“The VOTE” – 10/6/08


Map and count is current as of 10/6/08. Presentation by Nick, Joe, and Becca.

  • Obama / Biden – 264
  • McCain / Palin – 163
  • Toss Up – 111

Each week between September 15 and November 4 (the election) Senior Current Issues will provide you an update on the progress of the 2008 Presidential Election. Each week at this site you will find a photo (USA Electoral Map in room #112) of the updated polling comparisons between Barack Obama and John McCain. Each week a different group of seniors will offer you a three to five minute podcast of where this election currently stands and the trends they see on the horizon. Student groups will provide a news article that they think will help you to better understand the dynamics of this election. All students are encouraged to listen to the podcast and read the article.

SCI students will offer a “what do you think” question that goes with the news article. All Senior Current Issues students must do the ensuing 20 point blog. All other students may choose to answer the question as an extra credit blog assignment (5 pts max.)

All electoral votes come from estimates located on Real Clear Politics.com Remember polls are only estimates of how people may vote. Until Nov 4 nobody really knows the outcome of this election.

Podcast click podcast. Go to Real Clear Politics while you listen. Podcast coincides with photo of map in room 112, located at the top of this post.

News Article – Time Magazine – “Can McCain Map Out a Comeback Strategy”

Question – Read the article. Obama has become juggernaut in the race and the only thing that seems like it could defeat him is himself. Do you think that McCain has a chance? What do you think McCain has to do in order to comeback?

Postings for the question must be made by 7:00 PM Friday of the week in question.

Check the category “08 ELECTION – The News” for more news about the candidates and the Election.


Podcast:  (90% A-) Great job.  Informative – interesting.  You didn’t just list states that changed you actually told us why they are changing.  I thought you all were pretty much involved, which gave it more credibility.  And the voices were clear and loud enough.  The only miss, and it was substantial, was the absence of mention of Pennsylvania in the discussion.  Big change / big state.

Article / Question: (93% A)  A good question. I thought you got some interesting answers as well.  The Time article fit well with the question and was pretty thorough. Again, I thought you guys did a nice job.

Presentation: (88% B+)  Nick all we needed to round it out was provide you a top hat and cane…you put on a great performance.  However, the presentation should involve all participants.  That probably could’ve been handled with a sharing of responsibilities.  But you know – again here pretty nicely done.

Overall Grade:  (91% A-) You guys did a really nice job. I thought the podcast came out really well – and the article / question combo worked fine too.  The only two minuses I see in the entire presentation were the PA miss in the podcast and lack of groupwork in the presentation.  But when all is said and done – the plusses are so much more.  Well done.

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  1. Kelly L. 2nd hour


    Ever since I saw both McCain’s and Obama’s economic plans side-by-side, I have been leaning towards Obama. I think he simply has a better economic plan, and I admit that I’m also running scared from the Republicans. More and more people are coming to this same conclusion, and the polls are reflecting it. We need someone with answers, and Obama has the most appealing ones.

    The article talks about how Obama has more states in his pocket than John Kerry, not a good sign for McCain. McCain’s optimistic managers say they feel good about where they are, but their words ring hollow.

    Do I think that McCain can make a comeback? No, I don’t simply because this economic crisis is only going to get worse, and when it does, even more people will look to Barack Obama for help. To make a comeback now would be near impossible unless Obama does something stupid. The article even says that, “There does not appear to be a role model for such a comeback in the last half-century.” Had the economy remained stable McCain could be in a more even position, perhaps even beating Obama. Still, it’s up to the people that actually vote to decide, and that day has yet to come. Right now, all we can do is guess, and no guess is perfect.

    EXTRA 5 – This is really well said Even handed. Non partisan. I think you are probably right…and particularly accurate in assessing the significance of the economic crisis. Nice job Kelly.

