Civil Rights Study #5 – March on Washington


  • Assignment #5 – March on Washington
  • Read pages 245 to 300.
  • Post Date: Sunday 11:59 PM March 25
  • Eyes on the Prize – 42:00 March on Washington
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I expect a minimum of 300 words for each of the  following three topics in order for you to achieve a grade equaling an A or B.  Please cite page numbers in your answers.   Now that we are moving – and we have a format – if you want extra credit posts must be made prior to deadlines.   As always you are more than welcomed to come to our Senior Current Issues discussion on Monday March 12.  Keep up the good work…

1 – March on Washington 
Behind the scenes the March on Washington in August of 1963 was an enormous undertaking.  A lot of people did a lot of work to make it happen.  And in Washington everybody held their breath that it wouldn’t turn into an absolute mess.  It’s success was of historic proportion.  Why?  What made this thing work so well?  And what were the lasting results?

2 – Hoover, Johnson, and JFK
Politics was over the movement from the beginning; Washington politics and presidential politics.  Kennedy took a long time to convince, and just when things seemed to be moving in a positive direction he was assassinated.  Johnson was a different animal altogether.  And Hoover was bizarre.  Tell me how King’s relationship with the three was unfolding during this time period.

3 – Allies in the Cause –
Throughout the book Oates brings allies of King’s to the forefront.  C.T.Vivian was such a man.  He’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever talked with.  Tell me about Vivian and Hosea Williams, their role in the movement and their relationship with King.


Interesting links to this reading segment…

• National Public Radio’s 40th anniversary of the March.  Many links to listen to and read.    Some interesting insights by people who were there – take a listen. 
• The Day’s program for March on Washington – take a look.  

• A short video from the History Channel on the day…its pretty good. 

• And as always you may go to  Eyes on the Prize, posted above…go to the 42:00 minute mark.

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