Election Volunteer Info – Sept 29 to Oct 5

  • Check here for more info on the Barack Obama campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the John McCain campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the Holly Hughes campaign.
  • Check here for more ino on the Mary Valentine campaign.

If you are going to volunteer for Mary Valentine or Holly Hughes please contact offices first!

Upcoming Events for the week of Sept 29:

  • THIS IS A BIGGIE – Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Vice Presidential Debate Thursday @ 9:00 PM

Tuesday 9/30 – Obama – door to door in Wolf Lake – Corey Swanson, Kassie Hanchera, and Cameron Dean are carrying literature in the Wolf Lake area door to door for the Obama campaign Tuesday after school. They will teach you what needs to be done and go with you. You can pick up volunteer hours for the work. Just stop by room #112 immediately afterschool on Tuesday. If you are involved in an afterschool activity – they may go back out again at 6:00 PM – if people want to – but you still have to stop by for a minute after school and let them know. Questions – call Kassie at 855-3454.

Wednesday 10/1 – Obama – Oakridge for Obama Meeting (Barackstars) 4:00 PM – The Obama HQ will hold an introductory meeting for all Oakridge students interested in joining at the Merriam Street office. Be at the office at 4:00 PM. See Corey Swanson for details.

Friday 10/3- “A Night of Our Own” / Mary Valentine 6:30 PM – A Mary Valentine campaign fundraiser at 1103 W Southern in Muskegon, organized by Cecilia of Emily’s List. This is a women’s only fundraiser/discussion with Mary and Cecilia and others. If you’d like to attend please call Cecilia at 733-2870.

Please use this site to post weekly questions or comments on the candidates or volunteering options. You may use this site to communicate with other students on when and where and how you plan on getting involved. Don’t forget – any questions call Mr. Wood at (616) 402-8668 or email him bobwoodmsu@charter.net.

Click here for extra volunteer notebook pages.

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0 Responses to Election Volunteer Info – Sept 29 to Oct 5

  1. Autumn Storm

    Kerstin, Courtney B, Becca H, Tasha J, Alisha B, and I are volunteering tonight at Mary Valentine. We are going around 5pm. I dont have any room in my car, but if you would like to go we will be there.

    call if you would like to follow us there. 231-788-5601 or 231-736-9083

    Thanks, Autumn

    Is it OK if we just hang on to the bumper and put roller blades – roll to the campaign offices.

  2. Jamie, Jenn M., Brittany W., and Courtney T.

    We will be leaving Sunday, November 5th at 3:30 and heading to Obama HQ. We have one more spot left in the car if anyone wants to go. If you want to go see Jamie or call her cell phone (231-286-5589) asap!

    IF YOU SAY YOUR GOING TO GO YOU HAD BETTER SHOW UP! I was very upset last Sunday when I was supposed to have a full car and no one showed up!
    If this happens again I will no longer allow others to go with me.

  3. Rusty M 2

    Is anybody going to Obama or Mary Valentine this weekend???

  4. Becca Hall

    Mr. Wood!!!!

    will you pleeeaaasssee post something about visiting colleges?! I really want to go to central, and you said you know someone there!

    Do you really think Central will take somebody who is on their fourth try in Economics?

  5. Rhea

    I’m going to the Obama Headquarters at 3:30.
    If you’d like to go; Let me Know.
    231 286 9289

  6. Brooke Feister

    On Wednesday i’m going to the Barackstars at the Obama HQ, if anyone needs a ride.


  7. Misty

    Um, Mr. Wood her name is “Sarah” Palin not “Sara” Palin.


  8. Jamie

    Sorry i meant that we are going on Sunday October 5th.

  9. Jessica Wambaugh-5th hour

    Brooke I’m going to be talking to in 6th hour about going to the HQ with you tomorrow.

  10. Julia T.

    We’re going to the Obama HQ Saturday around 2:00 if anyone wants to go for the day.
    We have like 3 seats open so don’t hesitate to call us if you need a ride.


  11. Tyler Darnell 1st hour

    Its Sunday october 3rd and Im going down in a half hour 11:30AM baby. Anyone want to come I’m all alone

  12. Tyler Darnell 1st hour

    REPOST-It is Sunday October 3rd and I am going volunteering at 3:00 for all those who want to come my number is 773-3374. So far me and Alex Parker are the only ones going.

    You are pretty courageous Tyler taking Wolfie to the HQ with you. Be careful if he encounters any George Bush fans things could get pretty ugly.