– THE COOLEST Web based radio station on earth

This is sooooooo cool.  Give it a listen.  

A listener-supported commercial free internet only streaming music station which started broadcasting in 1999 out of founder Rusty Hodges basement garage in the Bernal Heights Neighborhood of San Francisco.  It takes its name from the South of Market neighborhood of San Fran and Soma “the perfect pleasure drug” from Brave New World.  Go to wiki to read the rest of the story – it’s pretty cool and the music is absolutely groovy.

Don’t miss –

  • LUSH (sensuous mellow vocals, mostly female, with electronic influence)
  • GROOVE SALAD (a nicely chilled plate of ambient downtempo beats and grooves)
  • SUBURBS OF GOA (desi influenced Asian world beats and beyond)
  • MISSION CONTROL (celebrating NASA and Space explorers everywhere)
  • ps Mission Control has real broadcasts from Apollo Flights

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