  2. Brittany Winters

    I think that McCain doesn’t really have that great of a chance to win this election. If he does have the slightest chance to win then he is going to have to change a lot of the things he does. For one, I think that he is going to have to start talking about his views and plans on the issues rather than just trying to change the subject and talking about how Obama doesn’t have enough experience to be president, and stop accusing him of being a pal to the terrorists. He needs to show that he can actually handle this country instead of putting Obama down to make himself look better. McCain is also going to have to go to the big states like Florida and Ohio to persuade them to vote towards him, if he doesn’t then it could show that he really doesn’t care about their state and make the voters lean a different way. Personally, I think that he should stop talking about being a veteran and how we need to win the war, it just makes people who are anti-war dislike him even more. That’s not something all American’s care about so he doesn’t need to address it anymore. He really just needs to prove to everyone that he can lead the country in every aspect, not just national security and military. Keeping Palin under control might help a little bit also. Some people in this race are probably voting for Palin if they are voting for him because they think that he may not last as long as Obama could, so he needs to make sure that she knows what she is doing along with himself. In the end I think that Obama is still going to come out on top, but McCain will be following closely behind.

    19 of 20 – A / OK…some very good points here. One I agree he probably does need to start concentrating on the issues more. You’re right – those big states like OHIO and FLORDIA are absolutely pivotal to him. You are also correct about Palin’s influence…the tone of her speeches are beginning to backfire. About the war – and his military experience – it is absolutely his trump card. I don’t think you’ll see that waning. Many people are still uncomfortable with Obama’s lack of military experience and experience in general. Would’ve liked to see a quote or two from the article…but very well done.

  3. Becca Hall

    As of right now, I don’t think John McCain has a chance to make a come back. In the debates and in his borderline violent commercials on T.V. he just continues to shoot himself in the foot. Obama almost always keeps his cool under pressure, and McCain has a tendency to get angry and upset, and it’s pretty noticeable. The American public doesn’t want someone in office who gets angry easily, especially in at a time like now. Also, Palin is dead weight on the campaign. She did prove herself to be a fairly intelligent person in the vice presidential debate, but in one-on-one interviews, she makes NO sense and rambles about totally irrelevant issues. John McCain talks about how he fought for this country when he was young, and he still wants to continue fighting as president, but when it comes down to his issues, it’s clear that he has no idea what needs to be done here at home and he’s much more concerned about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. If he were to make a comeback, he’s going to have to focus on the issues here, such as health care and the high cost of education. He needs to show that he understands what the middle class is going through right now, and discuss what he wants to do to turn this situation around. He needs to focus on commercials that tell what he plans to do as president, not attempt to link Obama to terrorists and tell people their taxes will go up if they vote for Obama. In the end, I agree with Brittany. I think that Obama will win the election in November, but it’s going to be a close race.

    17 of 20 B / All well said. Interesting angles. Maybe a little biased, but coming from you – who is absolutely obsessed with everything that Sarah Palin does – frankly I’m a little worried about you. It’s not over the top. The anger part, the Palin part, the issues part all well said. But you don’t include much of anything from the article. Did you read it pepperpot? It was your group.

  4. Tyler Darnell

    I believe McCain is down and out. Pulling out of Michigan is just one sign that the once powerful candidate campaign is skidding to a halt. If McCain wants to get any ground on this election he will stop going after Obama and start talking about the issues again. Obviously his view on saving the economy is faulty, so he needs to revise it. However I do not believe he will. Republicans won’t let him and he is to stubborn to change his views.

    12 of 20 D / Tyler dig in. You’re just scratching the surface here…and what about the article?

  5. Jamie M 1st hour

    I believe that there is a possibility that McCain can win, and that anything can happen. As the article said just a few weeks ago Obama was down a large amount of votes, and now he is overwhelmingly in the lead. I think that if a major shift has occurred once, there is a possibility that it could happen again. With that said I believe that it is highly unlikely that McCain can catch up because of two key factors; the debate last Tuesday, and new voters.

    Many polls from the debate on Tuesday reflect Obama as the winner. This is extremely bad for John McCain. If the debate had leaned in McCain’s favor it could have given him the boost in the polls that he desperately needs. Since Obama is the unofficial winner in the debate, the polls will most likely continue and even possibly lean more in his favor.

