Calling Congress 101

Calling All Government Students:

Don’t forget to call your representative this weekend…

  • Mr. Wood’s phone number (616) 402-8668
  • Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Sunday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Check here for copy of the syllabus for phone call assignment.

Check here for worksheet on calling your congressman.

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0 Responses to Calling Congress 101

  1. Katelynn Bowyer (6th hour)

    Hi Mr. Wood I was doing my homework and I was getting ready to do number 4 which is
    14th Amendment-due process and process of incorporation.
    What id due process and process of incorporation under the 14th Amendment.

    I really don’t understand what it is asking.
    I was hoping you could kind of give me a boost of what it means.

    Thank you

    Don’t worry, it’s not due until NEXT week! Nice job on your phone call.

  2. David K. 6th hour

    Hey Mr. wood if my parter does now like or want to go picket with me. Can I have my friends go with me and picket.. Or will that count for a grade.


  3. Nyssa S.

    Mr. Wood, is there anything I can do for extra credit…possibly over break?
    Pretty Pretty Please!

    Yessiree deary. I will post some cool stuff up manyana. Until then watch Spartan victories.