Terms to Study – 1 Civil Rights Movement

In an effort to improve understanding of key terms and subsequently raise quiz scores, I’ll be posting MP3 podcasts of “terms to study” regularly throughout the semester.  These terms will serve as a core for unit comprehension.  Each is also listed on the front whiteboard in the classroom.  When I place a numeral that corresponds to a particular class hour next to the term on the front board, that means that students in class understand the term.  Any student can veto Mr. Wood’s placement of the numeral on the board; in which case we will go back and talk about it, until a basic understanding is reached.  However once that number is up there, quizzes may be drawn from the term.   All quizzes are two terms 10 point essay answers (twenty point total).

I am also posting audio podcasts of each term below.  In time you will be able to access a link that will provide you an mp3 explanation of the linked term.  Quizzes will be often and unannounced.  So it is important for you to review your notes and the below podcasts regularly throughout the semester.   Special note – most of the below terms need far more depth for explanation than a two or three minute podcast will allow.  My hope here is to provide a brief overview for you.  For more info consult  wiki or other Interent sources.

Civil Rights Movement (Terms to Study)



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