“COLLEGE Talk” with Dani Patton


Northern Michigan University

Dani Patton is a 2008 graduate of Oakridge High School and is presently enrolled as a freshman at Northern Michigan University where her hair is colored purple, pink, and yellow. Dani loves Finnish music and Finnish culture and will be spending a semester abroad in Finland sometime soon. Meanwhile she’s living “the good life” in the dorm up at Northern, playing her music loud, going to class, working at Target, and feeling what it’s like to be on her own for her first time ever. Listen in, she’ll tell you all about her first semester up there in the “Great White North.” If you’d like to get to know Northern first hand, drop her an email and she’ll find a couch for you to crash on. Unfortunately you’ll have to figure out how to make the eight day journey on your own. And as always, feel free to leave comments and questions here at the blog.

College Talk Podcast with Dani Patton (January 09.)

Dani’s Email – DemolitionLover77@yahoo.com

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  1. Ruth Cooper

    Just listened to Dani Patton’s podcast – very interesting. I enjoyed hearing how past students are doing away from home.

  2. Celeste W.

    I can totally relate to Dani.

    I’m big into photography and graphic design also. I love how she said she went to Northern to just get away and be independent. I’ve got to get myself out of Muskegon and see what this world has to offer, taking pictures of it all.

  3. Stephanie Crain

    I have visit marquette michigan 3 times now with josh. The first to times we were apartment/house hunting and the third time we went and stay in our new house and painted it and stuff to make it our own. We will be going back up there next week to finish it off. We both plan on attending NMU. Very exciting. Marquette is beautiful. Our house is in Ispeming, but its only a 20 minutes drive. orintation for us in July 15. I listened to Dani’s podcast and I hope I like it up there as much as she does. Our experience is going to be a little different because I will be married and living off campus. The Campus is still really confusing to me… I’m gunna have to work on that. I can find the admissions, finical aid, veterens and housing building…(its all one building) and that’s about it.

    I’m sure it’s going to be fun, im excited to get our of muskegon and live on my own. well ofcourse with Josh.
    I hear that Marquette, Michigan is a leader in the elctroshock therapy field. That is very good news for you…and for Josh now that he will be married to you.

  4. Stephanie Crain

    Yes, this is very good news. I don’t know what I would do with my therapy, and ofcourse Josh would probably go insane. (: