A.C.T! – Action Counts Today

Groups may choose to place all individuals on a probationary contract – that would insure that no individual member gets a free ride on the project.  If you choose to go the contract route all group members must read, notate out their  specific duties, and sign the contract for it to be valid.  Probationary contracts run for one Marking Period and are renewable each Marking Period thereafter.  Please check here for a blank Probationary Contract – discuss options within your group and get it to Mr. Wood , not later than the third week of the designated Marking Period.  The first MP may take a little longer to lay out the probationary requirements.

Also, each group member must read and discuss the syllabus with their associates and send Mr. Wood a group email noting that they have read the A.C.T! Guidelines and that they understand them.  If the above syllabus is blocked by Oakridge software go here for a PDF copy of the document.

For Government students in Period #3 – Remember, due to the fact that we lost a week to Testing, I am extending your A.C.T! project into MP#5.  That means you will be earning a temporary Incomplete – if you need me to contact your parents concerning this particular issue please let me know.  Please email me at bobwoodmsu@gmail.com and confirm that your group understands the A.C.T!  syllabus.

Thanks.  Mr. Wood

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