The Next Bakesale and Fundraising Committee

Hello Everyone!

Our next bakesale will be Monday November 24 and Tuesday 25 – both lunches.  That’s the week of Thanksgiving.

SPECIAL NOTICE: I am going to be putting together a fundraising committee so we can all share ideas and work together as a team to earn money for the trip(s) you are going to attend.

*All who are interested in being apart of this committee, come to the Close Up/Selma fundraising committee Wednesday November 12 during Channel One. Announcements will be made so please listen! :0) And I will get names and we’ll start brain storming ideas.

Thanks everyone!

~ Charity

P.S. Use this blog! Check it every day. Make it your new bestfriend. I want to hear from you! :0)

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  1. Benjamin Newman

    this time I’ll be ready, I’ll start looking up new recipes and cooking them immediately and make sure i have some good fresh ones when i get there.

  2. ..Charity..

    Great Ben. We will meet next week and discuss what we’ll bring. Thanks for using the blog! :0)

  3. ..Charity..

    You people need to post….’cause I’m gettin’ fed up with this :0)

    Seriously though….

  4. Kaylee G 1st

    I will be there wednesday morning Charity.

    I think it’ll also be a good idea if we get together before the bake sale just to make sure and see who is bringing what, and such.

  5. Tina Esparza

    Has anyone ever thought about being the early sellers
    of Wesco popcorn buckets? In the past I have seen this be a huge success. Alot of people like to give these as gifts for Christmas so I think it would be a great idea to check into this fundraiser as well as your bake sales.

  6. .charity.

    I heard someone mention that. It sounds like a great idea. If you can talk with Wesco, let me know what we have to do. Thanks!

  7. Tina Esparza

    I have the name of the Wesco Associate so on
    Monday 11-17-08 I will give him a call and see
    what info I can get. Thanks for your reply.

  8. Jessica Jenkins

    Bre and I will be there on Sunday to help with the bake sale. Do we just bring our own stuff to bake?

  9. .charity.

    I can get that info to you on friday the twenty first :0)

  10. Tina Esparza

    Just to let you know I have called the Wesco Associate 2 days in a row multiple times and I keep
    getting his voice mail. I will try again and if I don’t have
    any luck I will try calling someone else. I will provide info as soon as I have it.

  11. Tina Esparza

    Charity I have received a call from the Wesco Associate and I have some info to share and I would
    like for you to call me at your convenience. My cell
    is 638-0389 but the one question he asked me that
    I didn’t know is how many members will be selling them? If you have an idea that will be great. I hope to
    here from you soon.

  12. Hello Tina!

    I have to get everyone together and ask them who is interested in the sale. Then I’d be happy to call you and let you know who is interested. Your the only one whose really helped me get this thing moving. Thanks a bunch! :0)

  13. Tina Esparza

    This is a really profitable opportunity. The cost for each bucket is $2.50 and we sell them for $8.00
    WOW thats $5.50 per bucket. There is a great potential to make alot of money towards the trips.
    The only reason the associate asked how many are
    going to sell as they come in boxes of 100. I already
    have about 20 accounted for so I would really like
    to do this. I have no problems helping get this off
    the ground and going.