A particular teacher (who will remain unnamed) has been highly critical of this blog since the election…and has noted that it is now “boring.” While I disagree with that mindless premise, lately it’s been pretty much about popcorn buckets and airplane tickets. So, to remedy that we have resurrected “Cool News.” Last year, if you remember – “Cool News” – provided readers an insight to interesting stories and articles around the world. Feel free to comment or to send in your own suggestions. And hopefully certain English teachers will be a bit more open minded with their criticisms in the future.

Take a LOOKToday’s “COOL NEWS” is a spirited 7:00 youtube discussion on the issue of gay marriage between John Stewart of the Daily Show and Governor Mike Huckabee, who ran for the Republican nomination for president. Good points both sides. Take a look. Leave a comment.

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  1. Samantha Ferrier

    I watched the video… I liked it. To me there was a nice twist to the conversation because they brought up many different points that are overlooked.

    I also have a youtube video which is kind of clever. You need to watch it first because I’m a little unsure of how appropriate you may feel it is. Thanks for the heads up. I think it is absolutely appropriate for the world…probably not for the blog. Thanks for thinking of me. Send it out by email.

  2. Dani

    I religiously watch both the Daily Show and Colbert Report, and I saw this on TV a few nights ago. I really enjoyed their debate, and how they were able to talk about both sides of the issue in a civilized manner.

    Mr. Wood, is there any certain day and time that you want me to come visit at school?

    I am trying to set something up for Friday in the auditorium…to talk to kids about college. Can you come? Plus I want to do a little podcast 10:00 talking to you about your experiences so far at Northen…and what you want to do in the future. Anytime afterschool would be good for that…when will you be home? And don’t forget Saturday we are going to Chi-town and you are invited.

  3. Dani

    Yea I can come on Friday. I think I’m free any afternoon this week. How much is it to go to Chicago?

  4. Mr. Green

    The 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution is only three weeks away. The coolest news is coming from dissidents like Yoani Sanchez, who are telling the truth about Cuban oppression: http://www.desdecuba.com/generationy/

    (Yoani Sanchez is who Mr. Wood wishes he could be, if only he weren’t so bourgeoisie and looked better in a skirt!)
    viva la revolucian!!!!!!