    The other key factor that makes it unlikely for McCain to get up in the polls is new voters. The democrats have registered record numbers of new voters. These voters are not often reflected in the polls, and if the vote with the democrats they registered with, this will only solidify and may even boost Obama’s standings in the polls and in the election.

    Although I know that it is possible for anything to happen in this election, I believe that it is highly unlikely that McCain can win this election because of the debate and new voters.

    17 of 20 B / Great first paragraph in regards to the article. The new voter issue is significant. As is the debate issue. I’d have liked to see you dig a bit deeper into the Economics issue – as well as the article. But the first paragraph is nice.

  6. Mrs. Brooks

    Wow! Where was this class when I was a senior? I am totally impressed with the work that these young adults are doing. The map is awesome and the pod cast was very informative. I also really loved the links that are provided at this webite. I started to read the gaffes but I could not bear to relive Palin’s mistakes again. (lol) Anyway, GREAT JOB! I am glad that you are our future.

    Now to the issue at hand. I suppose that McCain still does have a chance. I mean this is America and polls can be deceiving at times. But if McCain wants to gain any ground he needs stop attacking Obama’s culture. In the last few days, his wife, his running mate, and his commercials have all stooped to using sixth grade bullying tactics. By doing this he insults the intelligence of the American people. However frustrating these tactics are, they are not surprising because this is what all losers do when they can’t win by discussing the issues.

    As long as the economy is the issue (and it will be), McCain has very little chance of winning. His economic policies are quite similar to President Bush’s and we have all seen how well those policies have worked. I think that his choice in running mates leaves a lot to be desired. Although the Republican party has tried not to let the press near her, most Americans have had the chance to get to know Palin. A nauseous feeling comes over me when I think of her being one heart beat away from becoming president. From recent poll figures, I don’t think that I am alone.

    O.K. So by now you have probably figured out that I am a bit biased. And, yes, I will be voting for Obama. I do not agree with most of McCain’s ideologies. But a few of his positions make me down right angry. For instance, in my opinion, McCain’s health-care plan is fundamentally flawed. Not to mention that he does not believe in government regulation. Due to his views on the war in Iraq, there is no way that I could vote for him. He is a hawk. He is cut out of the same cloth as President Bush. He surrounds himself with the same people who surround President Bush. The Republicans have had their time. Eight…long …years. It is time for a change! O.K. I am done. (lol) This is the first time I have ever blogged. I guess I got a little carried away. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT AND YOU MAKE US PROUD!! KEEP UP THE TERRIFIC WORK!

    Well Done Mrs. Brooks! And thanks so much for joining us. Anytime you’d like to post on our news or “The Vote” feel free. We’d love to have teachers join us in this endeavor. We do share the presidency, the country.

  7. Mrs. Brooks

    What happened to the paragraphs that I put in my writing?

    I think Explorer kills the paragraphs. Firefox you cannot hear the podcasts. Safari works for both – but you have to bounce around a bit inside of the blog program. See you next week on “The Vote”

  8. crystal davis 1st hour

    I had to look up juggernaut. It means “a massive inexorable force or abject that crushes whatever is in its path.” When Obama is labeled like that it is kind of scary but very true. Ever since the last few debates I guess you can say that Obama in crushing everything in his path. People are seeing that Obama means business. Another point from the question is that the only thing that can defeat him is himself which is very true. All he has to do is say one slip up word and everyone is on him like stink on poop.

    When you ask if McCain has a chance, when you think about it he might. A lot of people are afraid that Obama is going to get assassinated. Proof being is that my mom was getting her hair cut and the guy next to her was saying that at his work place they were making bets that when Obama gets office how long it would take for him to be assassinated. Another thing was that before Sarah Palen made her self look bad people wanted McCain to get office so she could be the president and now some people still want that even though she isn’t very good.

