Fundraising Meeting Friday November 21 – Channel ONE

A message from the new Charity.

First, let me thank those who attended the meeting this morning. I was glad to see that you are interested in doing this because it is all for you! That is why I decided to put together a committee so we could work together and because I want to see you go and have your eyes opened to what the world has to offer

Now to the more important stuff. We will meet Friday, November 21st during Channel One to finalize all the things we talked about during the Wednesday meeting.

Please leave your name for all those who interested in helping us out.

The food ideas we came up with are as follows:

  • -Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • -Sugar Cookies
  • -Brownies
  • -Cupcakes
  • -No Bakes
  • -Puppy Chow
  • -Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • -Rice Crispy Treats
  • -Zucchini Bread

These are what we’ll start with and if anyone comes up with other ideas then we can add to our list of items to make.

We will meet Sunday, November 23d at my house and split up into two groups at 2:00 pm to start baking.

What I usually do when I have a bake sale is I label my items and take the money that I earn, and others take what they earn. BUT what I think I want to do is have everyone help out and bake things and we will all work selling the goods and then divide the money equally if we have a big number of helpers. This will make if fair. If you have any questions please talk with me at school, email me at or call me at 638.0182 or 788.5295. I would be happy to help you figure any thing out. These are the directions to Brittany Weiss’s and my house.

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  1. Angelina Mosher

    Hey Charity… I will actually be gone the 20th-245th because I have a conference in Chicago with my college class. But I would be more than will to bake something and then maybe have my mom bring it in or whatever… I just wanted to know you totally have my support but for the 20th-25th I won’t be at school

  2. Angelina Mosher

    Oooo and I can sell ten buckets of popcorn 🙂 If we decide to do that.

  3. .charity.

    So I need a definite list of those who want to work the bake sale. Use this blog! I am getting angry….grrrrr. It won’t be pretty….trust me.

  4. crystal davis

    ok I dont know if I was put on the list for the committee but I was there at the meeting. I just want to say that I want to help bake but I need a ride…I also dont know if I can bring anything becouse we are tight on funds right now but I will really try I just need to talk to my mom and see if she can scrap up some money. if she can I will bring brownies or something. please tell me if you have any problems with that ok?

  5. .charity.

    Thanks for posting Crystal! :0). We will have the meeting on Friday to finalize everything! We can discuss any questions you have. Thanks!

  6. Angelina Mosher

    Ok Charity… I kind of lied… I will be here all day on Friday..however Monday and Tuesday I won’t so if you guys need help… I can come to the meeting on friday…and maybe I can buy baking stuff or whatever for you guys… I don’t know just tell me what you need me to do or in what way I can help

  7. Jessica Jenkins

    where is the metting on friday??

  8. Charity.

    If anyone’s interested, please let me know if they are willing to be my right hand man/woman…..that would be so groovy. Thanks a bunch.