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American University

Lyndsey is a 2005 graduate of Oakridge High School and is currently enrolled as a Senior at American University in Washington D.C. Lyndsey has played rugby at American for four years. She spent the 2007 Fall semester abroad studying in Italy. She will graduate this Spring with a dual major in Law and Society and Psychology. She eventually plans on going to Law School, but not yet. She is currently applying to teach for two years through Americorp beginning next Fall either on an Indian Reservation out West, in a D.C. inner city school, or in the backwoods of the Mississippi Delta. Listen in as Lyndsey provides you insights to her life these past four years at American, and particularly about her five month study abroad in Italy. If you have any questions for Lyndsey drop her an email, and if you would like to spend a day or two checking out American University she’d be glad to put you up. As always feel free to leave comments and questions here at the blog.

College Talk Podcast with Lyndsey Gibson (January 09.)

Lyndsey’s email – Lg7701a@Student.American.edu

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