Let’s go to Chicago

Parents must contact Mr. Wood in order for students to go to Chicago. As of Dec 18 the following students are cleared:

  • Rhea Taylor
  • Sam Smith
  • Sam Ferrier
  • Angelina Mosher
  • Lexi Ickies
  • Becca Hall
  • Britt Weiss


  • Saturday December 20.
  • Leave Russ in GH – 8:00 AM via car pool.
  • Train – Michigan City to Downtown Chi-town. (9:20 AM CST).
  • Cost – $15 round trip. Don’t give $$$ to me. Just bring it to the train.
  • Pal around Chicago with friends and assorted terrorists.
  • Train – Chi-town to Michigan City. (8:00 PM CST).
  • back home tucked in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head – 1:00 AM.

You can bring friends or folks or brothers or sisters, but I have to talk to the individual and that person’s parent. Have them call me (616) 402-8668.

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  1. Robin Ferrier

    Hello Mr. Wood,
    Samantha can go on Saturday and I will be more than happy to take some kids to Grand Haven and pick them up. If you have any questions you can call me or talk to Sam.