    Really McCain needs to step up a bit and educate his VP. He needs to stop dropping everything and running away. What I mean by that is when you look at what he is doing, for example leaving MI because he didn’t feel he had a chance. Another thing was one of the last questions was whether he made the right choice by dropping the campaign to fix the problem in Washington. Now when you look at it I feel he made a bad choice. It just seems that he is quitting everything. He is making him self look like he can’t handle the pressure of being President. He has a lot to fix in order to make a come back…

    (-5 pts spelling) 12 of 20 – D / Lots of stuff to talk about here. What do you think about the guy sitting next to your mom and making bets? Palin? You say a lot – one that McCain needs to educate his VP – that she isn’t very good. Palin is a McCain decision not a Palin decision – do you think it reflects on him? It’s obvious you listened to the podcast – leaving the campaign to go to DC, leaving Michigan. What about the article – can he come back? I’m glad you looked up juggernaut – and yes the press does a good job of picking up stink on poop. All n all pretty good – I’d have liked to see you dig in a bit more on the article. And get the Palin spelling correct. It cost you five.

  9. david k from 6th hour

    I do think McCain has a chance of winning but only if he really tells the truth and not lie and much as he does. plus I think he has a chance of more people voteing for him but only if he says that he can really help out the world. He might have a chance…..

    EXTRA 1 Pt. David I appreciate you posting. But if you want to get five points extra credit you are going to have to dig in. Also, from now on if you are looking for extra credit on posts you must start with EXTRA CREDIT. I get too confused with who is from what class. None-the-less thanks for the post.

  10. Mrs. Fairweather

    Excellent job of keeping up-to-date and informing SOOO many others along the way. Rock on, Oakridge Future—- I am proud to be taught..by YOU

    Hey thanks! Join us next week on The Vote – and stick with us through the election. We really appreciate your comments.

  11. david k from 6th hour

    Mccain might have a chance because he knows what he is talking about and he kind of knows how to back his stuff up in this election. I do think he might i said MIGHT have a small but not BIG chance winning… I do like oboma but mccain is still ok to have for president..

  12. musrice from 6th hour

    This election is going to be oboma because mccain is not ready for all this stuff and obona is, I do REALLY like oboma but mccain is ok too but it is a toss up for this. This is like the Oakridge big game with monguge but with all of this. I can’t really wait for all of this to happen i be much happy if oboma wins because he is the best guy in this election

  13. maurice mckinnies from 6th hour

    This election is going to be oboma because mccain is not ready for all this stuff and obona is, I do REALLY like oboma but mccain is ok too but it is a toss up for this. This is like the Oakridge big game with monguge but with all of this. I can’t really wait for all of this to happen i be much happy if oboma wins because he is the best guy in this election so im sticking with oboma

    oh i spelled my name wrong

    EXTRA CREDIT 1 pt – and Obama too. It’s nice to see you online Maurice. Dig in a bit more for more points…but your opinion is welcomed. Two things…when you do an extra credit post such as this – begin with EXTRA CREDIT. Also if you repost because of a previous mistake begin with REPOST.

  14. Joseph Kieft

    The current state that McCain has put him self in I truly think he will not be able to make a comeback. He is being very childish with the constant attacks on Obama in his television ads. With the economy being such a huge issue there is no way that America will elect another Republican that has the same beliefs as the current president. John is basically the shadow of Bush. They feel the same way about the war, and about the economy. The only thing McCain is doing now is digging him self deeper and deeper losing more and more votes. Obama has done a fantastic job at keeping his cool and not retaliating back on McCain with hateful commercials. Also Biden has done an amazing job supporting Obama and his views about the current issues. While McCain really hasn’t clearly stated his views and hasn’t talked about how he would make an impact to help the United States. Palin is also dead weight for the Republican Party. She is doing McCain no good. Also Obama stayed after the debate signing autographs as McCain left right away. McCain isn’t showing any dedication towards the people. This makes it noticeable that maybe he thought he lost the debate too. So as of now I feel as if McCain stays in the direction that he’s heading Obama will tear him apart piece by piece. Obama has already made an impact on a major Republican state (Georgia). I think McCain is heading down the tubes. The only way McCain can comeback now is if Obama self-destructs. Obama has had such a great impact on the people I feel as if he has one this election. It is very noticeable that he is the better candidate, and the better man.

