“The VOTE” 10/14/08


Map and count is current as of 10/14/08. Presentation by Sam, Lexi, Brittany, and Kaylee.

  • Obama / Biden – 313
  • McCain / Palin – 158
  • Toss Up – 67

Each week between September 15 and November 4 (the election) Senior Current Issues will provide you an update on the progress of the 2008 Presidential Election. Each week at this site you will find a photo (USA Electoral Map in room #112) of the updated polling comparisons between Barack Obama and John McCain. Each week a different group of seniors will offer you a three to five minute podcast of where this election currently stands and the trends they see on the horizon. Student groups will provide a news article that they think will help you to better understand the dynamics of this election. All students are encouraged to listen to the podcast and read the article.

SCI students will offer a “what do you think” question that goes with the news article. All Senior Current Issues students must do the ensuing 20 point blog. All other students may choose to answer the question as an extra credit blog assignment (5 pts max.)

All electoral votes come from estimates located on Real Clear Politics.com Remember polls are only estimates of how people may vote. Until Nov 4 nobody really knows the outcome of this election.

Podcast click podcast. Go to Real Clear Politics while you listen. Podcast coincides with photo of map in room 112, located at the top of this post.  Special Note the podcast does not work in Foxfire browser.

News Article – MSNBC – “Why this Election Matters to YOU”

Question – Read the article. If you were able to take one issue examined in the article and fix or create a plan to minimize or eliminate that problem, what would it be and why?

Postings for the question must be made by 7:00 PM Friday of the week in question.

Check the category “08 ELECTION – The News” for more news about the candidates and the Election.


Podcast: (77% / C+) I like the humor. It’s a nice change of pace. Then you settle down and take on some of the requirements – like the changing states that’s good. We didn’t hear anything about the electoral college – or really why these events were taking place as they were. That would’ve added to the depth and to the time – it was pretty short. But again – it did cover the basics and all of you were involved.

Article / Question: (72% / C-) Students really struggled with your article question combo. I don’t think it was the question – for what we are doing and where we are currently at with this study of the issues, it was GREAT! But the article wasn’t it. It’s got no meat to it. And certainly doesn’t provide a basis for the depth that the question asks for.

Presentation: (72% / C-) The presentation was semi dysfunctional. I’d like groups to be prepared. Go over it a couple of times. Give us an indication of what has happened – what will happen – what might happen. Your smart guys…but it just was kind of winged. sort of like the podcast.

Overall Grade: (74% / C) – You all can do better than this. You know the issues. You know the map. You know the assignment. But it was pretty much winged…and it shows. You covered your basics – got an average grade for an average effort. Be more prepared on the issue debates. Still thank you for the creative podcast introduction and the wonderful photograph.

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  1. Thomas Carrier

    If I were able to take one issue and make my own plan to fix the problem I would have to choose the health care issue. I think this would have to be the issue I chose because I think everyone needs healt care so they can live a comfortable life. They need to be able to support their families and not have to worry about if they can afford to get hurt at work because they dont know if the health care will cover the expenses of them not being able to work.

    I think that if we could come up with a solid way to supply heath care to the families of America we would be able to help the economy big time because the people of the U.S. wouldn’t have to worry about finding a way to pay for their own heath care. If they dont have to worry about paying for their health care they can put more money into the economy giving it a helping hand.

    (spelling -2) 3 PTS EXTRA I agree, both with the choice and that it would have a positive effect on the economy.

  2. Arron Oakes 6th HR

    In the artical there is one section that both parties are trying to do somthing that I disagree with. Immigration, i dont think that we should have immigration all year round, I think there should be only limited times a year where people can immigrat to the United States. Mostly because theres already alot of people living in the United States, witch would be running out of room and would have to cut down forrests to make more room for houses witch I am very strongly against.

    Arron if you want ANY extra credit you must start spell checking your posts.

  3. DAVID K from 6th hour E.C.

    I would say health care because I live with my grandparents and there health is not so good. Health care is not cheap. And many u.s. people don’t have the money the get good health care or even at all. Like people right now making lower than $7.50 a hour and paying for bills,food,clothing,themselfs,child,ect…. Geting health care lower than maybe people can afford it and not worry about it. We the people don’t have the mony right now so I think they should make a way different health care problems so we all can get our halfs.

