KONI 2012

Our study of  KONI 2012 will include two Google Docs Posts, due posted by 11:59 PM on Thursday March 29.  Please go here for Google Docs Post One.  Number two is still in transition.  Please go here for Google Docs Post Two.  Check this blog post between now and March 29 updates on KONY 2012.

We watched KONI 2012.  Seniors made the following  what two words comes to mind? comments concerning the video. 

  • 6 – Power
  • 4 – Inspiring
  • 2 – Outrage
  • 2 – Act
  • 2 – Change
  • 2 – Amazing 

(1 each for the  following)

  • Controversial
  • Disappointing
  • Effective
  • Horrifying
  • Manipulative
  • Passionate
  • Peace
  • Sympathetic

Koni 2012 is a lot of things, probably all of the above and then some.  Let’s take a look at the issues that surround the man who is responsible for this outrageous practice of capturing and arming child soldiers, as well as the specific call to arms by Invisible Children.

I will provide you some links and news stories to go and listen to concerning the post of KONY 2012.  I also want you to explore the issue of child soldiers separate from KONY.  It’s not like the problem just magically appeared over night.  It’s been around for awhile.

Let’s start by broadening our search.  Listen to and read from the following links listed below – Go to Google Docs KONY 2012 – Part I. This will only be accessible if the document has been shared with you.  Otherwise please go here for a pdf of the KONY 2012 Google Docs Post One Assignment.

Juniors you are also invited to piggy back the assignment for extra credit.  You will not have class time to work on it…however if you choose to do it, the post deadline will be Saturday of Spring Break April 7 @ 11:59 PM.  Same requirements as those noted for SCI.  I have shared the google docs with all classes.  You should not have any access problems.  If you do, please drop me an email.

  • On the Media – Audio podcast includes interview with Nicolas Kristof
  • Foreign Policy “The Road to Hell is Paved with Viral Videos”
  • New York Times – Nicolas Kristof ” – Viral Video, Vicious Warlord”
  • BBC News – Video podcast – “Prosecutor Ocampo still backing campaign”
  • Christian Science Monitor – “Director of Video agrees with critics”
  • LA Times – “Child Soldiers; Worldwide Scourge”

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