    16 of 20 B / OK – solid opinion. Also a legitimate use of the pod cast. Since it was your pod cast that would make sense. I’d have liked to see you incorporate the article into the posting. That is expected. It would provide a little more meat to your opinions. I think your point about Obama refusing to retaliate – is pretty inciteful. I think it has provided him a boost. Nice job on the podcast.

  15. david kissel from 6th hour

    I do think this election is going good because we have 2 guys talking about how they can help out the world and I do think oboma will win and not mccain but mccain do have a small chance in all of this. so I’m STICKING WITH OBOMA AND NOT MCCAIN AS MUCH.

    oh i did this all by myself

    Post the extra credit David – and put all three of your posts together. You’ll pick up more points.

  16. Jenny Larson

    No I don’t believe McCain has a chance in the race. The reason why is because he is spending too much money in all of these states and he is going to run out of money soon. Also, he is not experienced enough to me in the politics like the economy.
    In order for McCain to come back he has to get more information then he might be experienced enough and then people might start voting for him. He might even need more money to stay in the race so he can try to raise money from the people who like him now.

    3 PTS EXTRA – Thanks for posting Jenny! Money is a big issue – he’s running low, that’s why I think he dropped out of Michigan. Nobody else mentioned it – and it might be the most significant issue out there. I’m a little confused on your experience comment – that’s a big plus for him. But all n all – not bad. Nice to see you getting extra credit and getting involved.

  17. taylorcourtney

    I honestly don’t think that McCain has a chance in this 2008 election. He resembles Bush in so many ways and people don’t like that because people hate Bush. McCain makes attacks towards Obama and is constantly saying how inexperienced he is, yet in the debates I believe that Obama has dominated, and he definitely doesn’t look inexperienced to me. I really think that McCain needs to stop making attack ads and attacks during the debates and start telling the people his views and how he won’t be another Bush in office. I also think that he needs to assure the American people that his health is not going to affect his role as president. Because I think that this is one thing swaying peoples votes more in Obama’s favor. Obama stayed after the last debate for 20 minutes just to sign autographs. Why isn’t McCain doing these types of things? He needs to be more involved with the people and show that he cares about every class in society and not only the high class. When McCain decided to stop his campaign to go to Washington to help out with the 700 billion dollar bailout, I think it showed him as weak, and he needs to recover from that mistake.

    15 of 20 C / ALL of this is true – or at least valid opinion – but you have totally ignored the pod cast and the article. You could make these assumptions straight off the tippy top of your head. I think the fact that you are bringing up things that are valid from what you’re learning is good. Now – read the article. Listen to the podcast. Expand your knowledge.

  18. Samantha Smith

    I think that McCain has made some bad choices but there is always time for a come back in politics. In order for him to do that though he will have to step it up, not just one step but a lot, he had dug himself a hole and unless he stops pointing fingers and starts stating his issues I don’t see a comeback or a close race even but if he changes his tactics and show America that he is really here to stay. Also taking his campaign out of Michigan shows that he is giving up already or maybe does it show that he is all for winning Florida it could pay off or maybe not we never know its like putting that quarter in the gum ball machine. He and Palin are not showing their strong suits they are one-dimensional he is the GOD ALMIGHTY VETEREN and she is the FAMILY WOMEN, shows us what your going to do for the rest of America. Look at how much time it took Obama to win over so many states only a few days things can change its politics it’s expected. Obama could make this a blow out if the younger generation comes out to the polls as expected then this could be a blow out but it not it going to be a nail biter is possible I mean especially since the things America really looks at is no the issues it’s the “status”, the only reason a lot of people like Palin is the looks she’s “hot” so think that’s what the guys at our school are saying so that means that all those has-beens are out there voting for that wow way to go America. McCain is not helping Palin at all though keeping her contained is not making her a stronger vice president candidate it is making her look weaker then she did when McCain first announced his running mate. Not to mention the media, remember that rumor that Obama is a terrorist and he is going to bomb us all, well whether we want to admit it or not that is still floating around so is many other “rumors”.

