The Election – The Issues – What Really Matters

Your responsibility in this assignment will be to know the issues…in particular the issues that you have selected to concentrate upon. In order to do well here you need to read! Americans don’t read enough anymore – they watch 30 second TV commercials and take for gospel anybody talking on a television news program. It will be up to you to sift through all of the spin and come up with a pro-active position on the issues based upon the knowledge of your own research. And then inform your group. Work with other issue captains from other groups to solidify your position. Talk with Mr Wood. Talk with one another. If something doesn’t make sense…ASK ABOUT IT! If a candidate’s position is inconsistent with reality – duh he’s (or she’s) lying – call him (or her) on it. Dig in! Find the facts! State your position and feel confident in your knowledge of this presidential election.

The Election – The Issues – The Assignment

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