ELECTION DAY IS NEAR – Tuesday November 4

Get your ten hours in – Deadline is Tuesday November 4. Election Day is Tuesday November 4.

It’s coming – Election Day – Tuesday November 4 – it’s the last day to get volunteer hours. If you are near a ten hour total – GET IT! If you’ve got 8 get to 10. If you’ve got 16 get to 20. If you are at 154 get to 160.

Keep up the good work. Have fun! You are making a difference in the world.

  • Check here for more info on the Barack Obama campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the John McCain campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the Holly Hughes campaign.
  • Check here for more info on the Mary Valentine campaign.
  • Check here for more info on Precinct Two in Egelston on Nov 4.


G.O.T.V. – Get out the Vote – Just give them a call. Warm up the car, post when you’re going here, and head on down for hours.

Please use this site to post weekly questions or comments on the candidates or volunteering options. You may use this site to communicate with other students on when and where and how you plan on getting involved. Don’t forget – any questions call Mr. Wood at (616) 402-8668 or email him bobwoodmsu@charter.net.

Click here for extra volunteer notebook pages.

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  1. This is an open invitation for volunteers to work for the for a democratic victory on election day from right in Egelston township.

    We have positions for Election Challengers, phonebankers, and runners. Election Challengers must be 18 registered to vote and will sit a shift at the polls. Phonebanking is ideal for under 18 individuals. Phonebanking largely involves calling individuals who have not voted, coordinating rides for those who need them, and communicating important election information as needed. Some internet canvassing and emailing may be involved.

    This is a great opportunity to learn up front about the election system as it applies right here in Egelston, as well as a possibility of meeting current and potential office holders. If interested I need to know ideally by Friday October 31st. Snacks, beverages, and transportation will be provided.

    Contact Branden Gemzer 903-3838 or at gemzerb@yahoo.com with interest or any questions.

  2. Branden Gemzer

    Just an update, the democratic phone bank will be at Kevin Johnsons house on the corner of Kensington and Hall, literally across the street from the high school, snacks and food will be available.