From the OBAMA campaign – Thanks!

A letter from Krystal Unwin (Field Organizer) at the Obama HQ posted to all of you who’ve been volunteering at the Merriem Street Office. You are really making a difference. Keep up the good work.


Thank you all SO much for all of your hard work so far on the campaign! You are all doing a fantastic job, and blowing all of the other high schools out of the water. It is because of your work that we are as far as we are right now. I am honored to be working with such intelligent, motivated volunteers. For those of you who phone-banked yesterday (10/6/08), I want to let you know that you set a record for our office for the most calls made in a day. Southern Muskegon County made 1248 calls together, largely in part to all of you! When my state director asked me how I had such a great day, I told him it was because of the awesome students at Oakridge High School. Keep up the good work, and always remember: YES WE CAN!!!!

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