Election Volunteer Info – Oct 6 to Oct 12

  • Check here for more info on the Barack Obama campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the John McCain campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the Holly Hughes campaign.
  • Check here for more ino on the Mary Valentine campaign.

If you are going to volunteer for Mary Valentine or Holly Hughes please contact offices first!

Upcoming Events for the week of Oct 6:

  • LET’S WATCH THEM DEBATE – Barack Obama vs John McCain Presidential Debate Tuesday @ 9:00 PM – we’ll watch it in room 112 – doors open at 8:00 / bring your own pop.

Wednesday 10/8- Holly Hughes vs Mary Valentine Debate – 7:30 PM Stevenson Center – Muskegon Community College – come see Holly Hughes and Mary Valentine debate the issues in their election for 91st District in the Michigan House of Representatives. Public is invited to attend. Free of charge.

Wednesday 10/8 – Obama – Be a Staffer for a Day – The Obama HQ staffers have a big meeting out of town. They really need people to man the posts while they’re away. They need bodies to tap the phones, pound on the computers, and hit the sidewalks. See Crystal ASAP for details.

Thursday 10/9 – Obama – OBAMARAMA – Ed and Pat Schroeder – 1456 E McMillan Rd – Muskegon – 7:00 to 8:00 PM – Invite YOU – young and old. High School students and Retirees. Tall and short. Smart and not so smart. Rich and poor. Skinny and fat.  Democrat and Republican. Spartan fans and well more Spartan fans. The Schroeders will have an Obama rally with speakers (you can be one) and a video to celebrate democracy in the USA. Schroeders live up by the North Muskegon Meijers- just past Chase Hammond Golf Course. Check out mapquest for directions. If you’re still confused – see Mrs. Schroeder. ALL Oakridge students are invited.  Refreshments provided.  IF YOU CAN – BRING A CAN – of food goods for the homeless as a donation.

Monday (next( 10/13) – Cinema Carousel /Film Production Studio / Town Hall Meeting – Hollywood producer Watermark Production Film studios will be holding a town meeting with Representative Mary Valentine at the Cinema Carousel @ 7:00 PM on Monday. They will discuss the film studio’s plan to relocate in Muskegon. Public is invited to attend. Free of charge.

Please use this site to post weekly questions or comments on the candidates or volunteering options. You may use this site to communicate with other students on when and where and how you plan on getting involved. Don’t forget – any questions call Mr. Wood at (616) 402-8668 or email him bobwoodmsu@charter.net.

Click here for extra volunteer notebook pages.

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  1. Krystal Unwin


    Thank you all SO much for all of your hard work so far on the campaign! You are all doing a fantastic job, and blowing all of the other high schools out of the water. It is because of your work that we are as far as we are right now. I am honored to be working with such intelligent, motivated volunteers. For those of you who phone-banked yesterday (10/6/08), I want to let you know that you set a record for our office for the most calls made in a day. Southern Muskegon County made 1248 calls together, largely in part to all of you! When my state director asked me how I had such a great day, I told him it was because of the awesome students at Oakridge High School. Keep up the good work, and always remember: YES WE CAN!!!!

  2. A. McNerney

    Is anyone going to the Holly Hughes Mary Valentine debat tonight at MCC?