Joe the Plumber WINS debate!

…and he’s not even a real plumber.

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  1. Kassi-3

    Oh my gosh! I love Joe Plumber (laughs). It looks like Obama won it again. He makes me believe that there is hope along side of all of horrible things that are rushing out of Pandora’s Box. And let me say…the american people are angry, they’re angry, angry…furiously angry…maverick. (Laughs) Great debate although I still want McCain/Palin to loose it at one point and totally be obliterated by Obama.
    I’m interested in seeing how the polls will react, but for now i’m going to invest my time into encouraging more votes for Obama. I believe we’re canvasing tomarrow/ Oct 16 after school so see me or Corey if you want to tag along.

    Good Night/Morning/Afternoon!

  2. Kelly L

    Joe the plumber…..imagine if his name had been Mario.

    “Mario wanted to make a video game company he called Nintendo, but because of Obama’s tax plan, he realized that he could not.”

    so good Kelly!