    EXTRA 1 PT – David this is getting better. Your opinions are valid – but there are SO many spelling errors. Run it thru Mrs. Schroeder. Run it thru Word spell check.

  4. DAVID K from 6th hour E.C.

    I would say health care because I live with my grandparents and there health is not so good. Health care is not cheap. And many u.s. people don’t have the money the get good health care or even at all. Like people right now making lower than $7.50 a hour and paying for bills,food,clothing,themselfs,child,ect…. Geting health care lower than maybe people can afford it and not worry about it. We the people don’t have the mony right now so I think they should make a way different health care problems so we all can get our halfs.

    EXTRA 1 PT – David this is getting better. Your opinions are valid – but there are SO many spelling errors. Run it thru Mrs. Schroeder. Run it thru Word spell check.

  5. Jamie M. 1st hour

    If I could eliminate any problem stated in this particular article, I would eliminate the problems with the health care system. I believe that health care is the most significant issue that is facing us within this article. It affects our economic standing, and our overall well being.

    Health care is overwhelmingly expensive. With our current economic standings it is nearly impossible for families to pay for regular visits to a doctor’s office let a lone unexpected conditions and medical problems.47 million Americans do not have health care. Families often have to choose whether to pay for their medical bills, or to buy food for their family. With health care no longer a problem for the American people they would be better of financially and get the treatment they really need. This would help decrease the over abundant amount of debt in America today.

    I believe that the most significant issue in this article is health care. From reading the article, I think that Obama’s plan to have companies pay 50% of premiums is the best idea talked about to relieve the American people. Although, this plan will only work for those who can currently have or can afford health care. If everyone had affordable health care then it would no longer be an issue. This is the best issue in the article that I believe should be eliminated in order to truly help the American people.

    19 of 20 – Health Care is such a problem in this country.

  6. Jenn Martz 5th hour

    If I could eliminate the problem of immigrants I would. For one, they have their own country so stay there. For two, why give immigrants American jobs when the Americans are paying for taxes, insurance, etc. Some Immigrants are receiving social security benefits when they have not worked a day in the United States. Many are receiving welfare and food stamps when a lot of Americans that actually need the help cant get the help. We have a lot of children in the United States that are going to bed hungry. There are so many Americans these days that actually need jobs but cant get them because immigrants have taken there space.
    I agree with Arron on the whole we have enough Americans as it is. We don’t need immigrants to add to the bunch. I also agree with Obama and McCain on the mandatory electronic system. This is the United States why should we have to learn a foreign language when immigrants come here ,they need to learn English first.

    -2 pts no EXTRA CREDIT LABEL (2 pts EXTRA) – Whoa…we are a nation of immigrants. You know that. Be careful when you criticize ALL immigrants that’s all of us. Why should we have to learn a foreign language? I would think judging by the total reach of our global crisis that we’ve been studying, that its pretty clear that we are globally involved all over the world. We probably should learn 12 languages. Be careful you’ve got a venom going here for immigrants. Your arguments about jobs and social security and taxes and children going to bed hungry are all valid. We do have some big immigration problems.

  7. Tyler Darnell

    If I could change any problem from the article I would choose the Immagration policies of both the candidates. I disagree with Jenn Martz I think that America is the land of oppertunity, and people from all over should be allowed to enter. I feel that we do not diserve our title as the great american melting pot unless we continue allowing other to share our glory. Although it is true that immagrants take away jobs from the original Americans, I think that with the large amount of people that would enter the United States we would expand. Probably buying land from either Canada or Mexico. I believe we should restore America to its former glory when people believe the streets really were paved with gold.

    (3 spelling mistakes) 0 of 20 F / Come on Tyler…proof.

