Martin Luther King Jr. – An Independent Study / Syllabus

This study on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. is done in conjunction with Google Docs…all posts are made on the Google Docs website.  

#1 –Grades for this assignment will substitute the ongoing scholarship search study being made by American students in the class Class time provided to scholarship study will be available as well to Sascha, Almanda, and Zach.

#2 – The most significant goal of this study is for Sascha and Almanda to leave the United States with an extensive and keen insight into the American Civil Rights movement.  It is also hoped that if any of the three students go to Selma, Alabama in March 2013 that their journey will be significantly enriched with the study.

#3 – A third situation has made its self available regarding this study; by using Google-docs this assignment will be opened up to any of Mr. Wood’s students in other classes for extra credit.  Just stop by and pick up a book and follow us online and in google docs.

Supplemental Materials for Independent study:

1 – “Let the Trumpet Sound”by Stephen B. Oates will be assigned reading.  Mr. Wood will regular reading assignments for discussion at noted times.

2 – Video Documentary Series – “Eyes on the Prize”– this is the foremost video study on the American Civil Rights movement.  The first six episodes deal with events during the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  We will watch and discuss each of these movies.  They will be assigned to watch in collaboration with text readings.  Makes sure you watch the movies by assigned dates.

3 – Great Speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. – Students have access to ten full speeches of Dr. King.  Each features an accompanying introduction by pivotal individual in the movement.  Speeches will be assigned for supplemental research at appropriate times in the study.  If you would like a copy of the speeches bring in a flash drive I will get you a copy.

4 – Songs of the Civil Rights Era – I have a compilation of songs of the Civil Rights movement. it is very inspirational.  If you would like a copy let me know.

Method of Grading

30 point discussions – Mr. Wood, Zack, Sascha, and Almanda will join in an every-other-week round table discussion of the Google docs topics.  These topics will be announced two weeks in advance of the scheduled discussions and will consist of a handful of directed issues for reading – normally three.   Anybody may come to these round tables….if you’re doing the Independent Study for extra credit and you have a first hour teacher that allows you to drop by on the designated day, you are welcomed to join us.  Zack, Sascha, and Almanda will be graded on a thirty point assignment as to their preparation and their participation in the discussions.  This grade will be assessed in lieu of the scholarship assignments done by other SCI students.

Zack, Sascha, and Almanda are expected to dedicate a portion of their SCI binder to typed answers to the designated questions.

30 point Google Docs blogs – Occasionally, instead of discussion points, Mr. Wood, Zack, Sascha, and Almanda will participate with all extra credit students, in an on-line Google docs posts.  Parameters for time and topics will be announced as needed

Extra Credit Guidelines – we have determined that extra credit for this assignment will be determined via discussion of those students who have chosen to participate in that study.  This would be a GREAT WAY to enrich yourself intellectually prior to our trip to Selma, Birmingham, and Montgomery in March 2013.

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