    (-5 pts spelling) 9 of 20 – F / Like putting that quarter in the gumball machine? Huh. Do you worry a lot about the gumball machine? You are just a rambling here. That’s OK on a blog – but for the assignment – where’s the pod cast? Where’s the article? Where are the periods? When you’re posting on an assignment you need to write, re-write, check mistakes, punctuation etc. You have some valid points but it does need a second or third look. Also check spelling.

  19. Samantha Ferrier

    I think that McCain is going to have a tremendous time trying to come back in the polls. I don’t think it is a good move to attack Obama and not state his views and plans for important issues. That strategy makes you wonder not only what his views are but makes you wonder is he ready to lead because all he can do is beat down the other candidate. If McCain does become elected, which I hope never happens, who is he going to bash and name call when America is in trouble? His views are exactly like that of President Bush and he knows that. We have about three weeks left before election day and I just don’t think McCain has the tactics and supporters to turn the polls around. I understand that right now the current Electoral College polls are estimates and are not very accurate because of the methods they use but when Obama leads McCain by more than 100 votes, that is something you can’t deny and even though methods of getting the polls are out dated, it’s pretty hard to overturn that much of a win. McCain’s vice president pick is defiantly something that will not help him win in the end. Palin has captured my interest and I believe it is because I don’t understand how someone who is that idiotic can be elected as any political figure. I’ll give her the fact that she did do a decent job in the vice presidential debate but the Katie Couric interview is something that you can’t just forget about. The lady has humiliated herself on national television more than once. That doesn’t set a good image in the minds of America if she can’t even have a decent interview and answer simple questions, like what magazines she reads. Personally, I don’t think he could make a come back but I’ve seen crazier things happen like George W. Bush becoming president.

    19 of 20 A / like George W Bush becoming president. I always enjoy your posts Sam. Some pointed comments on Palin. I think you are right she does hurt the ticket tremendously. The Couric interview will be everlasting. And you are right about the polls not being perfect. And about 100 votes being 100 votes. Many interesting thoughts in here. Good job. Quote the article next time.

  20. Kyle Pascavis

    I believe the only way McCain actually stands a chance is if he goes to the states that are still sitting on the fence and gives clear and strong speeches on the big issues that our country faces just like the article said. McCain needs to win these states that are neutral in order to win the presidency. In my eyes that is the only way he can win. Obama has got way too much of a lead on him now and if McCain don’t come up with something quick he will definitely lose the race.

    McCain must stop all of his negativity speeches on Obama and start focusing on himself and how he will deal with these certain issues. The reason why Obama is so far ahead of McCain in the first place is because Obama uses Positive-oriented speeches that explain his plans on the issues and McCain is just playing the blame game. He never really clearly speaks his plans on the issues and I think people get confused. He also follows of what Bush has to say and I think he needs to come up with different plans than that because a lot of people don’t want another Bush in office.

    Bottom line is that if McCain wants to win the presidency he must win all of the neutral states and start focusing on his plans for our countries issues and not how he can put down Obamas’ plans.

    18 of 20 A / Is this Kyle or is this Geoff? Or are you two such good friends that you always share emails? Whoever this is you make some great points in para #1 he must concentrate on the states on the bubble. That is for sure. Secondly as you say he must get back to the issues and not strike out at OBAMA. I think you are correct in both assumptions. As for separating from Bush this economic thing is making that almost impossible. Nice job Geoff Pascavis.

