WESCO POPCORN buckets 4 Sale!!!!!!!!!

ONCE WE GET 100 MORE ORDERS FOR BUCKETS WE WILL ORDER 100 MORE BUCKETS – as of Friday Dec 5 @ midnight we have 75 buckets ordered on the third 100. Until then make up an order sheet and go out and get orders for the buckets. Meanwhile POST on this site more orders.

We’ve got 200 buckets out there. Nice job. Bring in your money once your buckets are sold.

Here’s the skinny.

  • We buy Wesco Popcorn Buckets for $2.50 per bucket.
  • We sell Weco Popcorn Buckets for $8.00.
  • We make $5.5o off of every Wesco Popcorn Bucket.
  • We must buy in cases of 100.

We don’t buy ONE bucket until I get pledges from you for how many buckets you want. Once you pledge to sell your buckets – they are YOUR BUCKETS – you are responsible for the $2.50 per bucket! You can’t return em to me.

So, POST HERE, with your name and how many buckets you will take!

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0 Responses to WESCO POPCORN buckets 4 Sale!!!!!!!!!

  1. Tyler Darnell 1st

    I got 20

  2. The New Charity

    Sorry Mr. Wood, I apologize for not being specific, I will take 20 buckets to sell, thanks :0)

  3. sophelia alviar

    I would like 10 buckets now and if that goes well then i will most likely take more

  4. Torrey Esparza

    repost I want 35

  5. Autumn S

    Mr. Wood, I will sell 15 popcorn buckets.

  6. Kerstin Bomba


    I would like 10 buckets

  7. crystal davis

    I will take 30 buckets now and then if you have any not pledged for I’ll sell them too…

  8. Courtney Berghuis

    I will take 10 buckets.

  9. Cristina Simmons

    I would like to have 10 buckets

  10. nyssa swanson

    I’ll take 10 buckets.

  11. Samantha Ferrier

    I’ll take 15 buckets please and thank you!!

  12. Alexandra Ickes

    i’ll take 15 please and thank you !!! =]

  13. Mr Wood

    OKAY – WE HAVE ORDERED 200. KEEP POSTING AND WHEN WE REACH 300 I’LL GET ANOTHER 100. As for the 200 that have been ordered. Stop by Friday and I will hand them out. Keep up the good work.

  14. Kaylie Payne

    I’ll take 20 buckets

  15. Kara Finlay

    I will take 5 for now

  16. Emily DeWitt

    I would like 10 buckets to start off with, please.
    Thank You!

  17. Corey Swanson

    Mr. Wood,

    I would like to order 15 buckets to sell.

  18. britt weiss

    Mr. Wood i will take 10 buckets.

  19. morgan bowen

    Mr. Wood I would think that I will take aprox. 15 buckets to start off.
    please and thank you.

  20. Jessica Jenkins

    mr. wood
    when is the money due for the popcorn and when will you get the popcorn buckets?

    After break – and we’ll get the next 100 as soon as we have pledges for 100 more buckets. I have to buy in batches of 100.

  21. Angelina Mosher

    ok I lied… I want 25 …definantly 25

  22. Mr Wood

    GOOD JOB GUYS! – We got orders for 100 buckets! I will get them on Thursday aftershcool and have them for you Friday Morning. Come and get em on Friday.