  8. crystal davis

    I read the article but I didn’t really understand how the question goes with the article but that’s just me, I’m going to try it anyway.
    Let’s take health care for instance. A lot of people don’t have health care insurance. Something about that needs to be done. If I was going for president I would try and fix that problem. The way I would do it may be tough but it will pay off. I’d raise taxes and cut down on government spending that doesn’t need to be. Did you know at our state representative’s office in Washington DC there is a personal elevator made just for the representative use only paid for by the tax payers. What I’m saying is there is no other elevators in the building so those tax payers that paid for that elevator have to use the stairs all the way through out the building. That is not just happening there its happening everywhere. Tax payers pay for things they aren’t even able to use themselves. Then with the raising of taxes that would also benefit my plan. You’re probably wondering what my plan is. Well I feel that all Americans young and old should have free health care that covers everything from dental to everything in between. S-chip would also be a thing I would consider if my plan doesn’t work. In all we just need cheaper health care insurance that covers everything.
    Right now the health care insurance me and my family has is free to us because neither one of my parents work and they are on SSI. Though once I turn 18 and if I don’t stay in school I lose my insurance. I personally don’t like to depend on the state for money but I feel that I should still have health care insurance.

    (21 of 20 A+) The article and the question don’t go great together. I do think however the question is a good one…so what to say? Great answer Crystal! Really good. Your personal life is involved with this issue. You’ve brought into play wasteful spending (stuff you’ve seen in DC) and a plan that would be fair to all. GREAT JOB!

  9. Samantha Ferrier 1st

    While I agree that health care is important I would also like to change the problem of SBA. The Small Business Administration has given more than 20 million loans, contracts, counseling, and other services for small businesses. If you help the businesses, they employ more people, and assist our economic growth. I believe that if you want affordable or free health care, everyone has to be working. Every business started as a small business and needed some help growing.

    I agree with Obama’s position about increase the amount and availability of the programs. In the article it mentions that he wants to invest $250 million per year to increase the number and size of public-private business incubators in communities that aren’t that rich or prosperous. To me this sounds like a good plan because if you encourage business in communities that are considered to be worse off than other communities, it will encourage people not to move and to help reinvigorate it. Over all if, helping businesses grow and get people more jobs than if will leave our country better off because people are out their making money and pumping it back into their economy.

    McCain stance on the SBA bugs me a little. He says he’s all for it but yet he doesn’t want to increase it and he wants it to be monitored closely and make sure that it makes money. I think that monitoring the SBA will just restrict the ways and the amount it helps out small businesses that are in need. I believe that the government shouldn’t have a say in what businesses the SBA helps out. I just don’t see how this could be an advantage to the SBA and small business owners. It will not help out the economy and since the SBA has been running since 1953, I think it can handle the assistance that they give out on their own.

    (-5 spelling) 14/20 – C / Interesting choice. I think you’ve supported it pretty well.

  10. Becca Hall

    I agree with Jamie, I think that the problems with health care should be eliminated. It’s intertwined with so many other issues, especially our economy, and way too many people and families don’t have it. In my opinion, health care should be a right.

    By taking care of the issues with health care, it would also take care of some financial issues that American families are facing. Too often, a family that does not have health care and is experiencing some kind of medical issue has to choose whether to pay for that persons medical expenses, or pay for food and other bills. Health care is at the heart of all the other problems this country is facing.

    Although I agree that the issues covered in this article are important, I think that this article did not display them in a helpful or productive way. It gave me very little information about the issues at hand, and it didn’t even cover significant issues such as the economy. The question was extremely vague and open-ended, and was worded extremely poorly. It was just flat out confusing. Please grade my blog with mercy, I was extremely confused. (More than usual).

    15 of 20 C+ / Your explanation of the question is valid so I grant you mercy. Be thankful young one. I agree with your opening statement it is so intertwined. Take a look at Crystal’s answer, despite her issues with the question and article she still went through and answered it – with a solution. That is lacking her. Get some sleep.

  11. Kyle Pascavis

    I believe the issue I would choose is immigration. Immigration has been a big issues in the United States today. Citizens of the U.S. are getting very angry that their are illegal immigrants coming into our country and taking jobs away from the United States citizens. American people are paying taxes that illegal immigrants don’t even have to give out a dime for. It’s pretty sad to see that we have people living on the streets who could have jobs to live but cannot because illegal immigrants are taking any job they can. It is really not fair to serve citizens from different countries rather than the citizens in ours.

