Election Volunteer Info – Week of Sept 22 to 28

  • Check here for more info on the Barack Obama campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the John McCain campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the Holly Hughes campaign.
  • Check here for more ino on the Mary Valentine campaign.

Upcoming Events for the week of Sept 22:

Wednesday 9/24 – period 1,2 – Mr. Wood’s room. Republican Holly Hughes – candidate for Michigan House talks about her political views and volunteering for the Holly Hughes campaign.

Thursday 9/25 – period 1,2,3 – Mr. Wood’s room. Democrat Krystal Unwin – Field Organizer for the Obama campaign and Democrat Cecilia Fierro – Emily’s List consultant for the Mary Valentine campaign talk about volunteering for their prospective campaigns.

Saturday 9/27 (10:00 AM) Mary Valentine campaign – The Mary Valentine campaign will be doing a door to door walk on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. A bunch of people will meet at the HQ and carry literature thru neighborhoods. If you’d like to go make sure to call Cecilia Fierro (733-2870) so she can count on you. If you call to go – Make sure you show up!

Please use this site to post weekly questions or comments on the candidates or volunteering options. You may use this site to communicate with other students on when and where and how you plan on getting involved. Don’t forget – any questions call Mr. Wood at (616) 402-8668 or email him bobwoodmsu@charter.net.

Click here for extra voluteer notebook pages.

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  1. Kaylee G

    I didn’t like the Holly Hughes lady but, I really did like the Mary Valentine people and the Crystal from the Obama campaign.

  2. Rusty Mall

    Yea Holly Huges didn’t seem to interested in out 2nd hour class. I felt more comfortable with the people from the Mary Valentine and Obama campaign. I think i am going to go to Obama’s office next weekend if anyone is going let me know.

  3. Jamie, Brittany, & Sam S

    The three of us will be heading down to Obama HQ on Sunday (9/28/08). If you want to come along we have two spots left in the car. We are leaving from the high school at 1pm if you want to go let one of us know, and make sure you call the Obama offices and sign up!

    Girls please post your phone number so students can call you.

  4. hillary

    If anyone can ask Jamie, Brittany or Sam S if they have any more spots in their car for me than that would be great because i don’t know them but i wanted to go to the Obama HQ on Sunday too, so i was wondering if i can hitch a ride with them.

    Hillary find them! Just go down the senior hall and ask around. it’s Sam Smith, Jamie Midkiff, Brittany Winters.

  5. Jamie Midkiff

    Hilary: Jamie’s Cell phone number is 231-286-5589 call ASAP please!