Civil Rights Study #4 – Albany and Birmingham

  • Assignment #4 – Albany & Birmingham
  • Read pages 175 to 244
  • Post Date: Sunday 11:59 PM March 11
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I expect a minimum of 300 words for each of the  following three topics in order for you to achieve a grade equaling an A or B.  Please cite page numbers in your answers.   Now that we are moving – and we have a format – if you want extra credit posts must be made prior to deadlines.   As always you are more than welcomed to come to our Senior Current Issues discussion on Monday March 12.  Keep up the good work…

1 – Albany, Georgia
The Albany campaign was a failure for King and for the movement.  Why?  It’s a very interesting series of events that often gets overlooked in the Civil Rights Movement.  Tell me what you think about it all.

2 – Birmingham, Alabama
Birmingham in the Spring of 1963 was one of the most brutal and dynamic encounters in the entire Civil Rights Movement.  The Oate’s book does an excellent job of covering the ongoing event.  One interesting situation in Birmingham was the influence that its brutality had on President Kennedy.  Make sure to talk about that and the other things that you found interesting from the book in regards to Birmingham.

3 – Allies in the Cause –
Throughout the movement King surrounded himself with brilliant lieutenants.  Young black ministers played a key role.  Take a look at the following five individuals and identify Oate’s take on each of them and their roles in the movement: Bernard Lee, James Bevel, Andrew Young, Harry Belefonte, Fred Shuttlesworth.

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