    I agree with McCain and Obamas idea of improving a mandatory electronic system to verify the legal status of job applicants that is tamper proof. I believe it would be a very effective way of keeping out illegal imigrants. I would also increase the border patrol heavily to make sure no illegal immigrants could get into the U.S. without being a citizen.

    Above all, I believe it is not fair to the citizen of our country to be living in poverty while people from other countries who are not U.S. citizens are getting jobs. They should have to stay in their own country so the citizens of this country can have a roof over their heads. Now I no some people are lazy and don’t look for jobs but their are many who do and it is not fair that and illegal immigrant is getting a job over them. Bottom line is that it is becoming too much to handle and we must act fast to fix our immigration policy.

    (-10 spelling) 6 of 20 – F / Check it Kyle. And then check it again. Immigration is a problem that has been missing from this presidential debate.

  12. Autumn Storm 2

    *Extra Credit*

    If I could choose one issue to fix it would be the Health Care issue. Everyone needs health care, it doesn’t matter if it is just an immunization or if you are hospitalized, you need it. Most people can’t afford to pay for healthcare, and some don’t have health insurance available to them. People who don’t have health insurance are probably only making minimum wage, or a little more, and they can’t afford to pay for it. They will go into bankruptcy over unpaid hospital bills. I would be willing to pay higher taxes and get free health care like Germany and other countries.

    As for those people that can afford health insurance and health care they should help someone out if they know someone who needs help. I really think that we need to take care of each other and unite to help each other in times of need.

    4 Pts EXTRA – Nice Autumn. How would you go about solving the problem…besides helping out one another?

  13. Samantha Smith

    If I could eliminate any problem it would be health care. With Obama’s platform he plans to cover up to 50% percent of premiums of paid employee’s. Also a new national health care exchange which will allow small business to buy health care, and make it efficient to buy, he wants to eliminate the programs like health saving accounts because they are use less just a program stuck there to say we are “changing” the outcome. He also wants to give American families a 5,000 refundable tax credit so they can have the insurance they want, but really do we have the money to do that with the bail out and the amount of debt we are in right now! He also wants to use federal money to give states an incentive to adopt the plan of G.A.P which will help people that were denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, I hope he looks at why they were denied instead of making it a free for all. Obama’s position is much more realistic in taking care of the current problem all around not just in health care but also in the economy giving more money out with out regulation will not help our current recession.

    13 of 20 D+ / Sam you are bouncing all over the place here. It’s like you’re just typing away and sending it in without a couple of looks. You’ve got McCain and Obama’s plans intertwined. And the italicized part – I’m not sure what you’re saying. Proof it proof it proof it…at the end.

  14. Susan Baker

    If I had to choose a problem to fix it would be health care. I chose this because it is such a big deal in out country and we can not just go on without having it. People are having troubles paying for their health care at a regular visit to the doctors. So what happens if one of them gets really sick and that can not afford to pay the medical bill? If we eliminate this problem then we would be better off in the economy. Also the families financially would be better off if we have a better health care. We are not taxing the rich who make over a certain amount of money, but we really should be because they are the ones with the money so why not. Health care affects everyone, not only in the United States but in the whole world too. Obama’s idea about having companies pay 50 percent of premium’s paid of employees behalf is a good idea. This would help people get coverage if they don’t have anything right now. It will also help the people who have coverage get better coverage.

    15 of 20 C+ / OK – your link to the economy and peoples’ individual families is well taken. You could dig in a bit deeper.

  15. Joseph Kieft

    To start off I think the tax issue and the bail out are defiantly our biggest concern. The rich WERE getting way to rich and the poor way to poor. The tax breaks and tax cuts that Bush had given the rich were spreading the two classes further and further apart. Obama will help sent this gap closer together by helping out the small business. The huge businesses don’t need help or breaks. Also that Obama is putting a freeze on the estate market is a good thing it will stop the estate tax from growing way to high. This will help people sort of catch back up on their mortgage payments. I think there is only one way to fix this whole tax plan, and that would be to tax the rich more and the middle class less. McCain doesn’t really seem like he is changing anything from what Bush has done in his eight years of being a horrible president. Also to minimize the issue of taxing; they need to figure out a way to stop the D.O.W. from dropping so much. We need regulation on the banks and the stock-market to keep the whole economy from getting out of hand like it is right now. I think McCain will make the tax issue worse if he become president and he will send us into a great depression worse then ever before! We need a Democratic to fix the current problem of taxation.

