R you going to SELMA?????????


Mr. Wood needs to know if you are going to Selma.

I need to know if you are committed to go. If you say “Yes” then I will reserve an airline ticket for you. If you then back out you will be responsible for the $40 deposit for the plane ticket. So, please let me know (by posting in the comments section) by December 20, whether you are “in” or “out”. The following people, as of December 14, have said that they intend to go to Selma, Alabama. Please see me if you have questions about this post or anything else. Thanks.

  • IN – Sophelia
  • IN – Courtney Berghuis
  • IN – Kerstin Bomba
  • IN – Crystal Davis
  • IN – Torrey Esparza
  • IN – Sam Ferrier
  • IN – Lexi Ickes
  • IN – Kayley Meisch
  • IN – Angelina Mosher
  • IN – Kaylie Payne
  • IN – Autumn Storm
  • IN – Corey Swanson
  • IN – Nyssa Swanson
  • IN – Britt Weiss
  • IN – Charity Wilde
  • IN – Autumn Woods
  • IN – Mr. Wood
  • IN – Mrs. Carlson
  • IN – Mr Green

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0 Responses to R you going to SELMA?????????

  1. Kerstin Bomba

    Yes, I will go to Selma

  2. Torrey Esparza


  3. Autumn S

    Yes! I am going to Selma.

  4. The New Charity

    I definitely am going to Selma. Maybe I’ll try converting you when we go, I haven’t decided yet.

  5. Angelina Mosher

    I’m going to Selma…fo sho

  6. Corey Swanson

    Don’t worry… I’ll get it covered.

    Im in and I’m sure Nyssa is too

  7. sophelia alviar

    i’m in. my guardian Carol wanted to know when the best time would be to talk to you about her going on the trip if possible.

  8. Samantha Ferrier

    I’m in.

  9. crystal davis

    I am in too

  10. Charity.

    So I have great news. I will be able to pay off the entire Selma trip by the end of this upcoming week! I will get the $510 to you by friday. This way I can focus on Close Up, great idea right?

  11. nyssa swanson

    Im in.

    Then so AM I!

  12. ALexandra Ickes

    I’m going Mr.wood

  13. Courtney Berghuis

    Count me in.

  14. britt weiss

    Mr wood i am going for sure…im excited:}}}}}}}}}}

  15. Kayley Meisch

    I am IN… Sorry it took so long to post.
    : )

  16. Kaylie Payne

    I am going to selma!

  17. Autumn Woods

    I’m in =]