WHO WON?????? Obama vs McCain – Round One.

Did you see it?

What do you think?

Who won the first debate – Friday night? Obama or McCain? What are your thoughts?

…and don’t miss the Vice Presidential Debate on Thursday night. Sassy Sarah Palin vs Jumpin Joe Biden.

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  1. .charity.

    I watched it up until quarter to ten…I got tired.

    I really loved what Obama had to say. He was direct and his answers seemed empowering. His rebutle was quick and good while McCain made statements that dissolved fast.

    I got lost about what McCain was trying to say in regards to the gateway drug. Confusing.

    I liked how Obama gave his four ways to going about the financial crisis.

    Great debate. I know Obama won.

    EXTRA 3 pts – maybe a little more depth there deary

  2. Kassi-3

    I really couldn’t tell you who won. I had a tough time choosing who actually won. I think McCain held his own I’m sorry to say, but Obama just spoke so intelligently and I loved how he looked at the camera when he was addressing a question and then watched McCain as he talked. In the end I’m leaning towards Obama, but maybe I’m just being bias.

    EXTRA 3 PTS Pretty good eval. I agree I would’ve scored it 52 to 48 Obama. But it could’ve ran the other way too. And Obama did watch McCain…oddly enough McCain never looked at Obama. Good insights. Hope the volunteering went well.

  3. Robert 3rd

    I didn’t get to watch a lot of it, because I was at work, but what i did watch I thought Obama won. I kinda thought Obama had an answer for everything, and when McCain said something Obama was right on it, saying something about him being wrong, or just not agreeing with what he said, and when he did agree it made it sound better in his words.

    EXTRA 1 PT

  4. Kaylee G

    Yeah I missed the debate because I was at work so, I think that we are going to have to have a discussion about it in class on Monday.

  5. Dani (miss radical)

    I watched the whole debate. I even took notes on some of it. And I think that Obama won. But I might be a bit biased. Obama was eloquent as always, and I think he did a lot better job of getting his points across. McCain annoyed the hell out of me. I spent a lot my time yelling at the TV in response to the things he said. I wrote a huge blog about this, but I don’t feel like posting it again, so if you wanna read more in depth to my thoughts


    I too spent time yelling at the TV. Thursday should be fun.

  6. Kaylee G

    well, thanks Dani. i’ll have to look at it when I get home considering the school has blocked every site.

    I am hoping that I will get to watch the vice presidential debate

  7. Rusty Mall

    I did not watch the debate friday night but i did listen to a little bit on the radio. From the way it sounded McCain was putting Obama down. By saying things like I don’t think Senator Obama understands this…

    I am really uncertain of who won the debate. I think its a toss up right now. The only thing that i can really say is there is more debates to come up and that is whats going to seperate the boys from the men.

    EXTRA 5 PTS – this is not just for this post, you’ve been bouncing around the blog a bit. Keep posting.

  8. Jessica Wambaugh-5th hour

    I watch didn’t all of the debate between Obama and McCain. I did do some research and from what I did watch, I believe Obama took this debate hands down. All McCain could mostly say was how inexperienced Obama was. Thats not the issues we are trying to address right know. I loved the way Obama looked at the camera when speaking and spoke very intelligently . When McCain would speak he spoke in terms that basically only the white house would understand and not the people who are watching it. So even though this was a very good debate, Obama had addressed more of the issue than McCain has which makes me believe that Obama had won this one. Im also hoping to get down to the Obama HQ to do some work down there.

    EXTRA 3 PTS – Interesting comment on the language.

  9. Peter 2nd Extra Credit

    I watched very little of the debate only seeing when they were talking about Russia. From what I saw it was pretty even, although it was kind of annoying how McCain kept saying that Mr. Obama doesn’t understand this and Mr. Obama doesn’t understand that.

    EXTRA 1 PT

  10. Aaron B 2nd hr.

    I did not watch the watch the debate on Friday but from what we discussed in class and what you said it was a pretty good debate. Obama did good but McCain did better than what people thought, but im goning to say that Obama won. There are going to more debates and we will see who is going to do better and how they will do on the spot.

    EXTRA 1 PT – Try to watch the next one.

  11. Decker-Smith 2 REPOST

    *Extra Credit*

    No, i didnt watch the debate but i listened to it on the radio for a lilttle bit. Also i think that Obama was very stong in his speech and what he had to say he also sounded very confident.

    Also i noticed that McCain was putting Obama down and some of the things that made me realize this was he was always saying “I don’t think that Senator Obama understands this” he said it a lot.

    I am not really sure who won it but i do know that Obama has been doing great. I think that by this time it is just a toss up and no one really knows who is going to win. We are just going to have to wait for the next debate and see what happens.

    EXTRA PTS – 3 Dig in a bit deeper but keep up the effort!