    Also I agree with Becca this article and question was way to open, and narrow at the same time. I found it very hard to answer this question because the article didn’t show enough on the issues and we could only choose between four different things. I think the question didn’t really make sense either and was very vague.

    16 of 20 B / I understand the problem with the article / question. I agree it was difficult to take on. Your perception of the Estate Tax is a little off here. It doesn’t have anything to do with the mortgage crisis. As for taxing the rich and tax breaking the middle class – I do think that is the Democratic plan.

  16. Jenny Larson

    I don’t agree everything with the health care and what there saying. I don’t think that he should cover 50% of health care for small business companies only. I think they should do that for everyone but not for the rich because they can afford it as we have trouble affording it. To fix the problem they should vote on the issue and think it over or they should help everyone a little bit with the health care money.

    4 PTS EXTRA – Nice job Jenny. Keep on posting. I agree with you on the Health care issue.

  17. Geoff Eely

    If I could change or create a slolution to one issue that was examined in this debate, it would have to be healthcare. I would solve this problem because it affects so many people. Not only does it affect so many people, but it affects the driving force of our economy, which is the middle class. People in the middle class are so important to the economy because they make up so much of the population and therefore they buy more products than any other class. Giving healthcare to the middle class will allow them to buy more products which will help our economy.

    (-5 spelling) 11 of 20 – F / Good overview of the situation. I think the Health Care issue is very entwined with the economy. But part of the question was to offer a solution. What is yours? And again….spell check.

  18. Sophelia Alviar

    If I were to pick an issue examined in the article and fix or create a plan to minimize or eliminate that problem, I would choose Immigration. The reason I would choose immigration is because it is an issue that I am very much knowledgeable about.
    The current problem is that the immigration bureaucracy is broken; also the number on undocumented immigrants is exploding. The number of undocumented immigrant has increased 40% since 2000, along with that more than five-hundred thousand people come illegally or illegally overstay their visas.
    America’s current unemployment rate has increased over the years. Its not that Americans are not qualified, it’s that there’s not enough jobs to furnish to the working American. The problem is that many immigrants are using false information or employers are accepting false information; which then leads to jobs being provided to non-American. This is an issue that I believe will be fixed, for both Obama and McCain want to create an electronic system to verify the legal status of job applicants. I think it is remarkable that immigrants want to be part of the “American dream,” but I do not believe that their desires should infringe on the alienable rights on Native Americans. The system needs to be cleaned so that American are capable of fair employment.

    18 of 20 – A / Native Americans or American Citizens. Is this the issue that you most think needs addressing? Or the one you know best? I’m just curious. You do a nice job of explaining the issue – I think it is a problem as well.

  19. Brittany Winters

    If I were to pick any of the issues in this article and fix it, I would have to choose health care. Health care in this country is extremely unaffordable for many people, and there are a lot of people who go without every day. Health care needs to be available and affordable for everyone in this country.

    I believe that Obama’s plan is a very well organized plan that could potentially raise the amount of people owning health care. By letting your employer keep their health care policy and pay 50% of the premiums can make it so that the company can then cover more of their employees. Under this plan the government is basically paying for half of the employer’s employee’s health care coverage. This also can help out the smaller businesses because they will be able to purchase a high quality plan at affordable costs.

    In the end I believe that Obama’s plan will make it so that American’s can finally have the health care they want and deserve. Hopefully under this plan we will no longer have as many people going without health care and it will be more affordable and not cause debt in the United States like everything else.

    18 of 20 – A / Good overview of the Health Care situation. I like your second para -you’ve used Obama’s plan to provide a fix. I’m a little confused at the end…with the debt problem. But all n all you’ve done a pretty good job.

  20. Brittany Weiss

    If I was to pick out one issue and make it my own I would pick Energy. Many things we do today revolve around energy and energy is very vital to America. With energy comes climate change and with climate change comes oil. As it is we only use 25% of the worlds oil and 60% is imported on oil. I agree with both candidates when it comes to energy.

