THEY KNOW #14 – Great job guys!

The following individuals earned an “A” on the 14th Amendment Memorization Test.  Well done!  You have until Monday October 15 to recite or write the Amendment 14 afterschool.  I will take your best score only…

Now – lets make sure we know what this thing means.  Forty point test on Thursday.

  • Don Bowen
  • Erin Brault
  • Kohl Chase
  • Brad Cook
  • Rebecca Drummond
  • Cassandra Ellis
  • Clayton Johnston
  • Emilia Lang
  • Shelby Ippen
  • Chelsea Moore
  • Chris Moore
  • Molly Payne
  • Tyler Price
  • Sasha from Deutschland
  • Travis Simmons
  • Kelly Snow
  • Caelin Subdon
  • Maria Vasconcellos from Brazil
  • Tyler Wehner

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