Senior Current Issues & the Election (Way to Go Guys!)

First of all and most significantly – I am absolutely impressed with the effort last week, that you all put into debating the issues of the 2008 Presidential Campaign. You handled the research well. The opening statements were unique and personal. Question and Answer session was “oh so impressive.” This is one of the finest efforts, in an extended group assignment, that I’ve had the privilege of participating in as a teacher in my entire career. You know the issues. You know the candidates. You are becoming enlightened citizens. As an American citizen I feel more confident willing the keys of this Constitution to you all, than I have ever felt about the role my generation has played in taking on that responsibility. Thank you for the fine effort. Continue to stay vigilant of your government and its policies in the future.

I have provided all groups a 5% bump on their grade (group presentation) for last week’s efforts.

Now a summary note of the things coming up on Monday November 3 and 4 – concerning your grade and the Election.

Issues of the Election Exam (100 pts) – Monday November 3

  • This Exam counts as a Common Assessment.
  • This Exam counts as a Test.
  • This Exam will cover the issues that we debated as well as your personal issues.
  • You may come in and start the Exam at 7:30 AM on Monday.
  • You must finish the Exam by the end of first period.

Volunteer hours for Senior Current Issues – due by Wed Nov 5

  • You may volunteer on Nov 4 and count the hours.
  • Your volunteer work on Nov 4 is excused if your mom calls in or sends a letter.
  • Your volunteer work on Nov 4 is NOT a school related absence.
  • Check in with any of the campaigns by phone before Nov 4.
  • All Volunteer hour sheets must turned in by Wed Nov 5.
  • If you do zero hours the best semester grade you can earn is a C+.
  • You earn 5% extra credit for every 10 hours worked.

Final two episodes of “The VOTE.”

  • Corey, Charity, Geoff, and Eddie – you all must post by Monday (preferably by the end of lunch).
  • Anybody who would like to create our final post election podcast of “The VOTE” we will do so on Wednesday November 5 afterschool. You can earn extra credit for the podcast.

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