    McCain’s view on energy is how can we reduce foreign oil imports and eliminate Middle Eastern and Venezuela dependence. He would like to build 45 new power plants (nuclear) with wind, tide, solar, and flex fuel. He believes that clean coal technology is key! Eliminating dependence with other countries is very important because that harms national security.

    Obama’s view on energy is quite similar to McCain’s view in the aspect that he too also would like to eliminate dependence on other countries. He would like to expand the domestic production. He is very into off shore drilling. His top priority is to make fuel efficient cars that are affordable and convenient for everyone.

    With that I my plan would be to get on top of everything. I would not just say stuff, I would do it! My main concern and plan would in fact eliminate all dependence. We have great technology, why rely on someone else? I think that we could start now. Oil is also a main concern under my plan. I would drill off shore right now! Another concern with oil is MAKE FUEL EFFICIENT CARS!!!!!! Talk to them auto companies, there is no reason why we can’t do this. Again we have the technology, the education, and the experience, so lets use it!

    19 of 20 – A / I agree let’s talk to them auto companies! NOW. nice job Brittany. I’m not so sure that Obama’s top priority is off shore drilling. You might want to rethink that. He’s been clear about renewables. Two things I like about your post – #1 this is a very significant issue. #2 – Not just say stuff is the KEY. We have to ACT! Get Obama’s plan down right…McCains is pretty good.

  21. Chad Barnaby 1st

    If I Chad Raymond Barnaby could take one issue and fix it to eliminate the problem, I would choose the issue of Immigration. Illegal immigrants are such a significant problem that we need to put an end to. They cost taxpayers billions of dollars. They have no government reimbursement to offset the states illegal alien maintenance costs, and yet they are benefiting from welfare, and social security. We as a country must put a halt on the ridiculous numbers of illegal immigrants. To do so, I would most definitely do something with the whole electronic system that both John McCain and Barack Obama spoke of. Granted, most illegal immigrants do the jobs that you and I do not want to do, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that they are still benefiting from America when they immigrated illegally. Fake documentation is a crime, and if these people are coming into the United States with fake or no documentation, that is fraud. Why should they get our benefits? Now do not get me wrong here, I am sure they work for everything they got, but I am not saying that we should kick everybody out. I just think that we as a country should allow those people who immigrated illegally to stay as long as they follow some guidelines. They have to learn to speak English. Yes Spanish is a nice asset to learn, but it should not be required. Nowadays I go to McDonald’s and what do I see? Spanish all over everything. This is America, learn our language. Lastly, I think that Illegal Immigrants who are already in America she not be allowed to have their families come with them. They should have thought of that. Tough luck. I say we just build a big wall and end all this. We are already so far in debt, might as well put our money into something with meaning.

    17 of 20 B / Do you really think this is the biggest issue facing the country or are you answering the question because it is your topic? Just curious. Plenty of info and passion here. You’ve laid the problems and costs quite well. Do you really think we should build a Big Wall? Or are there other ways to solve this thing. You better not show this to Angelina or she will kick your A–!

  22. Corey Swanson

    I would agree with the article, the issues here absolutely matter, not only to me, but to 100% of the rest of the American population. How a candidate stands on an issue shows us deep insight into, not only their administrative bearings, but also into there judgment (let us avoid the topic of Sarah Palin). I cannot help but note that Obama has displayed superior decision-making skills in both his campaign and his stance on certain issues.

    A great litmus test–if we agree that a candidate’s stance on an issue is, in fact, an indicator of their executive competency–would be to look at both of these candidates Health Care Plans. Health Care, over the last few years, has become one of the largest industries in the world, threatening to consume a massive 25% of our total GDP, and however the next President handles this issue will define a great deal of their ability to handle a host of other issues including the war in Iraq.

    If I had to craft a plan to deal with the healthcare I would address three problems of the healthcare system: 1) I would try to lower premiums, 2) I would attempt to insure everyone who cannot afford adequate healthcare, and 3) I would try to keep the private healthcare market moving, but attempt to restrain it so people are not taken advantage of.


