From the OBAMA campaign – THANKS AGAIN!

A letter from Krystal Unwin (Field Organizer) at the Obama HQ posted to all of you who’ve been volunteering at the Merriem Street Office.

I want to give HUGE UPS to the students who smashed the contact record yesterday while I was in Lansing! Our canvassers were Corey, Cameron, Kassi, and Justin. They knocked on 271 doors, and got 179 CONTACTS!!!!! Congrats on smashing the goal, guys! On the phones, Jake made 198 calls, and our first-timer Jamie made 134 calls. Way to go! Without your help, our area WOULD NOT have hit our goals. Thanks to your hard work, we did. I could not ask for a better Barackstar team. As far as other individual day records go, some of our other top canvassers and callers have been Jen, Mariah, Samantha, Brittney, Alexandra, Tyler, Julia and Crystal. If I did not mention your name, you are still doing FANTASTIC work! I want you to know that each and every one of you inspire me everyday. When I am tired because I’ve only slept three hours, it is YOU all that make me get up in the morning. I have never met a group of people so motivated, and so inspiring. Keep up the great work. In the statewide training in Lansing, other Field Organizers from across the state were asking me how I was hitting my very difficult goals. I told them “Oakridge High School in Muskegon!” I told them about all of the work you do, and how involved you are. I told them about your work in the Superduper club. Let me tell you, they were all jealous. You guys rock, and I am very lucky to be working with all of you. Last thing: If you are really being excused from school for election day, or the day before please let me know. I have to fill shifts, and they are mostly canvass shifts. Our GOTV starts Saturday, November 1st, and doesn’t stop until ater the polls close on November 4th. If you are able to help, the shifts are 9:00am, 12:00, and 4:00. Please let me know as soon as possible. You will be well taken care of; fed and hydrated!! Thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart, and please know that I COULD NOT do this without you!

And from Me – Mr Wood – I am so proud of you guys. To have Krystal, a field organizer from a national presidential campaign – so supportive, so thankful and vocal about the work you guys are doing is absolutely GREAT! You represent this school. You represent your generation. And you are doing so with dignity and enthusiasm and intelligence. It is your world! Continue to take the reigns and make it a better place for all of us.

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  1. Kassi-3

    Mr Wood – You may be proud of us for setting these records but you’re still making us to this extra credit crap. Us volunteering is why we weren’t able to post for the article. Us being Jake S., Becca S., Mariah S., and myself. We didn’t get home until after 11 p.m. nearly every night this week and on the final day it had to be posted by 7 p.m. But to be honest Mr. Wood it’s things like this that’s keeping me from doing the internship, I can’t complete everything you throw at us.

    You had ONE assignment this week in Economics. I wouldn’t call that overwhelming. As for volunteering…school comes first. You know that. I’m proud of you all for your efforts…I know you can do both – if you cannot then back off of the volunteering and concentrate on school. I think if you stay organized, you’ll be fine. The extra credit assignment would probably take somebody like you thirty minutes. You need to check the blog regularly – it was posted Sunday. One more thing…it’s not the records that I’m proud of you for…it’s the fact that you are awake enough to go and put your time in. I’m not concerned with records – if you were there and getting hung up on every single phone call – and you continued to go back and continued to work, I’d be proud. It’s your world – your country – you absolutely should be there. I’m proud that you are awakening . Stay organized, you’ll be OK

  2. Kassi-3

    I’m stressed. But I can handle my school work. It’s the little things like extra credit that I don’t have time for. Sure some, but not all of them. And in my defense because we didn’t have many assinments and I already have a ton of extra credit coming I thought, “Hey! Sweet now I have the time to do some real volunteering!”
    By the way when is our RWE going to be due? Not the extra credit, now assingnment, RWE, but the student choice one. I thought it might be due today so I worked my butt off last night to find a really great article and write the “prompt”. I think it’s a cool article so I hope you have us doing the banking crisis/economics in the election again.

    You are doing great things. Significant things. You are pulling good grades. You are practicing for being overwhelmed with tons of work next year at MSU! It’ll be stressful, but that’s OK. You’ll do just fine. OK on the assignment – the questions off of the McClatchy News article are due on Monday. Normal assignment – that was posted. As for the RWE – if people went ahead and did those on their own, I’ll take them for Extra credit. As for organization – keep a regular eye on the blog to stay abreast of Economics. And on the election – you will be 17 one time in your life during an election. Next one the dynamics of you and the election and the world will be changed. You’ll remember this election and your efforts your entire life – what you are doing is significant in the big picture as well as the little one. So, don’t explode, stay organized, keep volunteering, remember that you’ll have many hours to sleep come November 5. Stay awake and involved in your government – your world. It is so significant to do so.

    PS…you got a TON of extra credit coming down the tubes for all of this volunteer work. And hey we got another debate to watch Wednesday night. Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. Kassi-3

    Thanks Mr. Wood that means a lot. I can’t wait till wedsday. = )