  21. Nick Dempsey

    There can always be a comeback. Even in the bleakest moments there is still hope, and this remains true in the case of John McCain. But he from here on is fighting an uphill battle. And fighting it the wrong way, he needs to appeal to the people and he doesn’t. He needs to turn his campaign ads toward the positive aspects of his campaign not the negatives of Obama’s. But he’s just too old and with age comes the attitude that your experience has made you into something. Your experience can cause you to feel comfortable with what you are convincing yourself that you know best. You begin to elevate yourself above the younger generations. You assume that because of their youth they couldn’t possibly know. Then you start to distance yourself from those you will need for your own future. This is the case with McCain, he has become out of touch without realizing it. This is causing him to lose states that he thought he already had in the bag. He needs to become a person to the people that determine his future, not merely a politician. Whereas Obama has become a person to the American public and appeals to them and their wants. McCain has worked poorly with the hand he has been dealt, with a few successes. While there is still hope for him, it fades everyday. Obama on the other hand is on a roll in which he himself has become his biggest threat.

    19 of 20 – A / Nick – GREAT WORK on the podcast. And very nice follow up here. Your insight about age and attitude and experience, and it’s appeal to youth is very interesting. I think you’re right McCain does have an uphill battle. And it does fade. And Obama is on a roll – and the negative tone of the campaign may prevent any kind of a comeback. he was dealt a bad hand, which with this economic crisis gets worse. Nice job this week.

  22. Sophelia Alviar

    I do believe that the only thing that could harm Obamas chances of winning is himself, only because McCain is not much of a threat. Does McCain have a chance? He has his chance just as much as anyone else, but his history shows him being a Bush replica, and that is what diminishes his chances of winning. Obama is so strong right now because of his choice for vice president, his age, and his ability to relate more with the common American in the aspect of struggling to surviving today’s economy. The polls are showing that Obama has more states in his possession, the McCain supporters are keeping faith that he is going to win the larger states, but remember those statistics are only polls of non-upgraded data. In my opinion McCain needs to keep his fingers crossed because there is no telling what is to happen next. His chances of coming back are slim, in order to modify his chances he may need to take a different approach at campaigning. His campaign currently consist of him dwelling on about his early years in the wars and his likeness of Bush, also it consist of bad mouthing Obama. In order to modify his campaign he needs to state more of his personal views on issues instead of generic answers, and confirm the people that he can handle our country because he is lacking to do so with the current economic crisis. McCain needs to put his running shoes on and do a 180 in order to catch up to Obama.

    17 of 20 B+ / Good point on the significance of the economy. Keeping your fingers crossed is not a particularly efficient plan. As for his running shoes – good point. Also good insight on the negative campaigning. You’ve got some interesting thoughts bouncing around in here – I think it needs a once more over – with a bit more depth on some of the issues. But still pretty good job.

  23. Kassi-3


    Interesting article. But I like it. It looks like McCain is starting to squirm under the pressure and his campaign is really taking the blunt of it. His choice for a field general seems to have been hurting him along with his choice for a republican ticket. Another thing the article talked about and I think is odd, that McCain would pull out of Michigan when it’s still a toss up state. McCain seems to be loosing his stride. (Whatever, more for Obama…he he) One thing I’m sure of though, is we haven’t seen the last of John McCain, the polls just can’t seem to make up their mind. One week McCain is leading the next Obama is ahead by more that 100 electoral votes. I’m interested in seeing what will become of North Carolina which doesn’t seem to know which way is up or down right now, and what the candidates are going to do to win it over. One things for sure, if DuHaime keeps stating that “We feel good about things,” and doesn’t start adjusting his tactic, Obama has this one in the bag.

    Great Job Becca, Joe, and Nick!!

    4 PTS EXTRA CREDIT – Nice of you to mention the effort.

  24. Chad Barnaby 1st

    I Chad Raymond Barnaby see it impossible for John McCain to come back. He had a good run in the beginning, but his time has ran out. He should have ran for president years ago. Now coming in at 108 years old helps him none. He just does not have the ability to take on all this stress at his old age and his health is what he should be focused on. Barack Obama is persuading people’s votes better than John McCain can walk. Even at the debates he is just rambling on and gasping for air. Oh and his vice president is not helping out matters what so ever. He really should have picked brains before beauty in this case because surprisingly Americans are seeing past Palin’s pretty face and really looking into the issues to see whats important.