    I would attempt to bargain with insurance companies to see if they can lower their premiums and I would offer individuals tax breaks to help them afford their healthcare. If an employer wanted to insure their employees, I would give them a tax break to encourage that, but would make sure to make it mandatory for large businesses to insure their employees while exempting smaller businesses.

    Who do I match up with?


    For everyone who cannot afford or qualify for healthcare I would take a series of measures to insure them. Firstly, I would supplement lower premiums with a National Healthcare System to insure everyone who cannot afford good coverage. Secondly, I would remove the pre-existing condition criteria from the National Healthcare System and allow people who are struggling with diseases to find top quality health care. Thirdly, I would make it impossible to pass laws that protect drug companies that are putting out bad medications from law suits and make sure that doctors are held accountable for their practices. Lastly, I would encourage and overhaul preventive care so that there are less people in the hospital due to preventable diseases.

    Who do I match up with?


    Because a private market encourages faster advances in both healthcare technology and cost-effective care, but we cannot allow corporate lobbyists to control our government and allow large corporate giants squash the little guy. I would make sure that healthcare affiliated lobbyists could not enter the congress floor and keep close track of funding coming from the healthcare industry. Though it is their right to donate, if I felt that they were bribing a member of our congress, I would take immediate action.

    Who do I match up with?


    Obviously, I support Obama’s plan for the very reasons I’ve laid out. I feel his plan is the most comprehensive and belays his excellence in executive decisions.

    23 of 20 A+ / Well Senator Swanson, I think you’ve said it all. I know you waited until the end to deal with the lobby part, but it is HUGE! Do you think if Obama is elected he will be able to fulfill these Health Care promises – or will he have to scale it back. The cost will be plenty. I’d like to know – if you had prioritize your Health Care needs what would they be? As for knowing Obama – I would assume you’re pretty convincing door to door.

  23. Eddie DeHoog

    If i were to pick one of the issues and make it my own I would have to choose Health care. Health care is one of the biggest issues because everybody needs it and if you don’t have it and you are ill you are screwed with trying to go to the hospital.
    I would honestly say Obama’s plan is way better than McCain’s plan. Obama wants to cut cost and allow the common person to be allowed to have the same plan as he and McCain. McCain’s plan is BS because he wants to allow us to have five thousand dollars to spend on health care but he also wants to tax it and health care will be about twelve thousand dollars so how will we pay for the other seven thousand.
    My health care plan would be similar to Obama’s plan but i would cut the cost even more because I want everyone to be able to afford it so they don’t get screwed over and get into dept. I would still keep the option of allowing family’s to still get the same plan as Obama with the health care he and McCain have. My whole point of my plan is cheaper and more efficient for the common man.

    17 of 20 B / Not bad…you’ve got the basics of the problem. What is its influence on the economy? Do you think this is going to happen in the next four years? Just curious.

  24. Kaylee G 1st

    I also agree with Jamie and Becca on the issue about health care. Not only is it ridiculous that we are the only developed nation that does not have the health care that should be provided but, we have to pay ridiculous amounts and that barely covers much of anything.

    This is the issue that I would personally eliminate for good. I feel like this is a responsibility of the next president to provide our nation with free or cheaper health care. It is very sad to look back and think of what our country has become. When I was little never can I remember my parents, grandparents, or any of my relatives have to choose between groceries or getting their medications. Can you only imagine what it’s like for someone who has a pre-existing condition and some health care providers won’t take them in? This is got to stop. I also believe that if this issue was taken care of that it would help our economy out a bit more. If prices were cheaper on health care then people could buy both prescriptions and their groceries.

    I agree with Obama’s health care plan completely. I like how he is trying to get the small businesses involved and trying to give them an incentive like tax credit for those who offer quality health insurance for their employees. It also would cover 50 percent of premiums. I like the fact that he is trying to get us the same health care that doctors, governors and even the kind of benefits that he gets for so much cheaper than we are.

    I disagree with McCain because I do not think that he should tax our nation’s healthcare. How is that supposed to lower the cost? I pay forty six dollars a week for health care and with taxes on that it would be around 50 dollars a week or 200 a month and that’s just for me. I don’t even get covered on some things like the emergency rooms or my labs; I have to pay for those out of my pocket. I also don’t like the fact that he expects American families $5000 a refundable tax credit to purchase the insurance that they like. Because like I previously stated; how are those who have pre-existing conditions going to manage that budget.

