SCI takes on the Issues – Election 2012

From Monday, October 29 to Friday,  November 2 Mr. Wood’s Senior Current Issues students will take on the major issues in the 2012 Presidential Election.  All students and faculty are welcomed to attend; attendees and class members  may ask questions, and participate in this exercise in democracy.

The format for the debates will be as follows:

  • Six tables will be stationed at the head of class and be staffed by six different students on M – F.
  • Visitors and rest of the SCI class will sit in the gallery.  Mr. Wood will moderate.
  • On each day we will address a single major issue in the presidential campaign.
  • Each student will open with a prepared (and timed) statement of 1:0o to 2:00.  This statement must summarize the positions of Governor Romney and President Obama and may include personal preferences as well.
  • After the six opening statements – the debate will be opened to all for questions and comments.  Debaters may question one another without raising hands.  Mr. Wood will be allowed to direct questions towards any presenter.  Audience questions must be recognized by the moderator and may be directed to any individual at the front of the room.
  • Coverage of the issue will go for the entire length of the class period – each day.  We begin at 8:00 and end at 9:00.
  • Students presenters will be graded on three criteria – 1-Opening Statement  2-Knowledge of topic  3-Q & A
  • Presentations will count as 100 point project assignment.  Group grades will consist of a 50 point assignment.
  • A no show participant will make up the debate in an hour long after school discussion with Mr. Wood the particular topic.

Schedule for SCI Takes on the Issues Election 2012

  • Monday Oct 29 – Health Care
  • Joe Line
  • Ashley Weaver
  • Sarah Pennell
  • Sam Eely
  • Almanda Molter
  • Sierra Hanchera
  • Tuesday Oct 30 – Foreign Policy
  • Jesse Thom
  • Zack Jenkins
  • Zach Murphy
  • TJ Dalum
  • Haley Knight
  • Wednesday Oct 31 – Economy
  • TJ Dalum
  • Robert Porter
  • Ashley Weaver
  • Mike Eacker
  • Zack Murphy
  • Shelby Ippen
  • Thursday Nov 1 – Energy & Environment
  • Sara Musser
  • Dominique Oudsema
  • Emily Morgan
  • Blair Thompson
  • Lauren Thomas
  • Friday Nov 2 – Gay Marriage / Abortion
  • Emily Morgan
  • Sascha from Deutschland
  • Dominique Oudesma
  • Almonda Molter
  • Alberto Garza
  • Nicole Kary
  • Sierra Hanchera






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