“COLLEGE Talk” with Jordan Holter


Grand Valley State University

Jordan Holter is 2007 graduate of Oakridge High School and is presently enrolled as a sophomore at Grand Valley State University. Jordan is studying in Health Sciences with a longterm goal of going to graduate school to become a Physician’s Assistant. Her first semester in the dorms was a little ruff, but she adapted and had a great second semester. She is currently living in an apartment in Allendale and loves studying and living at GVSU. Listen in, she’ll tell you all about how she decided to become a PA and her life at Grand Valley. If you’d like to become more acquainted with Grand Valley State University or if you are interested in the PA Program drop her an email. She’s anxious to talk about both, and her apartment has a couch for anybody wanting to visit the campus. And as always, feel free to leave comments and questions here at the blog.

College Talk Podcast with Jordan Holter (December 08.)

Jordan’s Email – holterj@student.gvsu.edu

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