Journal from Little Rock – 1957

This is a Google Docs Assignment.  Find it here.  The Assignment is due posted to Google Docs by 6:00 PM on Sunday February 26.

The first thirty minutes of Eyes on the Prize (above) deals almost specifically with The Little Rock Nine. Watch it. Remember this occurs in 1957 – three years after the Supreme Court decision of Brown v Board that was issued with the caveat “with all deliberate speed.”

The video looks at the controversy from dozens of perspectives. I want you to listen to those involved (white, black, soldiers, politicians, parents and kids) Choose one person. I do not care who you choose. I want you to write a first person perspective for that individual. Note the time in minutes that you are into the movie, and describe the person (physical description and what they are doing at the time of movie) Then write a first person account of how they feel about this entire integration of these nine black kids into Little Rock High School. Dig in…be emotional. Stay in character whatever character you choose. And tell it in the first person – “I”.

Word Count minimum – 300 (check under tools for word count)

In order to post this assignment do the following…

  • Go to Red button on the left hand side of Google Docs (Create)
  • Go down to document
  • Label your Assignment Little Rock Journal – and your name
  • Make sure to go up to File (pull down) and note rename with above name.
  • Spell check your assignment.
  • When you are through go up to blue (Share) button on the upper right.
  • Share to
  • Make sure that I am able to edit your document.
  • Assignment is due posted on Google Docs by 6:00 PM Sunday February 26.
  • If you have any questions email me at
  • by the way this assignment is 340 words long so you won’t have any problems creatively coming up with 300 words.

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