    Granted, Obama was is McCain’s predicament a few weeks ago but McCain just started to fade away when Obama struck fire, and I definetely do not see him slowing down any time soon. Overall, Obama is just the better candidate and people are starting to realize that. He relates more with the people, he answers questions with honesty and without beating around the bush, and he is just a down to earth guy that really cares about America. His plans on how he plans to change America are reasonable and I believe he has good strategies on how to do so.

    Realistically, the only way John McCain can somehow win this election is if Barack Obama were to magically disappear or die. There is absolutely no way possible that Obama can or will slow down. He is the better candidate. And although these are all polls, he will still win big.
    Good luck McCain. You are going to need it.

    (-5 pts spelling) 10 of 20 / F – Well Chad Raymond, nice to see you are not sitting on the fence on this one. Nice to see you read the article in regards to the Obama postion a few weeks ago. I think then you start winging it away from the pod cast and the article, which is fine – but I’d like to see you dig into the assignment as well. Still good insights. Get the spelling right.

  25. .charity.

    Both candidates have encountered hard times. That may be an understatement.

    In the end I feel as though Obama will prevail. I don’t believe that McCain has enough life, or strength, to carry out just one term. I do however feel like if McCain had more stamina then might have a slight chance.
    I feel like there isn’t anything that McCain can do but hang in there. He has done all he could. We only have half a month left before election. I think he needs to just sift through this like he has been. There isn’t much to say.

    10 of 20 – F / Charity the last one was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. it’s 6:55 did you forget? Well, at least you posted.

  26. Mr Wood

    THIS POST IS NOW CLOSED. Except for Mr. Barry.

  27. Brandon Barry

    First off, I thought Nick, Becca and Joe did an excellent job presenting “the Vote”. Nick had an easy to understand explanation of the electoral college and Becca and Joe did a nice job with the numbers and the debate run down.

    Do I think John McCain has a chance at winning? Only if America is beyond stupid. I don’t believe John McCain is a bad guy and he certainly has served his country with honor and distinction. It is the Republican party that has deminished his candidacy with saddling him with Sarah Palin as his VP. McCain did have a chance to win if he would have stood up to the Republican powers that be and said no to the Palin running mate idea. He didn’t and he hung himself.

    I’m not sure Senator McCain can come back. With a little more than 3 weeks before election, Barack Obama is going to have to do or say something totally out of character in order to give McCain any hope at all. I don’t even think cutting Sarah Palin loose from the ticket could help now. Maybe if he would have when she first started making her gaffes he could have had a chance. Add the economic collapse to all this and the American public’s association to this event with Bush and Republicans and you have the final straw that broke the Republican camel’s back

    Thank you Mr. Barry!!!!! We all appreciate your kind words and observant viewpoint. It’s nice to have Oakridge teachers blogging right along with us…hope to see you next week on the THE VOTE! Go Sox!!!!!

  28. Brandon Barry

    A quick attachment: If you have a chance watch and listen to the opening “drop the puck” ceremony at the Philidelphia Flyers hockey game on Youtube. Sarah Palin dropped the puck and got booed pretty heavily by thousands of fans.

    Pathetically, she brought her daughters with her , in my view to get the crowd on her side. It didn’t work on a large portion of the crowd and It seemed to me the others clapped more out of courtesy and sympathy for the kids. Good for the people who expressed what the majority of Americans feel and shame on Governor Palin for her lame attempt at winning the favor of the crowd by including her children in this shameless self promotion.

  29. DAVID K from 6th hour


  30. Jessica Cochran Mr.Barry's 3rd hour

    Obama has become juggernaut in the race and the only thing that seems like it could defeat him is himself. Do you think that McCain has a chance? What do you think McCain has to do in order to comeback?
    Okay…even though I’m two weeks late for this posting I’d still like to point out that; still two weeks later McCain is behind according to polls. If he intended on “coming back” he would’ve need to stop bashing Obama and spend his money on wise things to help our economy. Possibly even make us like him a little. I personally, don’t see a comeback in his future but this would be necessary in order for that to happen.