that solving our economic problems.

    The question voters now have is: who will be the one to solve it?

    Our only choices are with Barack Obama and John McCain and unfortunately, neither will completely solve our problems, so we end up choosing at the margin. very good!

    Like I’m sure the other people that have posted have already said, when in doubt, go to the other party. The Republicans have broke the Americans favorite toy, their wallet, and now everyone is running to the Democrats to fix it. Obama plans to cut taxes for lower to middle income families, and raise them for higher income families. It has been estimated that his plan will increase the national debt by ~35%. McCain, on the other hand, will raise the debt an estimated ~50%. McCain also plans to continue with the spending of ten million dollars a month in Iraq.

    Judging from just these figures, Obama is the best choice for solving this economic crisis, although not the ideal one. We will still have problems, but I would have to say that our future is not quite as foreboding as McCain might make it.

    16 + 1pt bonus = 17 of 20 / Oh this has soooo much potential. Your comment on the margin is economically well said. As is your choice that is not quite so foreboding. You don’t really say how cutting taxes is going to help at all…but you do deal with the war. Good. With a bit more digging, your clever prose would be more effective. However, kudos for being the only student to bring economic lingo into the post. That’s worth a one point bonus. and PS – nice timing.

  35. Samantha Smith

    I believe Obama would be the “perfect” president to deal with the economic crisis. He is very careful about his money and spending, he will process the information that needs to be thought through inch by inch. He is strong in making decisions and when he does he makes sure its right for the people, not the high class people but the everyday Americans! This crisis is big and when I mean big I don’t mean the favorite Christmas toy is sold out at wal-mart I mean the negative affect that it will have on our future generation, your kids and theirs. When you hear McCain say “my strong suit is not in the economy” do we want someone like that in this time of a crisis? There is no easy fix to this problem no one has a sold proof free proposal to solve it but Obama will make the economic crisis a positive out come for America. Everyone says that this will never be positive in the future even if we get over it but what they don’t realize is this country needs to get a slap in the face. Look what September 11th did for American it brought us together as one and to take life one day at a time. Obama is an remarkable person to have that power we want some one that will get the job done and be able to handle everything else. Obama will be the change we need and want to see. Also in this election we have to look at the vice president more than ever do you think Palin is who you want to see in that oval office I sure know I don’t. Yeah she is all for family but aren’t we all for family I believe so Obama has kids does that mean he expects everyone to vote for him! He knows the issues and we need to look at the platform not their outfits.

    Sam this is too late it was a 7:00 PM post. You’ve got some great points here – EXTRA CREDIT 5 pts. But for the assignment you need to beat the deadline. sorry.

  36. .charity.

    I forgot again.

    I feel like crying.



    Come on madame secretary what is going on here? OK – time for extra credit. Have a nice weekend…it’s too pretty out to cry.

  37. .charity.

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    but certainly fixable

  38. ..Charity..

    yeah yeah…..

    it is just frustrating when you are supposed to be focused and you can’t for some reason. It sucks.

  39. Benjamin N

    Overall, I agree that Obama will likely staunch and prevent further the crisis for a time because of the regulations and enforcement the Democratic Party it likely to impose. I do not agree with big government, it keeps people out of debt but it gives them little to work for and bureaucracy usually just makes people mad. It also increases the national debt but that can be helped with a healthy economy where we earn a significantly larger gross national. I do, however agree that some regulation is needed, I will never be a straight republican and I hope I never am. The economy is too diverse and many if not all corporations too greedy to not regulate it. Businesses are, after all built to make money, and so are in essence based on greed. If we limit the increase in interest, they can put on loans and strengthen the teaching economics and government, well all of them, as well as decrease the dropout rate we may still have this type of problem but it would be much less likely. The only sure way to stop this problem is for the government to control everything, and that would leave very little to personal and financial freedom. I doubt anyone democrat or republican would or even could establish this great control over people. Truly, I pity those who knew the consequences of their actions for now the nation will reap what they have sown.

  40. Benjamin N

    I believe that it is the responsibility of those who had very irresponsibly bought on credit and took out large mortgages on their houses, as well as the banks greed in giving loans that they knew people could not pay back and then tightening the interest noose. I know that many people worked hard to get their house and needed some extra money to get something they really needed, with the housing value high in the past it looked like a good way to borrow money and have a good chance to pay it off later, with a medical problem not covered by insurance this option would be necessary. However, this is not the root of the problem. It is the banks greed and the lack of economic education that is the problem. Aside from the person who must to survive, of whom I sincerely empathize as my family was and is in such a situation, few would fall into the trap of the greedy banks if they had the proper economic understanding. There are also the banks investing so much money in strangling people out of their lively hoods and into bankruptcy. The banks have been using this for decades and somehow had the unconscionable greed to do it more than even they could afford. If you read the bible, I am sure you would find a verse in there somewhere about greed and where it leads. To put it in a nut shell, its greed, over borrowing and Lack of proper education that has caused this crisis.

  41. Decker-Smith 2

    *Extra Credit*

    I believe that Obama is the one for solving our economic problems. One of the main reasons that i think that is because he wants to bring our troops home and that gives us more money that we put toward our economy in the United States rather than in any other country. Also he is younger and for some reason i just think that he is understanding what is going on in our country more than what McCain does. Also McCain said that our economy was solid and then the very next day it was different. I just think that we deserve someone that knows the answer the first time they are talking about it.

  42. Hope S.

    Extra credit

    No, i dont think Oboma could exactly make everything better i think he can really help us and i think he is better then McCain for sure nut just because he is a democrate doesn’t mean he can make everything all better i think it is really up to us the people to stand up and make a difference not just depend on the next president to fix it if we want change we need to do it on our own we have a voice and we need use them to make our country better in this kind of economic crisis.

  43. Cameron& Justin Mr. Barry's 5th Hour

    In my personal opinion, Barack Obama would better the country in so many ways. However, I think that it is the responsibility of the American citizens to fix the stock market problem. The people that have bought things on credit should be the first ones to be blamed for the problem. If you don’t have the money to pay back someone, then DON”T BARROW THE MONEY!!! Too many American citizens rely on credit cards and the stock market is going to crash because of it. Though I believe in Barack Obama, he is not going to fix all of our problems for us. We have to have the strength and do it ourselves. GO OBAMA!!!