    This election matters to me because I don’t want to see someone to have to choose between two hard choices of what they are going to put their money towards this week. So if I could take an issue and change it for the better it would definately have to be health care.

    (-5 pts spelling) 22-5 = 17 of 20 – B+ This is VERY good! Darn five points off – spell check. You are clear. You are passionate. You are accurate.

  25. Kelly L. 2nd hour

    I think there is one answer to eliminate the problems of immigration, and that’s a wall. We have all of these issues with illegal immigrants crossing the border, but if we made a giant wall to keep them out, and posted guards on top, we wouldn’t have these problems at all!

    Yes I’m only kidding, but the fact remains that we need to crack down on people that enter this country as criminals. If the first thing a person does to get here is break the law, we shouldn’t let them go get a job that an American citizen needs. The article mentions that both candidates want electronic counter-measures to insure that working immigrants are legal, but this is only the first step, we need to send a clear message that we don’t let people break the law. One thing the government could do is use the border as a place to train military personnel. In training groups could go to the border and patrol it. This would increase our border security and help train our troops at the same time.

    5 PTS EXTRA – Really good idea…I mean the training idea not the Wall idea. However, I think most people would probably want the wall and want the guards armed with bazookas. Nice job again.

  26. Alexandra Ickes

    If there was on problem I was able to fix or eliminate, it would be health care. I choose health care because everyone needs it but few can afford to have it.
    If the health care plan was up to me I would want to find a reasonable way to take it out of taxes or another source of Americas finances without effecting there pockets to the extent it does. I believe every person has at least the right to be as healthy as possible and not having to go into debt for it.

    16 of 20 B / Pretty straight forward. Health Care…taxes. Why is this the most significant issue. Maybe a little more depth – but at least you spellchecked it. Good.

  27. Brittney Vander Laan

    If I could chose one issue in the article to help eliminate the problem would probably be immigration. Immigration is a huge issue that needs to be delt with, there is way too many illegal immigrants working in our country. I believe everyone should have a back ground check to identify if they are from the U.S. or they are immigrant, if they are immigrants I believe they should be brought back to the country they came from. Also us U.S. citizens pay the taxes not the illegal immigrants, so why would this be fair to the tax payers in the U.S.? I think that immigration should be looked upon more closely to help eliminate this problem.

    (-5 spelling) 9 of 20 – F / You really haven’t explained why it is such a significant issue. Why is it? It does need to be looked at more closely you’re right. And it has problems. But you need to be more specific in telling me what they are.

  28. .charity.

    I believe that an important issue to change is the taxes. Obama says that he will make these cuts for small businesses and for families but won’t higher taxes help improve the economy? I supposed I am a little confused. I don’t really understand the article that well. But I do know that taxes are important to the health of the economy. If we lose all the taxes then where is revenue going to come in? Help Mr. Wood!

    10 of 20 F – Charity its five minutes til deadline – you can’t keep putting this stuff off forever each week.

  29. Mr Wood


  30. Amanda Segelstrom

    If I had the chance to fix one problem, it would be our health care issue. There are so many people out there who are in desperate need of help. If I were in charge, I would make it to where everyone no matter what would get health care. Like in other countries, such as in Finland, all of there medical expenses are paid for and they are much better off. Comparing our country to thiers, we have many more struggles and our economy is worse. Here, our hospital bills are extrememly expensive and many people can’t even afford it, however in other countries, it is covered so they don’t have to worry about costs, they will get the medical attention that they need no matter what the circumstances are.

  31. Jessica Cochran Mr.Barry's 3rd Hour

    If you were able to take one issue examined in the article and fix or create a plan to minimize or eliminate that problem, what would it be and why?
    If I could take one of fix issues I would chooses taxes. Like tax breaks for small businesses making it easier for the business to grow. Instead of taxing them the regular amount and making it too difficult for them to live. I think taxes are really hurting the small business and helping the larger ones. But its also causing the small businesses to go out of businesses.